hooking up.


great office storage ideas via transito inicial.

living in my tiny cottage, i’m constantly looking for more storage space. it’s pretty limiting, and as much clutter as i try and clear, it seems like i always need just a tad more room for stuff — for lucy’s leash, handbags and backpacks, craft and office supplies, tools — so i’m always looking for interesting vertical solutions. stylish ways to hang things up on walls that are a little less expected than your typical coat rack. i like a lot of these looks.


i love the look of all these totes, via editions doa.


sweet diy shelf hooks for cleaning supplies from ledansla.


i love muuto dots, via trendenser.


this is a brilliant diy paper roll storage solution, via armelle blog.


cute duffle bags for laundry hung on hooks, via line klein


more great colorful muuto dots, via rum21.

5 Responses to “hooking up.”
  1. Such a fun post, we love these little useful hooks!



  2. Barbara says:

    yes, I know what you saying. I’m also always looking for a way to perfectly storage my art supplies and in the same time to make all that look good and well design. I specially love that first photo, looks so neat and inspiring.

  3. Nancy says:

    Fabulous ideas and beautiful photos. Congrats on your mention today on Housebeautiful.com!!!! I’m so excited for you, too. xo Nancy

  4. I don’t usually think too hard about little storage details like this, but they are definitely worth thinking about! They can make a big difference when they are nicely curated.

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