mjölk dwelling.


this week dwell tours the home belonging to Toronto design boutique Mjölk. i’ve long been a a fan of the Mjölk shop Located in the Junction neighborhood of Toronto, so it’s fun to get a sneak peek at their recently renovated home. the shop represents designers from Scandinavia and Japan — from classic and current furniture to Japanese hand crafts, Mjölk reflects great design and the pure aesthetic of the North. their home is chock full of beautiful Mjölk goods — so what better way to showcase their homewares? for the full home tour, check out dwell.






some of my favorite items from the Mjölk shop: patina copper oil lamp, Pia wallen cross tray, Oji Masanori brass tool holder and the pia wallen cross blanket.


• interior photos by Derek Shapton for dwell magazine.

7 Responses to “mjölk dwelling.”
  1. maggie says:

    I am also a fan of that cross blanket by Pia Wallen! What a lovely space.

  2. that cross blanket is GORGEOUS!

  3. I really love floating furniture!

    After repainting my space awhile ago, I left the floating shelves and artwork all over the place. The truth is, I would rather code xhtml and css for my epub and kindle than try mounting a wall unit. Even with all the tools, it can be a challenge getting it level and secure, but I’m inspired to get things done this weekend!

  4. Erin says:

    Must not buy brass tool holder…

  5. Leanne says:

    I spend so much time dreamily browsing at Mjölk online, it’s lovely to see their home!

  6. Such a gorgeous home. Very nordic

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