marika giacinti paris.


Marika Giacinti is a young Parisian artist who lives and works between Paris and Ghent. Fascinated by textiles and arrangements of colors, she followed her passion to create her own label Marika Giacinti Paris. Today, the brand’s success led Marika to launch a third collection inspired by casual luxury for the home that is synonymous with elegance, boldness and glamour. her love of travel remains a heavy influence in her work, and in this year’s collection she’s included some lovely porcelain pieces and named each of her cushion designs for a city that Provided her with inspiration — Amsterdam, Paris, New York, Stockholm and many others. I’d like to take one of each, please. The pompoms, the fringes and the small red label are just a few of the little touches that give marika’s collection its beautiful, yet quirky individuality and originality.












• all photos courtesy of marika giacinti paris.

6 Responses to “marika giacinti paris.”
  1. Sara says:

    UGH this is pillow heaven!

  2. Anni says:

    I want it all! Gorgeous.

  3. Erin says:

    Love the look of this place!

  4. If I could snuggle in a mound of cushions, with a good book, or cup of hot chocolate, I’m pretty sure it would rank right up there with a good massage or facial. Sadly, I am the only “touch of pink in a house of blue” – aka 1 hubs and 3 sons. And only the smallest one seems to like anything cushion-y (Unless you are talking building a good indoor cubby). Often I find them on the floor where they have become props in the line of play. Marika’s cushions are both inviting and kinda edgy in a very cool blend. I think a pile of them should live at my house. I can dream, right?

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