first aid for your bathroom.


domino magazine.

my love for the iconic swiss cross continues, and this version is really fresh, but with a vintage vibe. these green cabinets in bright white bathrooms remind me of those little spring crocus peeking out from winter’s thawing snow. i quite like these pops of kelly green in the way of medicine cabinets, don’t you?


vintae first aid cabinet via black rock mens etsy shop.


alexandra angle swiss cross medical cabinet via remodelista.

9 Responses to “first aid for your bathroom.”
  1. Zandra Zuraw says:

    I like the green instead of the more expected red!

  2. Cleshawn says:

    I totally agree with Zandra… That green is totally perfect! I’m thinking about doing away with the standard tri-fold mirror in my bathroom (and suffer the consequences) so that I could add an old-fashioned medicine cabinet and flat mirror. We shall see how it turns out!


  3. Michelle says:

    I’m also with Zandra on this. The green is different and unexpected – it’s fresh – I think red might be too strong in a bathroom xx

  4. chloe says:

    ugh! absolutely love! i think the first one is my favorite, but it’s definitely hard to pick one!

  5. Abigail Atkins says:

    Are you going to post the winner of the lookamatic giveaway? Just curious. Thank you.

  6. Jenny Bailey says:

    I love a little touch of green wherever I can get it!

  7. Stacy Wong says:

    love the kelly green cabinet from Domino! I want one.

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