tuesday’s girl: valentine’s day getaway + giveaway.


valentine’s day falls on a weekend this year, which means there’s time enough for a mini getaway! if not with one of your many lovers, then certainly with a gaggle of your best girlfriends. to help you out, lo & sons is giving away a beautiful bag of your choice from their sweet collection of overnight bags and totes. my personal favorite is the catalina, which you can see being packed just below in this fun winter video. i can fit a lot in there! lo & sons is also offering readers a 20% discount — the code is SFGIRLFEB2014 and is good on all products (but only applies to non-sale items) and the discount offer Expires at the end of February.

we’re wondering what you would stash for a long weekend away this valentine’s day, and just for letting us know, you can win a lo & sons bag of your choice. happy valentine’s day to one lucky you!



to enter to win a lo & sons bag of your choice, simply:

• visit lo & sons and choose a bag you’d love to win.

• comment here and let us know what you’d pack in your bag for a valentine’s weekend away.

• please comment by tuesday, february 11th at 12pm PST.

• sorry, but this time the giveaway is for U.S. residents only.

• we’ll select a winner through random number generator and announce a winner on our twitter pages: @loandsons and @sfgirlbybay that week, so be sure to follow along.

• as always, please be sure and leave a way to reach you via email, your website, twitter or facebook — because without your info we can can’t track down a winner!


518 Responses to “tuesday’s girl: valentine’s day getaway + giveaway.”
  1. Ines Santos says:

    The Catalina in Midnight Ash!

  2. Leah Payne says:

    I love the Catalina in midnight ash and dove gray! I am expecting my second child right around Valentine’s Day this year so my getaway will be to the hospital :) I would pack all of my essentials for an exciting stay with a newborn baby! Basically, comfy clothes and snacks!

  3. Sheena Tatum says:

    I’d choose the Catalina in dove grey.

  4. Lizzie says:

    Love love LOVE the Catalina bag in Midnight Ash – it’s perfect for those quick weekend trips away from the city. I have a problem of OVER-packing…a big problem. This would solve them all! Thanks for the opportunity to check out such a great company! :)

  5. Such a fun give away and perfect for Valentine’s Day! Especially since me and the bf are in different cities. The Catalina in thistle would be perfect to pack up my stuff and head his way!

  6. Jennifer North says:

    The Catalina in Dove Grey! So much space to pack, and adorable as well!

  7. Kate Davis says:

    While I love all of their bags, if I’m honest the Catalina is the best, and it would be great not just for weekend getaways but for hauling art supplies to and from studio when I’m in school.

    For a weekend away I’d pack my Sorel boots, my favorite sweatshirt from Portland, ME, about 5 pairs of leggings and socks, my (new!) hat from Homage, the book I’m reading right now (The Dante Club), my sketchbook and my Muji planner. Because you never know when you might need to write down plans.

  8. Kelly says:

    my birthday suit ;)

  9. Jenny says:

    The Catalina in Pale Pine. I would pack some good hiking shoes, leggings and a camelbak because my husband and I would be off to some mountain somewhere. It hardly even matters which one.

  10. maggie says:

    I am all about the THE O.M.G. in black/light gold/lavender. For a weekend getaway, I would pack my journal, the new book I am reading, an iPod filled with some romantic jams, and my old but still good Nikon d40.

  11. sue says:

    I love the Catalina in Thistle. And I might even pack a few art supplies (sketchbook, pastels, small watercolor palette, and even a few brushes) in that bottom compartment :)

  12. Jinai says:

    I love love LOVE the TT and would pack my swimsuit, a coverup, and only dresses :)

  13. i love the O.M.G. bag.
    perfect for a short getaway!

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  14. Nicole G says:

    I like all the bags, genuinely – so well designed and smart! I have been on the hunt for a beautiful but functional canvas weekend bag and here is the Catalina, exactly what I imagined. (though the OG is pretty fantastic and is close in the running)

    My valentine’s weekend getaway would have some hella-high heels, lingerie, and a gift for my boyf. Then a pretty dress for late night dinner out and a comfy sweater and leggings for the drive home. Also a magazine/book because I don’t leave home without reading material.

  15. Max says:

    The Catalina is fantastic-makes me want to plan a trip right now!

  16. Sarah says:

    Probably not much!

  17. bridget says:

    Catalina in dove grey or Thistle. Shape and size is great. Thanks for introducing such a great brand. What I wouldn’t pack is easier than what I would! I’d leave my ipad behind and turn my phone off! Happy Valentine’s Day! and thanks again.

  18. rachel says:

    I’d get the Catalina in Dove Grey. I’d pack a slinky black dress for going out, fun “pajamas” for after with my husband and then leggings and a long sweater or tee for breakfast the next day. Plus all my toiletries!

  19. chelsey says:

    i think i’d have to join the wait list for the catalina in thistle! i’d pack slippers, cozy sweaters and head up to the beautiful mountains of colorado :)

  20. laura says:

    I totally love the catalina in Dove Gray! So perfect for a two-day – or three day! – weekend trip, like the one I’m taking this valentine’s day!!

  21. rox says:

    oh man – the catalina bag in the thistle color is to die for! what a fabulous giveaway…thank-you!!! xo

  22. Ainsley says:

    Oh man, I’d stuff a Catalina with flannels and cozy sweaters and head to the cold and beautiful Washington coast. :)

  23. I’d love to have The Catalina in Midnight Ash. I would tuck away a comfy robe, good book, and a proper gift for my husband.

  24. Monica says:

    I would so love the Catalina in Ash Gray. I would pack cute and warm nightie, fun versatible dress for a night out…always back my Imogene & Willie jeans and maybe little sweater and cute weekend top…

  25. Bronwyn says:

    The Catalina bag in Thistle would be perfect to accompany me to Carmel with a towel, Frisbee, my camera and a picnic lunch for me and my single friends.

  26. Susan says:

    Love the Catalina in midnight ash!

  27. Allison says:

    I’ve had my eye on the OMG for a while, but the Catalina is great too!

  28. elif says:

    The Catalina in Midnight Ash would be stuffed with tank tops, shorts, sandals and bathing suits as I would be headed to warm weather for a quick beach weekend!

  29. Cassie says:

    The Catalina in dove grey has been on my wish list for some time now. If I won, I’d pack a few essentials like denim jeans, a comfy knit top, a book and my favorite indoor moccasins from Toast!

  30. Nicole says:

    I would pick The Catalina in dove grey! I’m imagining a spontaneous winter trip to the stormy Oregon coast so I’d pack some jeans, a sweater and a good book to read by the fire!

  31. Molly Hall says:

    I super love the OMG in Army Green. Perfect for traveling! Thanks for hosting this contest!

  32. Hannah says:

    can this bag come with a boyfriend to take me on this weekend getaway?
    lovin the catalina in midnight ash!

    i’ve been itchin’ for a cabin weekend so I’d probably pack thick fuzzy socks, a book, flannels, big sweaters, fleece leggings, my favorite cozy blanket and some boots!

  33. Katie says:

    I’ve been wanting the O.G. for months! I frequently travel and need this! I could have used this on my recent trip to South Beach with my boyfriend. I would have packed my suit, towel, some sandals, and an extra outfit to wear while drinking margaritas on the restaurant patios.

  34. Maria says:

    The Catalina in Dove Gray is the bag for me :)

  35. Emily says:

    Oooh. Great giveaway. I love the OMG in navy. Thanks!

  36. Jessica Lord says:

    The Catalina in Midnight Ash — I’d get a zipcar and head somewhere woodsy north of SF!

  37. Mary says:

    I’d chose the Catalina in pale pine.

    I’d pack a thermos full of hot coffee, a wool plaid blanket for snuggling, and both of our books. I don’t think we’d need anything more than that as long as we were together.

  38. Sarah says:

    ooh, the catalina in dove grey! would love to go somewhere warm so i could pack a bunch of dresses…

  39. Dana says:

    The Catalina in Midnight Ash would get a lot of use from me.

  40. Bea says:

    I would choose the Catalina in Midnight Ash. Ideally, I would head somewhere on the California coast for V Day, stopping to stay in some cute little beach town. I’d pack the boring stuff: phone, wallet, keys, but also some cute and comfy dresses for traveling and one nicer outfit for dinner. I’d also need a pair of heels and whichever book I’m currently reading.

    Email: beaaraujo09@aol.com

  41. Wing says:

    Love the catalina in dove grey!

  42. Christine says:

    For valentine’s day, I will book a cozy hotel room with a big tub, pack in a dove gray catalina bag – wine, candles, a bubble bath ball, laptop and chromecast to watch in room movies. It will be an away trip just to stay in all day. Perfect.

  43. Danielle says:

    Hello I would pick the catalina in Dove grey. I would put a couple swimsuits, some pajama pants, a cozy sweater, comfy jeans, and walkable repetto flats. I would head to santa barbara for a chill weekend.

    Thanks for doing this!

  44. Audrey R says:

    The Dove Grey Catalina is gorgeous. I’d pack my latest knitting project, a striped cowl, ipad mini, jeans, chambray buttondown, wool socks, pendelton throw, lambswool slippers, and coffee.

  45. ashley says:

    I’d pack the Dove Grey Catalina with a leggings, over sized sweaters and anything cozy to spend a weekend at a snowy cabin.

  46. michelle c says:

    Catalina in dove gray- packed with sandals sundresses bathing suits and hat for a tropical getaway :)

  47. sarah says:

    eeek! i love their bags and have always wanted one. i’d go for the catalina bag in thistle. since a weekend away would be with my husband, i’d pack everything essential to a sexy night out, and a sexy night in ;)

  48. S. Peterbot says:

    I love my O.M.G., which gets me from work to grad school with ease, but I’d love a Catalina in Thistle! I’d throw in a simple dress, a bright cashmere scarf, tights, and use the separate bottom section for school books and notepads–homework doesn’t get a Valentine’s Day break :(

  49. I love the Catalina bag in Thistle. I would pack all of the necessities for cold, northern CA beach weather, as I would be taking it with me to Cambria to see my mom.

    xo Denise

  50. Tiffany says:

    I love the Catalina in either dove grey or midnight ash, I can’t choose.

  51. I love the Catalina in Dove Grey! I’m constantly traveling back and forth from New York for work and always have trouble finding the right weekend bag. This seems perfect!!

    For a Valentine’s Day getaway I would pack layers of leggings, sweaters, and snow boots to enjoy a nice weekend by the fire and playing in the snow.

    Cristina Marie

  52. Kathleen Snyder says:

    I like the TT bag…it’s the nickname of a good friend of mine and would make a fun gift for her. She’s newly divorced, so I’d throw in some happy items–like a harmonica, cute sunglasses, a personalized music CD, some jelly beans…that kind of stuff.

  53. Elizabeth V. says:

    The Catalina in Midnight Ash is perfection

  54. Aysem says:

    The Catalina in Dove Gray for a weekend in Big Sur.

  55. Amber says:

    I would love the Catalina is Midnight Ash! This would be perfect to pack snuggling essentials for a quick getaway to celebrate Anna Howard Shaw day with my boyfriend.

  56. I’ve had my eye on the thistle catalina for a getaway to napa!

  57. Tamra says:

    I’d pack all my prettiest dresses that I never get to wear and hope
    I’d be going somewhere warm!

  58. Barbara Koeijmans says:

    Catalina dove grey is the way I’d like to roll.

  59. christine says:

    Catalina in Thistle! Swooning.

  60. Emily says:

    I love the catalina bag in thistle or midnight ash. It’s hard to decide, it would be so great for a winter beach trip to montauk.

  61. Erin says:

    The Catalina in midnight ash is so pretty. I’d fill it with warm layers for a weekend of snow adventures in the Oregon Cascades. I would also add in some indulgent treats and a book to read by the fire.

  62. Christy C says:

    I would love the Catalina bag in thistle to pack for my Valentine’s weekend. I would fill it with little gifts for my hubbie!

  63. Marta says:

    I’d love to have the Catalina bag – Ash,grey or thistle, or one of each! :)
    I’m planning a short visits to NY, this would be so perfect!

  64. Molly says:

    Oh man, I’ve had my eye on the O.G. in black for a while. It seems so versatile! I’m single, so for a Valentine’s weekend, I might have to bring a bottle of wine and some chocolates for myself. Ha! Thanks for organizing the giveaway :)

  65. Hillary says:

    The catalina bag is beautiful & functional… would be so great to win!

  66. Kelly says:

    Definitely the Catalina in Midnight Ash.
    I’d put in my favorite tee – the Marimekko pikasso – and a black skirt and boots. Oh and some books to read together. And snacks! And wine!

  67. megan says:

    Love the Catalina in Midnight Ash…I’d pack the snuggliest sweater I have a bottle of wine for a trip away with my sweet man. Thank you for the fantastic giveaway!

  68. The Catalina in thistle is my favorite! I would pack a sexy dress, heels, and pretty baubles for date night! I’m dying for a Lo and Sons bag and now is my chance!


  69. erika says:

    love the catalina in thistle. perfect for a weekend getaway to the beach:)

  70. Cate says:

    Love the Catalina bag!

  71. courtney d says:

    My favorite is the Catalina in Dove Grey! Love it!

  72. Oh gosh I’d love The Catalina in Midnight Ash or Dove Grey (I can’t decide!). I’d fill it with some cozy lounge wear, some pretty lacey things to surprise my husband, some tea lights & bubble bath for a nice soak & of course a good book!


  73. Kim Henrichs says:

    I LOVE the Catalina in Thistle!! I would pack Lush goodies and travel candles…

  74. Jody Farnsworth says:

    The catalina in midnight ash is the most practical. But I LOVE it in the thistle. I would pack this bag for a mountain cabin retreat, with warm slippers, layers of sweaters and some easy silk shorts for lounging. I’d need some dark jeans for when I put on my boots and go out to explore the forest, and a swimsuit for the hot tub where I would get lost in the stars!

  75. phxbne says:

    The O.G.

    plum / light gold / lavender
    would pack all I need for a weekend in Cabo – swimsuit, cover up, flip flops hat and sundress!

  76. Sarah says:

    I love the Catalina in Thistle. It would be perfect for a weekend getaway. I would pack my favorite sweater, jeans, leggings and some basic tees. I would also pack knitting supplies; I’m currently working on a pair of gloves for my hubby.

  77. Madeleine D says:

    I’d choose the Catalina in Midnight Ash. I would want a snowy cabin getaway with my guy, I’d pack warm sweaters, a big cashmere scarf, my current read: The Emperor of Scent, and a bottle of rye, to have something to sip by the fire.

  78. Baiyina says:

    Love the Catalina in Midnight Ash!

  79. Kelly says:

    The Catalina in midnight ash! I’d pack my phone, a good book, sunglasses, swim suit, sun hat treats for the road and head somewhere sunny!

  80. becky says:

    I would stash my bikini, towel, and a nice dress because I’m going to Chico Hot Springs in Pray, MT. Look it up. It’s rustic and their food is outta sight. xo b

  81. Caitlin says:

    The O.G in Black! I’ll take it to my VT Stowe Yoga Retreat!!! Stuffed with my luxe anthro robe, three book (can never decide what to read), and a handful of coconut water!

  82. Sara says:

    Definitely the Catalina in midnight ash! My current “weekender” doesn’t have a zipper, and you can imagine how well that works out…My husband is always thrilled when I’m shoving things in last minute that fall from overheard compartments are all around the back of cars ;) I would definitely use this for my upcoming ski weekend, it looks like it could fit EVERYTHING, comfy sweaters, even my dubarry boots!

  83. Alissa L says:

    For valentine’s day, I would pack high heels, slippers, a dress, nightgown, an ipad, a candle, bubble bath, and toiletries. Oh! And some chocolate! I think all of those things would EASILY fit into my thistle colored Catalina bag! ;)

  84. Nina says:

    The OG would be perfect for business trips and weekend getaways. I would be sure to pack 2 sets of pajamas… one comfy cozy and another a little more fun :)

  85. Amanda J says:

    LOVE to have the Catalina bag, any color!
    I would hope my Vday get-a-way would be to a warm location to get rid of these winter blues. I would pack a few sundresses, bathing suit, trusty flip-flops, a great book and something special to cuddle in with my husband. And a course a pair of cozy slippers.

  86. Whitley says:

    I love the Catalina in Dove Gray. I’ll be in Southern California on V-day weekend (as opposed to freezing in Philadelphia!) so I’m packing dresses, a few sweaters, sandals and a good book to read on the plane!

  87. Casey says:

    Would love th Catalina in Dove Grey for Valentines weekend trip! Def would pck some comfortable but cute outfits, sweaters, boots, scarves and thick socks! As well as my iPad/laptop and a nice outfit for the hubs :-)

  88. Josephine says:

    I’d choose the Claremont camera bag for my upcoming trip to Paris.

    For a getaway, I’d pack all my favorite indulgent things: pretty lingerie, candles, bubble bath, and of course, my favorite snacky-snacks

  89. Amy says:

    I LOVE the OMG in the black/silver. Nothing wrong with packing some amazing bath products for a weekend away!

  90. Lauren says:

    I love the Catalina Weekend Bag in Midnight Ash!

    Since I’m a graduate student at Northwestern University I would pack all my books, a pair of comfy sweatpants and a bottle of wine for my weekend getaway.

  91. Keri says:

    The Catalina in dove grey is adorable, but I’ve always wanted the omg!

  92. mis says:

    Wow fabulous giveaway! I’d pick the Catalina in thistle! My mister and I like to take off for the weekend to the mountains. I never have anything suitable to carry my art supplies in. I love the underpart with the zipper, good for sketchbooks and watercolors that should lay flat!

  93. Maria says:

    We definitely need to go somewhere warm! I would pack a swimsuit + sunblock in the catalina (thistle) and head south!

  94. Leah M says:

    The Catalina in Dove Ash or Thistle will be great for our getaway to London & Amsterdam this month. My husband and I like to pack light, so the Catalina will be a perfect fit for our warmest socks, sweaters, and jeans. But more importantly, it’ll be great for toting back our flea market finds from Europe!

  95. Kate says:

    I would absolutely LOVE the Catalina bag in EVERY color. And for Valentine’s day weekend….I’m not sure there’d be anything to fill it with ;)

  96. LIndsay says:

    The Catalina in Thistle!

    Headed for a week in hawaii with my bf over valentines day. Packing is simple- bikinis and cover-ups! :)

  97. Cristina says:

    Of course I’d like to win the Catalina in Thistle, and for a valentines weekend getaway I would pack all my essentials! comfy clothes, lots of yummy snacks and a book.

  98. Erin says:

    Definitely the OMG, in espresso, or maybe in the gorgeous navy. What to pack hmmm…definitely wine, a good book & hiking shoes for our weekend adventures.

  99. Allie says:

    Love Lo & Sons! My pick would be The O.G. in black to take on a long-list of weekend getaways….Chicago, Portland, Seattle…places I have never been but am dying to visit! (Would probably have to pack some warm clothes, boots, and am umbrella for all of those locations!)

  100. Jen W. says:

    The Catalina in Dove Grey is just the perfect bag! I’d want to head somewhere warm and relaxing, so a few swimsuits and good books would do the trick!

  101. AVV says:

    I would love the O.G. in plum or navy. I would definitely include my favorite cocktail dress will an illusion neckline and some cute heels for a fancy dinner, along with jeans and comfortable flats for a more casual foodie excursion with the hubs.

  102. Beth says:

    The OMG bag is perfect for a valentines weekend get away. Contents consisting of nightie, special night out dress, shoes, cosmetics everything would fit into that great little bag.

  103. leacy says:

    I love the O.G. in expresso–it would be perfect for packing my gym clothes and school supplies for a long day on campus! If I were taking it for a weekend getaway though, I would definitely have to pack boots, oversized sweater, and lots of leggings!

  104. Betsy says:

    I would pack chocolates, a great book, and comfy pajamas for a Valentines getaway in the Catalina bag!

  105. sunny says:

    I would choose the Catalina in Midnight Ash…and would tuck away a couple books, dark chocolate, warm socks (it’s a cold winter here in the midwest), comfy clothes, a favorite game or two, and a warm sweater – along with other weekend getaway essentials!

  106. Iulia says:

    The CATALINA in Pale Pine is absolutely beautiful. If my mister lived close by and not in NYC and me in California, we’d head to Tahoe, enjoy some snow and have an excuse to cuddle up next to a warm fire. I would need to pack a few scarfs, gloves and warm socks since I do not handle the snow very well plus I am still a student so I’d have to bring some books along too.

    Awesome giveaway, fingers crossed!

  107. Cara says:

    Love the Catalina in Thistle! If I were heading away for Valentine’s Day with my husband, I’d probably pack red wine, cozy slippers, bubble bath, and not much else. :)

  108. Elle says:

    i would choose The Catalina in Midnight Ash, its a perfect size so I can pack comfy clothes, socks, a good read, and beauty essentials.

  109. Laura says:

    I like the Catalina in pale pine.

  110. Lania Fryou says:

    I would love the Catalina in Midnight in any color. I can’t stop with the neutrals right now and that bag would be perfect for my Valentines getaway to Dallas. My boo is taking me to the contemporary museum to see the Jr. exhibit. I’m stoked!

  111. Jessica says:

    I love the Catalina in Thistle. It’s such a perfect color and size, especially how there’s a shoe compartment at the bottom! I’d probably pack some chocolate, some knits– sweaters, hats and scarves since it’s still pretty cold out, and some jeans.

  112. Maggie says:

    I love the Catalina in all colors, but probably Dove is my favorite. I wouldn’t pack much, only to save room for some sweet flea market finds!

  113. Alena says:

    The Catalina in Midnight Ash is awesome! I would definitely pack some bottles of wine, comfy t-shirts, and some treats for my boyfriend :)

  114. Jill says:

    The Catalina Bag is amazing! I’ve been looking for the perfect weekend bag! I’d get one in midnight ash!

  115. Jordan says:

    I love the Catalina! I would pack some books to read by a fireplace, cozy pj’s and thigh high socks, and a dress for a night out.

  116. Amy W says:

    I really love the Catalina in Thistle! I’ve got a trip planned that very weekend.

  117. Laura K. says:

    It’s ALL about the O.G.-black & light gold, of course! My husband & I could pack not only the necessary toiletries/medicine, but the other “necessary” items, ahem, for a LONG weekend in the hotel room!

  118. Lindsey says:

    I love the Catalina bag in Midnight! Since Valentines Day is also my birthday, I would make sure to pack my strap on for a romantic getaway with my wife! ;)

  119. Heidi Devereaux says:

    That is like asking me to pick my favorite child! I would be grateful for any one of them!

  120. Paige says:

    I love the Catalina in Midnight Ash! the zip open bottom portion is such a smart idea for traveling!

    x. Paige

  121. Sonja says:

    I’d put some cute lingerie in the catalina in thistle

  122. CharleneD says:

    I’d love to have the Navy OG. I’d pack some clothes, toiletries, and I’d be good to go anywhere!

  123. Yolanda says:

    Now that our kids are out of the house, every weekend can be a romantic getaway or stay-in! We will be going to the shore for the Valentine’s Day weekend, so I would pack the Catalina bag with warm clothes for long walks and a candle for long evenings in.

  124. Maura says:

    I would definitely go for the OG in black! It will include some cute unmentionables, a swim suit, and some sandals for an upcoming trip to Palm Springs!

  125. Sarah says:

    The OG: I pack include tennis shoes, and flats in the easy store shoe area for plenty of exercise and exploring during my weekend away.

  126. amanda says:

    ohhhhh love these totes. i’d definitely choose the catalina in thistle. so gorg! for a valentine’s weekend getaway (a three day one this year!), if i could go anywhere i chose, i’d probably pack my warmest clothes and head up north, maybe to quebec or banff, somewhere super cold with a hot tub in our hotel room. we’d play in the snow and ski and sled and see the northern lights.

  127. Britt says:

    The Catalina in Pale Pine would be the perfect bag to escape to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for a weekend away; Lake Superior has frozen out to some small islands where ice caves have formed (this doesn’t happen every year!) and we are planning a trip up there now. We recently quit our day jobs, followed our dreams, and opened up a business in a small town in northern Michigan. Needless to say, we need the break :) I’d pack warm clothes for outdoor hiking, shoe spikes to walk the icy mile out to the islands, my current book, and dog toys for our little peanut who comes with us on all of our adventures. And who am I kidding? A couple bottles of wine. Thank you for sharing information on a cool company. Cheers!

  128. mary s says:

    I’d love to have the Catalina in midnight ash (I prefer the dark straps) — I hate roller luggage and it is not a good idea to pack more than I can carry, so this seems like a great solution.

  129. Yolanda says:

    Now that my girls are out of the house, every weekend can be a romantic getaway or stay-in. My husband and I will head to the shore for Valentine’s Day weekend, so I would pack the Catalina boat with warm clothes for long walks (I live on the East Coast) and a lovely candle for long evenings.

  130. Tina says:

    My husband and I are expecting our first child in March, so this is our last valentines day together before our baby boy arrives! The Catalina in dove gray would be perfect for our getaway weekend! I’d pack my two favorite sweaters, a chambray shirt, my leggings, snow leopard flats, heels, makeup, and my pregnant lady lbd. Then I’d use this as my hospital bag for when our baby arrives – bonus!!

  131. Nikki R says:

    I’d also pick the Catalina bag! And would pack plenty of scarves and boots for this cold winter ;-)

  132. Karen says:

    I love the catalina in dove grey. i’d pack sweaters and my winter coat for a destination with actual seasons. love LA but it’d be nice to play in snow too :)

  133. Christine says:

    The Catalina bag in Thistle. In my Vday getaway bag I would pack a great date night dress and some gorgeous heels.

  134. Amanda D says:

    I would love to go away for a weekend with any of the Lo & Sons bags. My personal favorites are the OMG and Catalina. I would pack everything since that is exactly what these bags can hold!

  135. Nora says:

    All the bags are great, but I would have to say the OG in espresso! Perfect as the puppy recently chewed through one of the straps of my current overnight bag. I would pack my for a weekend getaway with the love and my mutt packing camp essentials; boots, comfy clothes, , warm socks, mutt’s toys and bones.

  136. Jenna says:

    I’m crazy about the OG in black! Since I don’t have a significant other at the moment :) I’d just pack some basics like comfy PJ’s, a few good books, and a bottle of wine for a relaxing V-Day weekend away.

  137. Orly says:

    The Catalina in Midnight Ash would hold a change of clothes, swim suit, sunglasses, toiletries, a beach towel, book and snorkel gear for a Valentine beach getaway!!

  138. Jamie says:

    The Catalona in dove grey or thistle. What a great bag! Could fit everything in there.

  139. JessieB says:

    The Catalina is amazing. I love the thistle color and the midnight ash–looks so perfect for overnights and weekends. In my dreams, I’d be packing a bathing suit and flip flops in there, but if we’re being honest, it’ll be sweaters and moisturizer!

  140. stephanie m says:

    I would love the OG, I am going to Colorado, so I would use it as my carry on bag. I would pack my laptop, books, clothes, shoes, and snacks.

  141. Sarah says:

    I need a bag like the Brookline. Practical and stylish. Can’t go wrong there! I just pack the essentials

  142. Abby says:

    Well, since I’m single, I’d stuff my Lo & Sons for a girls’ trip somewhere fun (and warmer!) like Florida or San Diego. Sunnies and beach reads all the way!

  143. Becky Hubbard says:

    I really love the OG in black. I had an OMG in black and it was stolen two weeks ago while on business. I’m lost without it. Until I can afford a new one I
    will ogle all Lo and Sons bags!!!!

  144. Monica says:

    Ohh, a Valentine’s weekend getaway sounds so lovely.

    I love love the Catalina bag in the Midnight Ash. I want a trip to Long Beach WA. I would pack warm clothes, boots, camera, hot chocolate and a beach blanket.

  145. Carly G says:

    The catalina in dove grey or thistle with a robe, nightie, cute underwear, a dress or two, jacket, heels, some jewelry, and toiletries.

  146. Sabrina says:

    I would want the Catalina bag in Midnight Ash. For a weekend away (in Asheville, NC) I’d pack warm cableknit sweaters, dark denim, cognac leather flats, a simple dress, and of course, pretty underthings!

  147. Sara says:

    Catalina in Dove Grey! I’d pack a bottle of red wine, toblerone, tea lights, and some cute jammies! Spending it in the Redwoods in a tent – clothes optional!

  148. Julia says:

    I’d pick the Catalina in Dove Grey or Midnight Ash and pack it with a cozy wool sweater, jeans, a t shirt, pjs, my toiletries, a book, a bottle of wine, chocolate, and cheese for a weekend in Point Reyes!

  149. Kaitlin says:

    The Catalina in Thistle is SO cute!!

  150. Mary Frances says:

    I’d pick the Catalina in dove grey. I’d pack a good book, my slippers, and comfy silk pjs. Wouldn’t it be nice if you also needed a bikini – I can’t wait for it to warm up!

  151. Krysta says:

    The Catalina in Mightnight Ash is gorgeous! Can I pack my pups?!

  152. Jessica says:

    The Catalina in Midnight Ash is beautiful!

    For a Valentines Day weekend getaway, I would pack an evening dress, a pair of skinny jeans and two tops to go with it, my toiletries and accessories, my kindle, and sleepwear. I would use the bottom compartment for my stilettos to go with my dress and wear my boots for the jeans on my feet.

    The concept behind this bag is so neat!

  153. Kelly says:

    I love the Catalina in Thistle.

    Weekend getaway requirements must include, a great book, sketch book, camera, shoes for exploring, an open mind and my favorite adventure cohorts.

  154. Rachel Cartucci says:

    The Catalina in THISTLE is exactly what I would need. I would pack a bottle of champagne,underwear and books…thats all. YES!!! Thanks so much!!!

  155. Kathleen says:

    I have had my eye on the O.G bag (black/silver) for a while. I have recently fallen for the Catalina dove grey!

    I would pack my to go see my boyfriend for the first time he moved across the country from me. I would pack my camera, laptop, flip flops, bathing suit, and lots of sun dresses for days out in the sun (away from this foot of snow right now). The OG (or catalina) would be PERECT to sneak in his sweatshirt he left me so I could get it “re-sprayed” with cologne or my months away from him!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me with the OG bag! :)

  156. emily marie says:

    The Catalina in Midnight Ash is so great! I need a replacement for my dance team duffle from high school SO badly. Yikes.

    This single gal would ideally be packing some bourbon, knitting supplies and hiking gear for a Galentine’s getaway in the San Juans.

  157. Andrea says:

    I love the Catalina in Midnight Ash! For my romantic weekend, I’d pack chocolate, camera, tea, my pup and some amazing pajamas.

  158. Giustina says:

    Oh I would love the Catalina bag in Dove Grey or Midnight Ash. Thanks for such a stellar giveaway. xo

  159. Brooke says:

    I love the Catalina in grey. I would pack cozy sweaters and a blanket for a picnic on the beach with my boyfriend and our french bulldog.

  160. Angela says:

    I love the Catalina in midnight ash! My boyfriend and I spend most of our time together outdoors, so there would be a headlamp, a warm hat, my down vest, mittens, and tea and a good book in my romantic getaway bag!

  161. Leah says:

    I would pack everything I need for my trip to India so I won’t have to check a bag if I had the weekender in midnight ash! =]

  162. Kari says:

    Pining for the Catalina in Midnight Ash! The perfect weekend bag :)

  163. Heidi says:

    The Catalina in Midnight Grey. The perfect size for a weekend getaway to Palm Springs. All I want to bring is a bathing suit for me & the boyfriend, sunblock, towels, flip flops, and a good book or two. Love your giveaways!

  164. Meghan says:

    Love the Catalina in Dove Grey! I always pack too many sweaters and scarves – this looks like it would hold a lot!

  165. thelma says:

    I would love the OG in black!

  166. Heidi says:

    My sweet baby would fit in the bag so we’d bring her on our little trip for some extra love!

  167. Stephanie S says:

    I love The Catalina in Thistle. This bag would be perfect for a weekend trip to the beach. I would pack my bathing suit, towels, sunscreen, a good book, and flip flops.

  168. Jonathan says:

    I’d choose Catalina in Dove Grey.
    In it I would pack a laptop with a short video of her and I through the years, a box with the perfect ring. After watching the video, I would pop the ring and pop the question.

  169. Sarah B. says:

    Love the OG bag! I’m a single girl, so I’d pack things solely for me, myself and I. :) I’d pack some yoga pants, a good book, a bag of my favorite chocolate, and some beach spray for my hair—nice wknd getaway somewhere quiet and sunny. Sounds like perfection to me!

  170. Samantha Scott says:

    The Catalina bag in Midnight Ash is my favorite!!! I’ve been on a workout kick in last couple of months so I’d be sure to pack my Nike Free Runs, yoga pants, tee. The of course a date night outfit or two. And hopefully a bathing suit because I’d be headed somewhere sunny!

    Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  171. Kelsey Page says:

    Loving the Catalina also!

    Quick getaway to the coast from some antiquing with my better half. Tees and boy shorts for down time in a B&B. Jeans for wandering and a black maxi with my favorite Stella & Dot piece for evening walks and dinner. Oh, and a disposable camera. ;)

  172. Becca says:

    Such a great giveaway! That wonderful bag would be shared by me and our new baby girl, who would most likely be joining us on any weekend getaway! So diapers and burp cloths!

  173. Nina G says:

    Midnight Ash

  174. Georgie says:

    I’d looove a Catalina bag. Perfect for my weekend getaway to Tahoe, complete with snuggly sweaters, warm flannel, and lots of comfy leggings.

  175. Jen says:

    I love the O.G. in army green or the Catalina in midnight ash! I’d love a tropical getaway for Valentines day so I would pack lots of swim suits and dresses!

  176. audrey says:

    a swimsuit and sandals because i would definitely head somewhere WARM!

  177. Emma says:

    I love the Navy O.G. or the Catalina in Midnight Ash. I would pack lots of sweaters for a trip to the mountains to cuddle with me sweety.

  178. Jane says:

    I like the Catalina in dove grey and would definitely pack a swimsuit.

  179. Attia says:

    The Catalina would accompany me to Austin, TX from NYC with my sunnies, my pumps and a lovely new dress!

  180. Eden Flora says:

    eeeee!!! I would pick the catalina in thistle!

  181. Jordan Isaacson says:

    The Catalina in Midnight Ash. I would pack warm clothes to visit back home in the Midwest. Plus my Minnetonka Moccasins, Kindle, Bose headphones, and some gifts to bring back to my family & friends.

  182. Maureen says:

    Catalina in Thistle.
    What a great bag to put a great dress in that would be perfect for a romantic dinner. Matched with a wrap and a beautiful pair of heels.

  183. Chantel says:

    I’m a one-suitcase girl, so the catalina weekender in pine would be perfect. I’d throw in a favorite dress for a romantic dinner out and our current reads for a relaxing morning in. Maybe I could even get away with hiding some homemade sweets in the bottom compartment. (;

  184. Abby says:

    I’ve been in love with the OG in navy for what seems like forever (although I wouldn’t mind it in a charcoal grey as well). For a weekend getaway, I’d pack a camera, sunglasses and a good pair of boots :)

  185. Lori says:

    Catalina in dove grey! I’d pack something comfortable and cute for walking around the city, as we are going away for Valentine’s Day. :-) And something for a nice dinner out with the hubby.

  186. Chris says:

    Catalina in Midnight!~
    Toss in some essentials + toothbrush. It’s going to be a great weekend.

  187. Amy says:

    The OG in plum. So beautiful. I’d love to pack a pretty party dress and fun heels in it for a VDay night on the town.

    Also, the coupon code isn’t working on the Lo & Sons site…help!

  188. Katherine says:

    I love the Catalina in Thistle or Pale Pine!

  189. Lisa says:

    I would choose the Catalina in Thistle and pack it for a weekend in the snowy mountains of Big Bear. Hiking gear, cozy leggings and sweaters and a book to read by the fire!

  190. Jill C. says:

    I love the Catalina in Midnight Ash.

    I’d be off to NYC – see city ballet with my hubby packing skinny black pants, silk top and blazer with dressy booties along with some soft pi’s and a cozy sweater for the following day for brunch (say Prune)? I think i desperately need a vacation since I have the details thought out so well…

  191. Erin says:

    I’ve been eyeing the Dove Grey Catalina for quite some time, so that would definitely be my pick. For a Valentine’s Day weekend I’d pick a fabulous, slightly daring dress for evening and some Olivia-Pope-esque loungewear for hanging in the hotel room. And a few special surprised for my hubby.

  192. Amira says:

    I love the Catalina in midnight ash and dove gray

  193. Courtney says:

    I’d pack snow gear in my Catalina bag and hope for a romantic getaway to Vail, Co!! It’s my favorite place and the Catalina bag would be ideal for toting all my cute hats, scarves and gloves :)

  194. Selena says:

    I’d pack my laptop but never open it the entire weekend.

    Catalina in Midnight Ash is gorgeous! Thank you.

  195. Alison C says:

    I would take a Catalina in Thistle and pack it with a couple swimsuits and dresses and head somewhere warm!

  196. Lauren C says:

    I love the Catalina in Dove Grey! I can only imagine how sassy this bag would look holding my getaway outfits!!

  197. Joanne says:

    Catalina in Midnight Ash. I’d pack a book, water bottle, sweater, boots, and everything else I’d need for a quick getaway!

  198. Kirstin says:

    The catalina in thistle!

  199. coral says:

    ski boots!

  200. Kate says:

    I love the Catalina bag in Thistle! I’m going to visit my boyfriend for the weekend and this bag is so perfect. I’ll be sure to pack a cute date-night dress and my favorite wedges to dance the night away.


  201. kristen p says:

    Wow, I love the Catalina in Midnight Ash! I also love that their video features a song by Feist. I would pack wool sweaters, skinny jeans, ankle boots, flannel pjs, and lots of tea to drink.

  202. Kim says:

    I would love the Catalina bag in Dove Grey! Need a bag like this since I’m always lugging about 3 different smaller bags around everyday…

  203. Lisa says:

    I absolutely love the Catalina in Midnight Ash — gorgeous, and my two favorite colors! I’d pack some gear for winter adventure with something soft underneath.

  204. Heather S says:

    I love the Catalina in Midnight Ash!

  205. Kelsey says:

    I;d love the OG, the OMG or the catalina. Such great sizes for a weekend getaway. I’d pack the essential toiletries, a few pairs of some feel good under garments, something flirty and twirly for a date night dinner, and some tennis shoes for our hike to the top of the mountain of loveee!

  206. katy says:

    I would pack a great dress, shoes, and PJs in the Catalina–love those bags, really want one!

  207. Hilary says:

    I agree with many others, the Catalina in Midnight Ash is perfect.

  208. Caitlin says:

    I would pick the brookline! I’d pack snow gear and hot chocolate for a weekend of skiing in the mountains

  209. Jinie says:

    I would like The Catalina so I could pack my camera, a book and a box of chocolate.

  210. Heidi says:

    The Catalina!
    I’d pack my best friend (my puppy).

  211. Mistie says:

    The Catalina in Thistle! If we were taking a trip i would wish for somewhere warm, so i would pack dresses, flats!

  212. Terri C says:

    Love the Catalina in midnight ash! I’d probably use it to go see my sweet grandblessing so I’d pack night clothes, clothes for the next day make up and then fill it with valentine treats for my grandblessing!

  213. catalina!

    i would pack a sketchbook, favorite pens, a book for a weekend with my soon-to-be boyfriend.
    (he doesn’t know it yet, so maybe i will pack some boldness, too.)

  214. Elizabeth says:

    My Valentines Day weekend, won’t be a romantic one, instead it will be a girl’s weekend to celebrate my birthday (Feb. 14th)! The O.M.G bag in black/silver would be perfect for carting around everything I need for a fun and relaxing two days in Santa Cruz, not to mention an awesome birthday gift!

    I love the Catalina, but as a tiny girl, that bag would dwarf me. I wish they’d make a smaller version!


  215. Liana says:

    Catalina in Midnight Ash- nothing but wine!

  216. Molly says:

    The Catalina in midnight ash or the OMG in navy! Perfection !

  217. catilina in thistle. black dress and heels.

  218. Kristina M says:

    the catalina for sure. i would pack my camera, “the lowlands” by jhumpa lahiri, and my fun red wrap dress for valentine’s dinner!

  219. Jeannie says:

    The Catalina in dove grey. No, midnight ash. No, dove grey. Both?

  220. Marlys says:

    I love the Catalina in midnight ash! I’d pack sexy red heels for dinner!

  221. sarah sky says:

    The TT in black gold lavender! SO AWESOME!

  222. PW says:

    Gym clothes! Valentine’s Day isn’t a scheduled rest day!

  223. Aileen says:

    The Catalina in Midnight Ash.
    I’d pack champagne!

  224. Thistle Catalina
    (but I wish you made it in leather)
    some underwear, a swimsuit, a day look, evening, two pairs of shoes. makeup, hair care, blowdryer/flat iron, laptop.

  225. Laura says:

    I love the Catalina in Dove Grey. I’m dreaming of a trip to the Northwest, so I’d pack cozy sweaters, rain boots, a book, and some beer.

  226. Raquel says:

    twitter @raquelrunning

    I’d pack some baked goods, something fun to wear, and the catalina in thistle would also be full of rock climbing gear knowing my bf!

  227. Lillian says:

    The OG in Navy – I’ve been dreaming about this bag!

    I’d pack my laptop, fleece lined tights, dresses, jeans, tops/sweaters, much beloved Tieks, and a pair of red heels (to start)!

  228. Melissa says:

    I like the catalina in dove grey!

  229. Caroline says:

    I love the bag in dove gray! Right now it would have everything I need for a snowboarding trip to Colorado- warm clothes, winter boots, and other such fun things!

  230. Kate Jones says:

    I’d back a cozy blanket, my hubby’s favorite book and mine too, a bottle of wine, and chocolate! :)

  231. I love the catalina midnight ash! Already own the TT in black. I would pack a flowy dress, ballet flats, slippers and comfy PJs, along with my ipad to watch some romantic movies on!

  232. Lauren G says:

    I would love the O.G. bag in army green. I’ve had my eye on that bag for a long time. For a weekend away I’d back a bikini and a great dress– gotta love southern CA

  233. Emily K. says:

    I love the Catalina or the Claremont. So lovely! I’d pack wine, some snacks, and some pretty lingerie :)

  234. Jana says:

    The Catalina in Dove Grey is really nice and since I’m single I’d pack a bag of chic clothes and go hang around NYC.


  235. Sophie says:

    The Brookline, please!

  236. Jillian Rose says:

    The Catalina in Dove Gray

  237. Jean Kim says:

    The Catalina in Dove Grey or Pine – I would pack some fuzzy socks, a good book, cashmere sweater, wellies, and a swimsuit for the Jacuzzi :)

  238. Jordon says:

    I love love love the Catalina in Midnight Ash. Perfect overnight or carry-on bag! And the color is lovely.

  239. Tiffany says:

    I love the T.T. in army green! I travel for work on a weekly basis and this would be the perfect bag to make life a little easier. Having my laptop, notebooks, ipod, business cards, and a little extra space for snacks is a necessity! I’d be so EXCITED to win a Lo & Sons bag!!

  240. Melissa F says:

    I would pick The Catalina in the Thistle color. I would pack some dressy clothes for a nice dinner out with my husband.

  241. Emma says:

    The OG in plum, lavender, and light gold is just too gorgeous-and totally my style. I’m actually going on a little ski trip to northern Michigan next weekend and this would be perfect to hold my cozy clothes for the slopes and sitting by the fire, my bikini for the hot tub, books (of course!) and some wine and homemade snacks. Can you tell I’m counting the days? :)

  242. Kelsey says:

    I really like the Catalina in dove grey! I’m a college student, and this would be a great travel bag for going out of town to visit my parents and friends.

  243. Allison says:

    I would love to win the OMG in black/gold/lavender! So versatile and classy. A weekend away- some flannel shirts, a cozy scarf, and a good book.

  244. Justine says:

    I can’t decide between the OG and OMG. I would pack a present for my Mr. ;)

  245. KateP says:

    Definitely either the OG in black or the Catalina in Dove Grey – hard to choose!!

    For a weekend away, I find that what takes up the most room is my skincare/cosmetics, so I’ve been on the hunt for a cute but space-saving way to pack those – keeping it to the basics (tinted moisturizer, blush, mascara) also helps! I also love that the lo & sons bags offer separate compartments for shoes, so I can pack an extra pair but not worry about them getting the rest of my stuff dirty.

  246. heather a says:

    I love the catalina bag in midnight ash. In it I would make sure I packed my Nikon camera!

  247. Libby says:

    The Catalina in Thistle. I would pack my slippers, over sized sweater, a book and some knitting and just hold up somewhere peaceful with my loved one.

  248. Kelsey says:

    I’m loooooving the Catalina in Midnight Ash, but I’m also crushing on the OMG in black. For a Valentine’s Day getaway, all you need to pack is love, right? ;)

  249. Leana says:

    I’d pack my ski clothes in the Brookline! I’d love a romantic ski getaway about now.

  250. nora says:

    Love the catalina in thistle or dove grey! How does one choose??

  251. andrea says:

    ooooo! I love the catalina in pale pine! I would bring a bottle of wine, pajamas, two books (and sadly a breast pump). :)

  252. Andrea says:

    The Catalina in Dove Gray. I’d love to stuff it with a fleece, my most comfortable jeans, and binoculars and spend the weekend in Big Sur.

  253. Hannah Lynch says:

    I already have the OMG for work, and would love the Catalina in Dove Grey for fun.

    I’d pack for a fun weekend in the city – a cute wool sweater dress, wool tights, ankle boots, and a colorful scarf. I’d also bring some cozy PJs for the hotel, and some scented candles for a relaxing romantic bath.

  254. Alana says:

    I love the catelina in thistle! I’d fill it up with a cozy sweater, a good book and a pair of slippers!

  255. DESIREE H says:

    All of these bags are beautiful!!
    I really like the O.M.G (sky blue)
    I would give this to my mom! She needs a new purse BADLY! Hers currently was $10 and the handle is shredding apart. lol
    She would pack everything in this purse for Valentines:
    Candy, camera, lip gloss, gift for her husband, wallet, even her GPS for directions to a nice restaurant lol.
    Thank you so much for the chance!!
    Twitter: @heavensangel238

  256. Chaela says:

    The Claremont Crossbody is such a beautiful bag, I’d love to win that. I would definitely pack a camera and my make up bag. Thanks for this giveaway!

  257. Beth says:

    I love all of them but the Catalina and the og bag are my favorites! We will be going on a cruise next weekend so is pack swimsuits for me my husband and our daughter! Thanks for giveaway.

  258. sharon says:

    I just love the TT in Army Green. I would pack my laptop, cosmetics, phone, snacks, pens ….

  259. Marty Musser says:

    I love the OMG in Sky Blue! I must be getting old because the first things I thought about packing in it are a few good books and a pair of comfortable shoes.

  260. Kelsey says:

    I would LOVE the “OG” in Plum! I would pack a warm pair of boots and a cozy sweatshirt and head to The Greyfield Inn on Cumberland Island with my love! Perfection!

  261. Alexandra Petroff says:

    The TT looks like a smart work bag

  262. Tasha says:

    I love the Catalina in Thistle. I would pack coffee and a large multi-purpose scarf!

  263. winnie says:

    I’m all about packing light. Loving their OMG in navy. I’d pack a swimsuit, shorts, tshirts, iPod, a journal, and a nice candle.

  264. Devin M says:

    Since a long weekend is just enough time to escape to somewhere warm….not much at all! Flip flops, swimsuit and some reading material for lounging.

  265. the Catalina in Thistle and I’d fill it with art supplies!

  266. Kelly S. says:

    I love the Catalina in Dove Gray. I’d pack some jeans, soft t-shirt, a comfy sweater, and of course some shoes to put in that awesome bottom compartment!

  267. stephanie e. says:

    Catalina in midnight ash!

  268. Caitlin says:

    I love the Catalina in midnight ash! I would pack something sexy, something comfortable for lounging/exploring the town, and a bottle of bubbly to toast to each other! :)

  269. Heidi E. says:

    Ahhhh, the OMG is espresso is dreamy. For me, London is my dream getaway, packing cozy sweaters and boots is my mode of operation.

  270. Lark says:

    I love the Catalina in Midnight Ash!

  271. eve says:

    The plum OMG. I pack light, so it’ll fit overnight stuff and knitting.

  272. lois says:

    i’d want to go somewhere cold – so sweaters and scarves! Catalina and Thistle!

  273. helen says:

    I think the catalina is my favorite too! Would love to take this as a carry on to my many little trips — heading out to SF from 2/13 – 2/17 in fact! Crossing my fingers :)

  274. Julie Lee says:

    Love the Catalina Bag in the dove grey! So functional and goes with everything!

  275. Christina says:

    I love the The O.M.G.

    Overnight & Medium Gym Bag in black. It is cute, stylish & sure can hold a lot!! I’d of course pack a change of shoes, my hair straightener, perfume/lotion, sweater, and since it has room for a laptop, I might take that as well!!

  276. Jaimie says:

    Love the tt!!

  277. Pam Spettel says:

    Well, the Catalina in pale pine is just beautiful. Loved the packing video- I wouldn’t have believed all of that could have so easily fit withou seeing it. My fingers are crossed!

  278. Brit says:

    the Catalina in midnight ash is my favorite!!

  279. Jessica says:

    I’ve been needing a proper weekend bag for some time and the Catalina would be perfect. I’d love to be able to pack a swimsuit and pretty night things and head to some nearby hot springs.

  280. Melissa says:

    I would love to have the O.G. in navy! I would pack my favorite heels and dress for a romantic valentine weekend away.

  281. GAZELLE Q says:

    Love the Catalina in Thistle! Thanks for the chance! <3 <3 <3

  282. Lindsey Neff says:

    I’m in love with the O.G. with black exterior/light gold hardware/lavender interior/black handles. It is the PERFECT travel bag, especially for flights. I fly a lot, so this would be a huge improvement to my airport experiences! I would take this bag on a weekend trip with my husband to Kauai and pack a swimsuit of course! along with hiking clothes and shoes, pretty sunnies, and the book i’m reading right now!

  283. ann says:

    Catalina plz!,,,

  284. Anna L says:

    I am so in love with the OG in Navy!!

    For my Valentine’s weekend getaway, I would most definitely pack a flirty new dress along with some cute flats for a romantic, yet casual night. I can imagine that I’d go somewhere cold so that I can cozy up to my SO. Sweaters and scarves are a must.

  285. christina says:

    I love the Catalina in Midnight Ash!
    For my weekend away…a good book, warm socks, cute undies, and my earplugs…there will be snoring involved. :)
    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  286. Elizabeth says:

    I would love the O.G. Bag!

  287. Liz says:

    Been eyeing that Catalina bag in midnight ash…so lovely. For Valentines Day that bag would be filled with bottles of bubbly and nothing else!

  288. 2moiselles says:

    I would choose the Catalina in midnight ash!!

  289. Naomi says:

    I’ve been drooling over the O.M.G. bag in either black/gold or navy blue. For a Valentine’s day vacation, I would pack my Nikon, a book, sweaters & scarves (I like cold places), and extra shoes. Love that this bag is the perfect size for everyday use too!

  290. beth says:

    The Catalina in Midnight Ash!

  291. Charmaine says:

    The Catalina! Such a great travel bag :)

  292. Allison says:

    The Catalina in grey for sure. I’d pack my warmest sweaters and head north for some snowshoeing and hot chocolate!

  293. Heidi says:

    I LOVE the Catalina in dive grey! I have a daughter so I could pack all of her things along with my essentials!! Jeans, sweater, and a cute pair of shoes!!

  294. Veronica says:

    Love the Catalina! Would be such a great bag for a staycation at a nearby fancy hotel. My darling husband needs a night away from studying for his boards!

  295. Janel says:

    I would love to have the Catalina in Thistle. I’d pack a few dresses, sandals, swimsuit, for a Valentine’s getaway to the beach!

  296. Maureen M says:

    I love the Catalina in midnight ash and dove gray!

  297. Kristin says:

    I love the Catalina in dove grey – I’d pack my camera, bright lipstick and a swimsuit for a weekend to my favorite place in the world, Tulum. xoxo happy st. valentine’s day!

  298. Zoe says:

    I’ll take the Catalina in thistle. And since I need to get away from this winter I’m heading south and only packing a bathing suit!!

  299. Jennifer says:

    If I had the Catalina in dove grey, I’d pack some of my favorite road trip tunes, snacks (!), and toys to keep my toddler entertained for a Valentine’s Day weekend getaway with the fam.

  300. Mona says:

    I’m in love with the O.G. in espresso or navy. My valentine’s weekend involves going home from college to see my family, so basically jeans, tees, a sweater, a cardigan, my computer, iPad mini, ankle boots, a scarf… How much can I fit in this bag again? Let’s find out! ;)

  301. Erica Newhouse says:

    Love the Dove Grey. Would pack good music, cozy sweaters and good chocolate to celebrate my 5th wedding anniversary!

  302. Rachel L says:

    I would love the Catalina in Thistle. I would fill it with a swimsuit (because my bf has a somewhat extreme love of pools), and then some comfy but chic clothes to lounge in while we spend time relaxing together!

  303. nicole latona says:

    i absolutely love the catalina bag! thanks for the chance to win :) @nicolelatona

  304. Lea says:

    The Catalina in Midnight Ash, beautiful!

  305. Kelly says:

    The Catalina in pale pine. One free trip to Hawaii I would pack bikini’s, towels, sunglasses, a good book and sunblock. Then order a cute drink with a umbrella.

  306. The Catalina in Midnight Ash…
    would be so perfect for my weekend trips down to Austin to visit my boyfriend. Looks like I could easily pack a bottle of wine, or two, along with my weekend essentials :)

  307. Marianne M. says:

    The Catalina bag in Thistle is lovely. My next weekend getaway will be this spring in New Orleans, and I’ll be packing a few sundresses and comfy sandals. They’re perfect for sightseeing and dinner in hot weather!

  308. Jennifer says:

    I love the Catalina in midnight ash. I would pack a new dress and heels along with some long sweaters and leggings and definitely a pair of Uggs and and my favorite silk nightgown.

  309. Crystal says:

    I’d LOVE the O.G. in Black.. Since the O.G is the perfect carry on I’d only have to pack one bag. I’d bring my iPad, camera, cell, my favorite jeans and a couple of tops. Since my trips are laid back I don’t need a bunch.

  310. Stephanie says:

    I’d pack tall boots, leggings, and cozy sweaters in the Catalina bag for a long valentine’s weekend away with my love!

  311. Alicia says:

    The Catalina in Midnight Ash is perfection. I love the hidden zipper pocket at the base, perfect for shoes. I would pack all the necessities for a relaxing weekend at the cabin. This bag is ideal for a weekend getaway. : )

  312. nicole b. says:

    I’ve had my eye on the OG in Army green for, like, ever. I’m planning a romantic getaway, as we speak, so I could definitely use this bag! I’ll pack lacy lingerie, loungewear, cozy layers, a little black dress and my favorite heels. Thanks for the chance to win. xo.

  313. Kitty M says:

    Oh my. Tough choice but I’d have to go with the Catalina in Midnight Ash and I’d pack my sketch book, pencils in my fav zipper pouch, only essential clothes for someplace warm, toothbrush, and, err… hubby? Thanks!

  314. Christina says:

    THE CATALINA – dove gray please!! love love love to travel in style!

  315. kehinde says:

    I would choose the catalina bag in midnight ash. I would pack a deck of uno cards, hot cocoa.Also I would pack some oversizedq sweaters,scarfs and blazers and jeans.

  316. Deirdre says:

    I ADORE the O.G. in Army Green and would pack a bathing suit, sheer cover-up, sunscreen, sun hat and a cute romper for a Valentine’s Day getaway with my husband (I can dream, right!)! Thanks for the chance to win.

  317. Emily says:

    I love the OG and OMG bags in every color. I’m really looking forward to my birthday trip to Maui, so I would pack a couple of swimsuits, flip flops and a sundress or two!

  318. Jill says:

    Oh how I would love to have a Catalina bag in any color. They are all awesome. For a Valentines Day weekend with my fiancé , I’d pack a nice bottle of French wine, a few little lacy things in all colors and some lavender massage oils. That’s about it because we’ll probably be ordering room service for every meal ;). Plus it would be amazing to take a Catalina on my honeymoon ! Happy Valentines Day !

  319. susannah says:

    fingers crossed, valentine’s weekend will require very little

  320. @Tammy says:

    I’d love the OG in black with silver. I’d stuff that baby with basics for overnight/quick trips so that I don’t have to ever check a bag again… or rely on airlines to deliver my bag.

    Love that so much fits in it, but it’s still stylish.

  321. Monica says:

    I’d choose the Catalina in Lavender because it’s gorgeous. I’d pack my make-up, toothbrush, nightshirt and a couple of pretty dresses and sweaters. No matter what I packed I’m sure I’d forget something!

  322. Laura says:

    So loving the Catalina in Midnight Ash…and since we are talking in wishes, I would love to pack the Ryan Roche Fisherman’s sweater I do not have and the Fiorentini & Baker boots also yet to be mine : ) Tomales Bay would be so romantic this time of year…

  323. Gina Marie says:

    I love this bag! It would be perfect for my snowshoeing weekend with friends!!

  324. Amanda B. says:

    The Catalina in Thistle is the perfect weekender bag! I would love to win one and pack it with a bikini, towel and some flip flops and head to the beach with my husband to spend our first Valentine’s Day together as a man and wife. xoxo

  325. Whitney Neal says:

    The Catalina in Midnight Ash!

  326. Amber Porter says:

    I love the midnight ash color. I would pack a sexy dress and lingerie. Highheels. A candle. And some sweats for lounging.

  327. allison says:

    i love the catalina in dark ash- perfect for my weekend adventures!

  328. Karissa Canning says:

    I love the O.G bag and have wanted it for a while, although the TT is getting my attention lately.

    My Valentine’s day weekend get away would include some new lingerie for my fiance, one gym outfit for some pilates to make up for all the chocolate covered strawberries I’ll eat, and my Canon for great pictures to capture our weekend!

  329. Barbara H says:

    LOVE The Catalina in Midnight Ash! It would be so perfect for traveling to our wedding/honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas!!!! I bet I can fit a TON in there for a 2 week vacay! :)

  330. Liz says:

    The OMG in black and silver! Love the shoe pouch.

  331. jessicac says:

    Love the Catalina in Thistle… I would pack a flowy dress and heels, a comfy hand knit sweater, and skinny jeans, and my fleuvogs. And my darling husband would whisk me off for a relaxing weekend of wine tasting, long drives, knitting, and relaxing.

  332. wolfie says:

    sweet undies

  333. Angel says:

    I would love the Catalina in Dove Grey. Simply Beautiful and functional. :-)

  334. Davia says:

    I’d pack lots of warm snuggly clothes, my furry slippers and some good movies in my Thistle Catalina! Nothing more romantic than cuddling in front of a fireplace in the cold northeast!

  335. Kathleen Buckner says:

    I would love the O.M.G. In plum! I would pack all summer clothes and swimsuits! My husband wants to go to Hawaii! I’d be ready in 10 minutes if he came home and said, let’s go! Thank you for the opportunity to win! Good luck everyone!

  336. kathleen says:

    I would pack the Catalina in thistle with leggings, soft sweaters, and a good book…of course, my boyfriend won’t have a weekend off until May!

  337. Frank says:

    The Catalina in midnight ash or dove grey!

  338. I’m completely taken with the OG bag! It would be the prefect bag for my trip to Italy, and would hold everything from travel journal to umbrella.

  339. Kellye says:

    The Catalina please! I’d pack a cozy cardigan, a flowy dress and booties. And some chocolate, too!

  340. Ashley says:

    I’d choose the Catalina in midnight ash!!

  341. Logan says:

    I would love the Catalina in Midnight Ash. Hmmmm, what to pack for a Vday trip? Just 4 things for me please: snorkel gear, swim suit, sun dress, and sandals :) Some beach, somewhere…

  342. tk says:

    i would pack the claremont with a camera, snacks, and some tickets to a show!

  343. Natalie C says:

    Love the Catalina in Thistle, beautiful color, would be a perfect one bag for trips via plane or car.

  344. mindy carlene says:

    I am in the market for new luggage, so this is perfectly perfect timing! I really like the OG, in black, of course. my husband is taking a business trip to chicago on valentine’s weekend, and if I accompany him, I would take along some secret surprises that only I really cannot divulge here… :-)

  345. Carole Jung says:

    I would love the Catalina in midnight ash. I’d stash sweaters, some makeup, bubble bath, book, and maybe my pillow if there’s room. (I’m pretty sure I could stuff that bag)

  346. Diana says:

    Lovely! I love the Catalina bag in thistle or midnight. I’d pack a few clothes, a nightie, lavender scented candle, some really good chocolate and a splurgey bottle of red wine and head up to the hills with my husband for a snowy cabin weekend.

  347. Andrea Darst says:

    I’d be so happy to win the The O.G. in navy / light gold / lavender !

  348. Andrea Darst says:

    Oops – sorry, I’d pick the The O.G. in navy / light gold / lavender and I’d pack it with cute lingerie, chocolate covered strawberries and my ipod filled with romantic songs! (please disregard my previous comment – not trying to enter twice) :)

  349. RB says:

    The Catalina bag in Thistle-cotton canvas is the way to go- so many pockets and extra areas for all the essentials-love it .My husband and I are going to a nice bed and breakfast in an historic towm for touring for a long weekend- warm and comfy clothes and shoes. Just beautiful and practical. Thank you for this chance to win.

  350. Tina Miller says:

    Catalina, gray!
    jpchefzgirl@gmail.com or Tina (jpchefzgirl@yahoo.com) on Facebook!
    I would pack comfy clothes and all my medical supplies for times when i am feeling good enough to go on business trips with my honey! This bag would be perfect for that!

  351. Andrea says:

    The O.M.G. bag in plum is amazing, and I would pack a little black dress and red heels for a Valentine’s Day trip!

  352. Melanie F says:

    Oh my heart LOVES the O.G. in navy!! It would be lovely to be able to through in all my mama/baby stuff, camera gear, & still have room for all the other random things that somehow end up in my bags! Thank you a ton for the sweet chance & wishing ya’ll a Happy Heart Day! xx

  353. Anait says:


    I LOVE the Catalina bag in Thistle looks amazing!

    For my Valentine’s Day getaway (I’ll be going to Iceland) I would pack….

    Ikkii boots
    an oversized cowl
    heat tech under-gear from Uniqlo
    My toiletries
    Favorite Carhartt beanie
    My iPhone and OlloClip
    Red Moleskin journal
    Books: Happiness Project and The Open Veins of Latin America
    & some warm clothes :)

    Thank you so much!
    Twitter: @smilewithteeth

  354. David says:

    OMG in Espresso. I would totally pack my swimsuit to get out of this cold weather and back to the beach!

  355. Jessica says:

    ah! I would love the catalina for a quick romantic get away with my hubby next weekend! I would pack a fun date night outfit, a bikini for a dip in a hot tub, and comfy pjs! Thanks!!

  356. Ashley says:

    I love the Catalina in dove grey! I am quite certain that I could fit both mine and my boyfriends belongings in that bag for a weekend getaway! I’m thinking like wine and chocolate, pillow and a blanket and you can basically end up anywhere with that thing! :)

  357. I have the OMG as a diaper bag and love it – but would also really love an OG bag to have a little more room to pack for the gym or an overnight. And if I were able to get away for Valentine’s Day with my hubby (no-go this year with a 4-month old!), I would pack a party dress and some heels…

  358. Meg Bowman says:

    In love with the OMG bag in army green!

  359. shelley says:

    I love the Catalina in Dove Gray! It would also be perfect for a day to the beach…

  360. erin marie says:

    Oooh! Love the Catalina in Thistle. I’d pack bathing suits and spf for a getaway in Maui! I could fit a lot of spf in that bag!!

  361. Alex says:

    I love the Catalina in thistle. I would pack sundresses and a swim suit for a warm weather getaway. I’ve got the February blues.


  362. Nakita says:

    I’ll be spending my Valentine’s weekend away in Germany and can’t think of a better bag to snag than the Catalina in Ash! I would pack a sweater dress, jeans, light jacket, flats, rain boots, and iPad. It’s the perfect size to bring a ton of stuff without having to check a bag. I’d love to win it!

  363. Casie K. says:

    I love the Catalina Bag in Midnight Ash!

  364. Leni says:

    The O.G. bag in navy is the one I’d pack with toiletries, wallet, a couple of outfits, and a few snacks.

  365. Alexis says:

    Well, ideally I would be going somewhere warm (if not tropical) on any getaway, so the Dove grey Catalina bag would compliment my future tan. I’d pack a couple of swim suits & sandals and fill the rest up with sunscreen and the sheerest dresses I can find!

  366. Catherine says:

    The Catalina in Pale Pine, for sure. Weekend at a Spa. Cozy bathrobe, music, and something pretty for a dinner out.

  367. Caitlin says:

    I’m in love with the Catalina in Midnight Ash. I tend to over-pack and that’s the bag that can handle my desire to have choices! Lovely designs. I would probably pack my snowboard gear in the top and boots in the bottom for a quick trip away from our home mountain. A romantic weekend for my boyfriend and I definitely includes some time on the slopes!

  368. Kelsey says:

    Just the weekender I’ve been looking for…. Catalina in Midnight Ash. Perfect for a romantic weekend getaway.

  369. Meghan says:

    I love the Catalina in Thistle! I’d pack it with lots of cozy warm-weather gear for our trip to the mountains over Valentine’s weekend.

  370. Carlotta says:

    I love the Catalina in Midnight Ash.

  371. Eileen says:

    Love the Catalina in Thistle! So versatile.

  372. Kimberly says:

    Oh My Goodness, I LOVE the Catalina in Dove Grey!
    I would absolutlely want to go to a tropical climate for my getaway so I would try to pack as little as possible and make sure I had a blanket and a bottle of wine for a romantic night on the beach!!

  373. Elisabeth says:

    I love the Catalina bag! I’d love to go to the beach if we were going on a weekend trip so I’d pack my swimsuit, sunglasses, and definitely sunscreen because this girl burns! ;)
    I’m following you both on twitter @egood33

  374. Vivian says:

    I’d love the Catalina in Midnight Ash!

    I’m heading to Denver for V-day weekend, so I’d pack all my winter clothes, essentials and snowboarding gear!

  375. Tamara Walker says:

    I love the Catalina in the pale pale color. It’s good weekend trip that’s what I love about the bag.

  376. I pick the Catalina. I would pack shorts, a long linen shirt and a pair of flip-flops to wear anywhere it isn’t snowing. Please. Please. Please.

  377. Jana says:

    The Catalina in midnight ash! I love lo & sons. I use the OMG every single day as my work back. Would love to have the weekender.

  378. Kate Miller says:

    The Catalina in Midnight Ash ~ toothbrush, good book, iPad, slippers, pajama pants, coffee & bottle o red wine :)

  379. Jill says:

    The Catalina in Midnight Ash, perfect to fit all the essentials for an impromptu getaway.

  380. Maya says:

    I would pick the Catalina in dove grey!

  381. C.L. Cameron says:

    The Catalina in Dove Gray is sssooo beautiful! Thanks for sponsoring this! :)

  382. Celine says:

    I would pick the Catalina in Midnight Ash to pack all my kiddies’ diapers, clothes, and snacks for a fun family weekend trip. It’s perfect! Thank you :)

  383. Anu says:

    I loooove The Midnight Ash Catalina … classic! Packing list: slouchie tee shirt and comfy jeans, chunky sweater with a simple long necklace. A pair of ear muffs and mittens. I’d put a pair of cozy warm house shoes in the bottom compartment along with an attractive pair of thick thick socks. Sadly, this is a packing list for a trip to Michigan … not the north pole.

  384. Alyson says:

    Love the Catalina in midnight ash. Perfect for every get away and I can fit enough for two in there for a romantic surprise get away!

  385. Brittany says:

    I love the Catalina bag in midnight ash.

    I’d pack…my slippers and flannel PJs, my iPad, a book, real clothes, a knit cap and scarf and gloves (in my scenario I’m going to a winter cabin)… and probably some other things. I’ll have to pack that bag when the time comes. :)

  386. mary says:

    Who couldn’t use more baggage!
    I love the Catalina in Thistle.

  387. Beautiful totes! I’d grab a Catalina (in Thistle or Midnight Ash) and hightail it to some exotic destination with naught but a toothbrush and some blush. I wouldn’t come home till it was brimming with goodies and presents and more than a few stories…

  388. iris says:

    I love the Catalina, too. I’d fit as many knitting projects in there as I could manage!

  389. MJ Moore says:

    I love the Catalina in thistle! I’d pack a sequin dress, hot night wear and a lovely fragrance, as well as something comfortable to wear for exploring the locale.

  390. Chantelle says:

    Definitely the Catalina in midnight ash! It’s been on my wish list for a few months. I’m going on a girls weekend in June to Venice Beach and would pack some cute summer dresses, sandals and a bikini!

  391. Sarah says:

    I already have a Valentine’s weekend getaway for one to Cabo planned – my bikini & books would fit nicely into a Catalina. :-).

  392. bethany says:

    The Catalina bag is gorgeous! And efficient. Two big wins for me. I would pack a wrap/scarf, an oversized cardigan, v neck, skinny jeans, ankle boots, and something sexy, of course.

  393. Beth says:

    The T.T. would be great for my laptop and tablet – love it!

  394. ebonyh says:

    Winning the gorgeous Claremont Crossbody would inspire me to finally take the jump & invest in a DSLR!

  395. Katie says:

    I like the Catalina in Thistle. I always overpack, you know just in case. But I like it when I have room for my journal and at least one book.

  396. Theresa J says:

    I can’t decide between the OG bag in black/silver/ lavender or the Catalina in Thistle

  397. Michelle says:

    Definitely would love to pack an O.G. Bag in Plum for my valentine weekend in NYC!
    LBD + Red heels + Purse + PJs + toiletry bag + Nexus 7 = All the things I need in a Lo&Sons Bag

  398. Lisa says:

    It would have to be the Catalina in Dove Grey for me. I would pack my weekend uniform: striped boatneck, dark skinnies, and red Toms for a quick getaway to Santa Monica. And a comfy nightgown for bed!

  399. Tiffany says:

    Such a difficult decision! I am leaning towards the OG (in either black or green). As for what I would pack, I would try and sneak away to the cottage up north so it would mostly be comfy, warm clothes…but I would make sure to sneak in a pretty underthing to up the romance on valentines ;)

  400. Aggie says:

    The Catalina in pale pine is lush – and I would stuff it with 2 pair of jeans, 4 tops, one dress, undergarments, toiletries and 1 pair of boots and I’d wear the flat shoes. All this for a quick weekend jaunt to Paris. (It would be very nice not to check in luggage!)

  401. Chloe says:

    I adore the Catalina in Thistle.

    I’d pack all of the essentials for a weekend away with my husband and one year old son… warm clothes, wet weather gear [this is England after all] and a stack of interiors mags to enjoy! Some sort of romance, eh?

  402. Dale says:

    LOVE the Catalina in thistle. I’d pack lots of BOOKS!

  403. Jen says:

    The Catalina in Midnight Ash! I love it.
    I would pack my books, sweaters, fuzzy slippers, boots and blanket for my weekends up in the cottage!

  404. MARTHA FLYNN says:


  405. Stephanie (afunhouse) says:

    Oh, the Catalina in midnight ash is my favorite, too! It’s a beauty. The packing video was so fun to see! I’d fill mine with as many books and favorite print magazines as possible for both me and my sweetie to peruse child-free for a weekend away! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  406. Katie M says:

    I have been obsessed with the OMG or OG in black with lavender interior for so long I can’t even recall when I first fell in love with Lo & Sons bags. You have me interested in the Catalina now as well! For a Valentine’s Day getaway, I’d definitely pack a fun and fancy outfit for a dinner out as well as some striped tops, cozy cardigans, skinnies, leggings and boots for casual exploring. Can’t forget the workout clothes for a quick sweat session and I never leave home without my Kindle Fire and a really lush moisturizing lotion. Throw in some great mascara and hot pink lipstick and I’d be ready to jet set!

  407. I would love a Catalina bag! it looks like it can hold so much and is stylish! I would expect maybe a nice hike & upscale dinner for a getaway.. so I would pack a something comfortable for hiking along with a pinic of sorts and a LBD for a night out with the hubs and a little something lacy for later. thanks for the giveaway!

  408. Emily says:

    The black O.G. bag is my favorite. Love the touch of lavender lining. I think it’s amazing.

  409. Stefanie Gladden says:

    I would pick the O.M.G back in black!
    I would pack my favorite pajamas, socks, my makeup bag, my ipod, and my cell phone charger!

    twitter – stephieannxx

  410. Whitney says:

    I love the O.G. in black and the Catalina in Midnight Ash! I would back some comfortable lounge clothes and a pretty dress and heels for a night out.

  411. Amber says:

    The Catalina bag is too cute! I would pack some lingerie, clothes, comfy socks, my iPad, cellphone charger, and my makeup bag! :)

  412. Stephanie V. says:

    I would love the O.G. bag in Navy or Green! For my valentine’s weekend getaway with my boyfriend to a cabin, I’d pack my hunter boots, reading books, a bottle of wine, candles and my portable speakers. All essentials for a weekend out in the woods when it rains.

  413. Rachel says:

    I love the catalina in thistle. I would use it to pack for my upcoming 20th anniversary trip to mexico. So I would definitely be packing some bikini’s, sunscreen. Their bags are simply gorgeous.


  414. eliza says:

    Definitely the Catalina in Midnight Ash. Valentine’s Day 2014 will be spent printing wedding invitations on my letterpress. My packing list is mostly clothes I don’t mind getting ink on … and mittens!

  415. Whitney says:

    I love the Catalina in Pale Pine. I’ve been looking for a cool weekender bag but haven’t been able to splurge on one yet. This would be awesome!

  416. Danielle says:

    I would love the OG in black/silver/lavender – it not only holds a lot of stuff for the weekend but I love the different compartments and functions it has. Thanks!

  417. Jessica W says:

    I would love to win the T.T. bag in all black.

  418. Sara P. says:

    I really dig the Catalina in dove grey. I would pack my Kindle! All I want is a weekend for uninterrupted reading!!!

  419. Nechama k says:

    The Catalina dive grey, sexy!!! I would pack books and sweatshirts!!!

  420. martha says:

    The Catalina in Midnight Ash for sure so me and my husband could use it!

  421. Tina says:

    The Catalina in Midnight Ash is my favorite!!! It is practical yet stylish. Loving the two compartments. Sure would be useful for my upcomin wedding travels!

  422. the catalina! i’d pack a dress, heels & perfume for dinner with my husband, some comfy pjs, & jeans & a roomy sweater for the ride home :)

  423. Pauline G says:

    The catalina for sure! lovely lovely lovely! i’d pack warm winter clothes!

  424. Annabely says:

    In love with this website… Lo&sons! The OG plum and gold bag is a must have for 2014 summer. Did you see the color of the season,(take a guess?) that’s right plum!!! Can’t go wrong…. I can only dream•••{}

  425. Kitty Cotten says:

    I would love to win the weekender bag in the light gray color! It will be the perfect carry all to lollapalooza this summer!! I can even store my dirty festival sandals in the bottom! This bag is genius!

  426. Annabely says:

    I would carry my journal, a wine bottle and a board game for sure!

  427. Lauren P says:

    I love the OMG in Army Green and I would pack hot cocoa, our favorite music, and the perfume my husband likes :)

  428. HY says:

    I love the Catalina in dove gray! I’d pack a pretty chemise, a super seductive lingerie set, a sketchbook, and hiking clothes. :)

  429. Ali B says:

    I would want the Catalina in Dove Grey for sure. I’m pretty sure my dog could fit in it, but I would probably just fill it with cute pajamas and some Otis Redding albums!

  430. Amy Z. says:

    I’m in love with the Catalina in Thistle! I would pack my cutest outfits, chocolate, and books.

  431. Genevieve Albers says:

    It must be The Brookline! I’d pack the usual laptop, chargers, wallet, specs, skinny jeans/flats/sweater/scarf combo. But believe me when I say: some silky unmentionables and a bottle of bubbles are going in FIRST! Calgon, take me away!

  432. Crystal C says:

    I love The O.G. in Plum. I’d take a Valentine getaway to somewhere warm and back a few bikinis!

  433. Mikaela says:

    in the super sophisticated OG bag (black/gold/lavender) ♡ I’d pack: extra sneakers, pjs, comfy flannel shirt, cap, book (+ nook), wallet, chargers, toiletries bag, an umbrella, aaaand postcards + stamps :-)

  434. Stephanie says:

    I’d pack some comfy jammies, some yoga pants, a baggy shirt and some wine :)

  435. Stephanie says:

    The Catalina in Dove Grey!

  436. soha molina says:


  437. Ruth says:

    I would pack a weekend’s worth of lingerie and my super comfy fleece robe along with all the other essentials – the OG bag would be perfect!

  438. Laura Lacher says:

    If we were going together for our get away, I would choose the Catalina in midnight ash so we could fit both our things! If we are going to meet up I would choose The O.G. In black/light gold. I would carry a bottle of wine and opener, a pair of slippers, toothbrush and toothpaste, clothes of course! And a gift for my wonderful husband.

  439. Jordan Dec says:

    I love the O.M.G….been a favorite for a while. I’d pack a nice little silky and/or lacy something to wear for my boyfriend, skinny jeans, heels, sexy top and black blazer for a nice dinner out. My book and snack food because I ALWAYS have a protein bar or something. :)
    Jordan Dec
    Twitter: @twinplet2

  440. kim hoang says:

    i need this bag in my life! the TT in army green please :)

  441. HilLesha says:

    I love the The O.M.G.. I’d pack a dress, intimates, wireless speakers to listen to some music, heels, liquid eyeliner, camera, and favorite lip balm.

  442. caitlin says:

    what a dream giveaway! I’d go for OMG bag in navy/gold/lavender. inside it would be room slippers & canvas slipons (love the shoe pocket!), a mag/ puzzle book, my journal & pen case, camera (& a disposable one for fun!), sleepwear, a dress, and my favorite new red lace underwear. timing and all ;-)

  443. The Catalina in Dove Grey is to die for! For a Valentine’s weekend getaway I would pack my comfiest pajama set for morning coffee, my worn-in go-to pair of denim, casual foldover flats, and favorite sunnies–but I won’t forget a little silk number for my hubby!


    Twitter: @DarlingCashmere

  444. Jacqui says:

    I would love to have this bag… the OG in Navy! I would pack some black heels, LBD, silky lingere and my swim suit, along with other essentials such as makeup and anything we would need for a weekend of fun… bottle of wine maybe? Stuck in Ohio’s cold weather!

  445. michelle riebeek says:

    THE CATALINA – thistle

  446. michelle riebeek says:

    No kids on this getaway? Lingerie.

  447. Kelsey says:

    I love the The Catalina in midnight ash… soooo pretty. I would pack a little something sexy to spice things up and something comfy to lounge around in later in the evening. I would also pack my favorite perfume, some of our favorite movies, and some bubbly. Also, I would of course pack something comfy and cute to wear the next day.

  448. ellen casper says:

    I’d pack swimsuits, coverups and lotion in the Catalina in thistle

  449. EmmaRena says:

    Would LOVE to pack the O.G. in Navy with a cute red dress, my most comfortable, worn-in heels, and an airy cardigan. The perfect ensemble for a romantic night of salsa dancing! Would probably also throw in jeans, a cozy sweater, and neutral flats for the after-party. :)

  450. Alexandra says:

    I adore the OG in Navy!! I would throw in bathing suits, cover-ups, a fun dress, sandals, and a great new book for a trip to somewhere warm!

  451. Grace Torreano says:

    I would love to win the O.G in Navy! Perfect for my business trips but if I were going on a romantic weekend getaway I’d be backing a good book, a cozy sweater and a nice bottle of wine…along with my ipad! :)

  452. Ateka says:

    I am loving the OG in navy. I would pack black leggings, flats, belted cardigan, scarf, earrings,a casual dress that goes with the belted cardigan, tea/coffee tumbler, scented body lotion, nude lipstick, my journal and a book.

  453. Kelly D says:

    I like the OMG in black and I would pack some cute blouses, leggings, make up and a some nice shoes.

  454. Jennifer says:

    I like The Brookline!

  455. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    Love the Catalina in grey!! I would pack an extra outfit for me and my son and some books!

  456. Terri says:

    The O.G. in black would make the perfect carry on for my trip to Europe this spring!!!!

  457. What would I pack for a weekend getaway?? That’s easy! I would pack some fashionable looks because I always take a million pictures. I would take a pair of comfortable shoes to have on hand. I would pack a blanket for my travels. And of course my camera!

    Hopefully I can put my camera in a Lo& Sons Claremont Crossbody bag!!!

  458. Jenn says:

    The Catalina Bag is amazing, I am lusting over the amount of storage space. HOW FUN!

  459. Deane Smith says:

    I love the claremont in taupe! Crossbody bags hold a special place in my heart!!

  460. Maureen says:

    I would like the catalina in pale pine! I would pack tour hunter boots and my handmade dresses for travel.

  461. Tara Riccio says:

    I definitely need a good weekender. I love the Catalina in midnight ash. Such an awesome bag!

  462. Jennifer says:

    I would pack some good books and snacks in the T.T. for a weekend away

  463. Darlene Wright says:

    The Catalina in Dove Grey

  464. Scrumptious looking bag. You guys in the US have awesome giveaways. Wish I was entering too. Hope wherever you go with your bag it’s brilliant!

  465. Kelly Bromm says:

    The Catalina Bag is so cute and packs so much! I especially love it in Dove Gray and Midnight Ash. I’d pack my nikon, some comfy sweaters and leggings, a bottle of wine and chocolate.

  466. Nikki Yang says:

    I love the THE O.G. in black/light gold. It’s perfect for a petite person like me to travel. It’s not too big nor is it too small. I would pack anything and everything warm to get away from this cold MN weather and go somewhere warm. I can’t go without my laptop! The OG is perfect for it.

  467. Jill says:

    I would love the OG in navy. Just perfect for a quick trip to the city, fancy shoes and a lovely dress…

  468. Ashley Rose says:

    The Catalina Bag is so cute and fabulous. I have analysed it find it better for traveling. I would also pack some of my favourite lipsticks, perfume, movies, documents. Now valentine day is approaching so lover of every generation every one has its own way to express his/her emotion towards his love by Wearing beautiful, glamorous, fabulous dresses, shoes, outfits to show herself before one & giving cards, chocolates. etc to his/her love. Find cute, fabulous, stunning, exclusive, glamorous dresses at http://www.lavocollections.com/collections/dresses

  469. Mary says:

    The OG in back w/ gold hardware. My bf is in Boston so I’d pack all the cute warm clothes I have… though we may just stay in and cuddle for warmth ;)

  470. Emily says:

    If I had the Catalina in Thistle (or any color, really) I would pack my new Vasque boots, rugged jeans, my favorite oversized sweater, and enough dress options for my boyfriend to thoroughly enjoy going through before dinner.

  471. Anna says:

    I have been coveting the Catalina bag in dove grey for months and months! My dear and I love to walk around and explore by foot when we travel, so my bag would have warm wooly socks, cozy sweaters, and an extra pair of mittens (I tend to misplace mine often).

  472. linsey says:

    The Catalina back in midnight ash.
    I would stuff some candles, a outfit, even a camera to document a romantic evening with my Fiance.

  473. Dena says:

    Catalina in Midnight and Ash. A bottle of wine, two glasses, and a giant hammock : )

  474. Allie says:

    The omg in black and silver! I’d put scarves in the shoe pocket!

  475. mary newton says:

    I love the O.G. in black or plum!

  476. jenna says:

    I LOVE the Cataline Bag in Midnight Ash!! I would pack my comfiest pj bottoms, a pair of low cut uggs, a comfy sweater and blanket and some candles, cheese and wine for a romantic Valentine’s day weekend!!

  477. Allison says:

    I would love the brookline in black…such a step up from the standard-issue work laptop bag!
    But for a Valentines weekend away, there would be comfy pants and sweater, journal and at least one good book.

  478. devon says:

    The Catalina in Thistle – hands down. There would be no worries about fitting all my shoes and books in!

  479. Susan Christy says:


  480. Merri says:

    I would love the O.G. in plum! I’d pack my snowshoes and hiking gear so we could go on a long walk in the woods, then my little black dress to go out to dinner that night.

  481. Ashley D says:

    Catalina in midnight ash! I’d pack wine, flipflops, dress, makeup, 3 pairs of shoes because I can’t make a decision and something cute to wear to bed

  482. Love the THE O.M.G. OVERNIGHT & MEDIUM GYM BAG. I’d pack my bikini so I can go for a swim somewhere warm!

  483. Emily Smith says:

    Love the Catalina in Dove Grey!
    Hubs and I definitely need a romantic weekend!! Somewhere where the wine flows freely!! I’d pack cute boots, sweaters, and leggings….. With a lil extra something for my love to enjoy in the evenings!

  484. Angel says:

    I love The Catalina in Dove Grey.

  485. Dana says:

    It’s so hard to pick just one. I love both the OG in espresso and the Catalina in Thistle.

  486. Tamara says:

    I love the Catalina in midnight ash. I would pack comfy clothes, nice outfit for dinner, and swimwear.

  487. Britta says:

    I’d pack my pride.
    I’d pack two new books, my favorite lip balm, dark chocolate, and a bottle of wine.
    I’d pack my resourcefulness, my intelligence, my grace in the face of devastation.

    As someone whose husband recently left without a word of explanation or preparation, this V-day is one I’ve not been looking forward to.

    I’d pack my most beloved jeans, most comfortable and flattering wrap, the new toiletries I’ve bought for myself (Sasha Juan, yes, please!), all the small things that make me feel good about myself and remember that, despite being suddenly and shockingly alone, this Valentine’s Day can be about self-love. And I have a lot to give…

    I’d pack inspiring magazines, travel guides to the places *I* want to go.
    I’d vacuum pack my sorrow, rage, and confusion.
    I’d bury it all as deep as the snow can go, surrounded by aspens.
    I’d come home a little lighter.

    (The Catalina in Thistle, please–a reminder of what the future can hold.)

  488. Kristen B says:

    The Catalina in Midnight Ash could hold some snacks, a good book and a change of clothes for a quick overnight trip to NYC from Boston. What beautiful bags and such an interesting back story for the company!

  489. Elena Vo says:

    The O.M.G. in Navy caught my eye. I’d put my favorite things for a Valentine’s Day trip in it:
    CHOCOLATE. Favorite pajamas. Comfortable clothes. Something naughty. More chocolate. Easy, right?

  490. Theo says:

    I love the T.T. in black or lavender and would pack pjs, a few books, a comfy sweatshirt and chocolates. :)

  491. Maggie Panther says:

    THE BROOKLINE 15 INCH LAPTOP BAG in black. I love the lavender interior.

  492. Booki says:

    I’d pack books, cozy sweaters, and lots of snacks. All the good stuff.

  493. crystal ludlow says:

    Per usual, I would over pack for a valentines weekend getaway – too many pairs of shoes, multiple outfits for each day :) I would love the O.G. in black with light gold.

  494. Sherry says:

    I’d pack chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate, my Ipad and something comfy in my plum O.G!

  495. Sherry says:

    I’d pack comfy PJ’s, my I-pad, & chocolate truffles in my purple O.G. bag!

  496. Chloe S says:

    Oh my! The camera bag is amazing! I think it will be a part of my French five. : )

  497. Carolsue says:

    I think I would pick the The Brookline 15 Inch Laptop Bag
    It’s a hard decision!

  498. Lani says:

    Love the Catalina in thistle. I would bring my stack of library books and the Valentine’s Day photo album I update every year for my sweetie.

  499. Sydney says:

    The Catalina in Pale Pine! I would pack my LL Bean moccasins and duck boots in the bottom compartment, a cozy sweater and leggings, jewelry, earmuffs, scarves and big socks to keep warm in chilly Chicago!

  500. Lacey Burd says:

    I’d choose the Catalina in Thistle. In addition to Valentine’s Day, my hubby & I will also be celebrating out 4th Anniversary. Since we live in Michigan, our weekend getaway will be mainly indoors. I would pack a few outfits, some wine and most importantly, my swimsuit for the hot tub!

  501. Lesley S. says:

    I would pack my comfy PJs, my smashbook along with a good book to read while relaxing to some tunes on my ipod next to an open fireplace for my weekend getaway.

  502. Faith says:

    love the catalina in ash – i’d pack snacks (always), ipad for late night netflix watching, and my cozy ll bean slippers for hanging out and lounging.

  503. Krysta Stock says:

    I love THE CLAREMONT crossbody! I would pack my everyday items in it and carry it everywhere with me!

  504. Nina says:

    I would absolutely love the O.G or the O.M.G bags – as both would help me immensley with all my travels. For a weekend getaway, I would definitely need to pack a bunch of my sweaters, leggings, warm fuzzy socks, boots and slippers for the clothes. I would also pack my laptop to browse what to do in the area, ipad – to read my books in my downtime, toiletries, etc. This would be a lifesaver!

  505. Tina says:

    Lingerie, dresses and heels, of course! ;)

  506. taycha portalatin says:

    Catalina in dove grey and in it I’d bring extra clothes and money

  507. Kelly says:

    Love the catalina in gray & black!

  508. Esther says:

    I would adore the Catalina in Midnight Ash or the O.G. in Army Green for myself on the weekend getaway!

    My boyfriend lives about 7,500 miles away, so if I were to spend Valentine’s Day with him it would be in Germany where he is stationed. I would pack a large sweater, a change of clothes and shoes before I see him, American-made products for him that he cannot get in Germany, my laptop, headphones, snacks and books for the flights.

  509. Christina says:

    I love the catalina in midnight ash!

  510. Lena says:

    The Catalina in Midnight Ash!

  511. Erika says:

    Love the Catalina in midnight ash. Gorgeous and practical!!!

  512. Hannah Bryant says:

    Mmmm… like many others, I love the Catalina. I love the Thistle or Dove Grey (best for hiding dog hair!).

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