mammoth & co. | an art giveaway.


you know how you see some great piece of art you love, you make the leap and splurge on that little masterpiece? and then — there it just sits collecting dust, waiting to be placed into a pretty frame to finally hang gracefully on your wall? i know exactly how this feels and it’s one of those things that eats away at my to do list, stares up from me on the page and fills me with aching guilt. well, mammoth & co. got feedback of this very nature from their loyal customers so they decided to do something about it — to offer us framing right on the site. prints accumulate so easily and framing seems to never happen, so to be able to buy the works already framed seems like a pretty logical move, right? right. and to celebrate this stroke of extraordinary convenience, mammoth & co. is giving away a framed piece of art of your choice to one lucky reader — any piece from their collection.

to win one free 8×10 print framed in either white or black from mammoth & co., with free shipping, simply:


• visit the mammoth & co. collection and pick out your favorite piece of art.

• comment here on the blog sharing your favorite artwork by wednesday,march 19th at midnight pst.

• as always, please be sure to leave a way to contact you via twitter, facebook, your blog or email.

• sorry, but this time the giveaway is for u.s. readers only.

• we’ll announce a random winner by the week of march 24th on my twitter account, so be sure to follow along.







164 Responses to “mammoth & co. | an art giveaway.”
  1. ainsley says:

    Love the GE Clock Radio by Jessica Brill!

  2. chelsey says:

    LOVE the red medallion and nevis! also the chicken!

  3. Kayla says:

    Mammoth & Co. almost has too many pieces to choose from! Mahesh Shantaram’s Conveyor Belt has that perfect beautiful quality of the mundane that I so love.

  4. I really love the Gemz print by Amber Ibarreche.

  5. Kim says:

    That Japan Sea Cyanea is freaking beautiful!

  6. Brooke Kunz says:

    but there are so many good ones! love the “Whiff of blue” by YT Tommy Lee

  7. Hilary A. says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mammoth & Co.! Great giveaway! And yes, I do have the problem of too many prints lying around without frames…..
    I think I could browse all day but right now my favorites all of the horse photography by Troy Moth.

    hilaryalter (at) gmail (dot) com

  8. Kelsey says:

    Buffalo by Troy Moth is the perfect piece of art to take our new house to a home. What a great collection of pieces.

  9. caitlin says:

    I would love to have any of Troy Moth’s photos on my wall.

  10. robyn says:

    I love the great white shark photo in the hallway of the building.

  11. Ken Power says:

    I have hundreds of prints and hundreds of frames…just can’t find a way to get’em to hook up! Love Mammoth & Co. selection! I think if I could choose just one right now it might be Cormain Original by Tom Butler…Thanks for the opportunity!

  12. Mariam says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE New York #1 by Jakob Wagner. And Jerusalem 04 by Liz Lau. OOOH and NYC by Laurie Rollitt and Distaut Orszaghaz by Peter Zeglis. :)

  13. Natalie says:

    I adore In A Hand Basket To Hell by Victoria Ulrikke Iles.
    There’s so much subtext to this picture. So many possibilities…

  14. Jessica Jimenez says:

    My favorite piece is “Moon” by Rosanna Webster.

  15. katie k says:

    The Flirt = perfection!

  16. Carlotta says:

    Love the jellyfish prints by Alexander Semenov

  17. Mary Ann says:

    I love Gemz by Amber Ibarreche!

  18. Jessica says:

    I’m loving Chloris by Juan Chavarria Jr.

  19. My world will not be complete without “Dahalia and Mum” by Alexandra Gjurasic. **love**

  20. Stephanie says:

    I love love the Gemz print!

  21. Marissa says:

    Gemz by Amber Ibarreche is beautiful! So is Wolf 2 by Tory Moth. All of them!

  22. jon says:

    i love all of devin tepleski’s work. if i had to choose one, it would be untitled no. 9. thanks!

  23. Giustina says:

    Love Kate Laboon’s Charcoal Tree prints. So beautiful.

  24. Erin Roberts says:

    Sun Medallion. Perfect!

  25. Eleanor Wieting says:

    Really hard to choose! I love all or troy moth’s photos but I would have to go with white horse 02

  26. Nina says:

    I love the VOSS, the typewriter. As a writer, it would be perfect.

  27. merlin513 says:

    Really nice selection there. But I do believe that Chain Bridge, Budapest by Peter Zeglis is narrowly edging out Fresh Snow #4 by Jakob Wagner as my favorite.

  28. I love Aimée van Drimmelen’s Ghost Fish 2… It’s beautiful!

  29. maureen says:

    I love water!!!

  30. Alyse D says:

    I love the Charcoal Trees by Kate Laboon!

  31. Meghan says:

    Love the GEMZ print so much!

  32. natalie says:

    JUST ONE?! A Whiff of Blue and I Miss You is so lovely.

  33. Jordan Troublefield says:

    Hahaha i’m dying over these cat prints! My favorite is Temperament 1 by Isobel Wood

    I am needing some art to hang on my walls and i’m digging through this website, finding all sorts of gems! Thank you

    Twitter: @jordantroublefi

  34. Anna Peck says:

    Troy Moth’s “Buffalo” is one that I always see floating around Pinterest and have always loved. It would be a beautiful addition to our main bathroom or livingroom.

  35. mildrey says:

    I love wrestling the unfailable A and amazonite & morganite! beautiful collection of art.. thanks for sharing!

  36. Sarah says:

    Magic Hour by Kate Shaw. It makes me happy to look at and I could state endlessly into those details!

  37. angela glatz says:

    i love the pieces by Peter Zeglis – so hauntingly lovely. they really draw you in.

  38. Kate says:

    My favorite has to be Highway 17 by Jaime Hogge. I could imagine this as a 10 foot painting! But beautiful at any size. :)

    twitter: @ka1bee
    instagram: kateealbee

  39. Jessica says:

    What a great giveaway! It was tough to choose just one favorite, but I really love the ‘Flowering Egg’ by Jenny Brown…

  40. stephenny says:

    Moon by Rosanna Webster

  41. Jordan says:

    Love all of Troy Moth’s pieces, but the White Horse #2 is especially lovely.

  42. Emily says:

    I love “The Line” by Colleen Michael. It really sums up the art making process and would make me smile. :)

  43. Lauren says:

    Mammoth & Co. has such a great collection. I love the GE Clock Radio by Jessica Brill! It’s one of my favorites.

  44. Alex says:

    I love the Sarah Burwash print “Gather” with a clean white frame. Looks awesome.

  45. stacy says:

    love love love buffalo & montana horse 01 by troy moth. also love vine ave by jaime hogge!

    twitter: @_stacymichelle

  46. sarah says:

    i love gemz. it’s fun and classic. thanks!

  47. Rachel says:

    I love Ranch House by Conrad Crespin!

  48. Mallory Ming says:

    I’m in love with Stag by Peter Carrington ( The blend of natural vs mechanic is executed beautifully in this piece.

  49. Lori says:

    I would love Buffalo by Troy Moth.

  50. Agostina says:

    Absolutely love the typewriter by Jessica Brilli!! Amazing giveaway!

    Twitter: agostinaele

  51. Maria says:

    Love chickens, and love photography, so I would have to go with Poultry 4 by Mitch Payne!

  52. Tiffany says:

    So many great prints. I really like Flower Field Rose by Alexandra Gjurasic. Yay!

  53. Kat says:

    So many choices! I love “Ready to Sweem,” it reminds me of the fun, peek-a-boo phase my daughter is in right now.

  54. Leah D. says:

    I LOVE the one with the whales in a circle – so great! Lots of lovely work on this site.

  55. p says:

    I love Pink Growth (original) by Jenny Brown. Thank you for doing this — your blog is always such a fabulous place of inspiration. Even more so for me, because I am dying (and trying) to move to SF!

  56. Heidi E. says:

    Excellent selection! My favorite is Attic (Original) Jeremy Miranda.

  57. Ok, so the story behind this seems a little freaky, but I like it.

  58. Tina Kaylor says:

    War Pony – by Troy Moth

    But they are all lovely.

  59. Hope says:

    I’ve been obsessed with “Sticks in the Round” by Katie Ridley Murphy for months now. In fact, I had it open as a tab in my browser before I even read this post!

  60. Debbie says:

    So much wonderful art! I absolutely love “Untitled 3” by Katy Horan.

  61. cait says:

    I love Moths by Sarah Burwash!

  62. Ailyn says:

    Beautiful works! I love High Land by Julien Pacaud.

  63. Gah! So many wonderful ones to choose from! I love the Buffalo, the Charcoal Trees, Civil, Aretmis, Highland and SO many more!


  64. carly G says:

    Love Alfred Brehm by Carolin Loebbert!!!

  65. karen says:

    loving poultry 4. i bet my cat would approve

  66. how to choose? i absolutely love Moon by Rosanna Webster.
    fingers crossed!

  67. Jodi Balfour says:

    What an awesome discovery! Didn’t know of Mammoth&Co before reading this post :)
    I am smitten with HARBINGER by Kimi Pryor.

  68. Isabel says:

    I’m totally intrigued by Ubermensch and the man putting on the starsuit. What is the relationship between these two men? Why does he want to camouflage himself in a star suit? Will the camouflage work? I could keep looking at it and making up background stories — and that’s the hallmark of great art — that I won’t get bored staring at it! Thus, I would love to own it. Thanks.

  69. Karman says:

    Both Pyramid Mirage and Cormain would look PERFECT in my office- I really love the various pieces that Mammoth has- this was a tough decision. If only I had unlimited wall space (and budget, and frames, and….)….. Sigh.

  70. Heather says:

    Ah! I want a dozen of these! I think my favorite is Milk Weed by Jen Mann.

  71. maggie says:

    What a lovely collection – and giveaway! There are so many pieces to pick from. I am loving NORTHERN LIGHTS by Tom Edwards.

  72. allison says:

    i love untitlted II by tj watt- magical shot

  73. eric fuentes says:

    I fell in love with Troy Moth’s Buffalo!

    twitter: ericfuentes
    facebook: fuenteseric

  74. Sabrina says:

    Sun Medallion!

  75. elizabeth says:

    Great giveaway! I love so many, but The Augur by Ameesha Lee is a favorite.

    ekbuckley1 (at) gmail (dot) com

  76. Lisa says:

    Fly Away Brigitte Niedermair would be my choice! Fingers crossed!!!

  77. Marlys says:

    I love the Wedgemount Glacier!

  78. Angela says:

    Too many great options! But I’d have to say The Rockies 01 by Troy Moth is my fave. Great giveaway! twitter is @mountaintidings and I follow you already :)

  79. Amy B says:

    I love ‘Key Hole’ by Grant Harder. I could stare at it for hours!

  80. Gillian says:

    So glad to discover this site! My pick would be Highway 17 by Jaime Hogge. The picture of quiet, with a moody storm brewing.

  81. Cate says:

    Great giveaway! Loving Landscape Painting #1 by Russell Leng!

  82. Emily K. says:

    Gorgeous artwork! I’d choose an animal or landscape piece. There are so many lovely works!

  83. Alena Haskins says:

    I would love “Fox Hunt” by Becca Stadtlander

  84. Jessie says:

    Absolutely love Jerusalem 02 by Liz Lau!

  85. I so want Poultry 4 by Mitch Payne. That chicken is rockin.

  86. Cece says:

    Love Cradle by Lauren Bahr. The geometry, the colors…sublime.

  87. Nancy Kelly says:

    Ameesha Lee’s The Augur in a white frame.

  88. I love so many, but sticks out to me today.

  89. mirabelle says:

    Moths by Sarah Burwash.

  90. jenna says: <—-this print + me = happy.

  91. Kata says:

    Chloris by Juan Chavarria Jr.

  92. Cassie says:

    AHH thank you for introducing me to this wonderful site! Coveting allll the things now. I particularly love Bathers by Kyle Kogut. ( I’d love to hang it in my bathroom. :)

    twitter: @wittycassiehere

  93. Malori Maeva says:

    I loveee Poultry 4!!!!

  94. Lilli says:

    Landscape painting II was amazing. Anything is. Thanks for the intro, love their stuff!

  95. Isa says:

    Wang Yuanling images are amazing, so I would love to own Finding Stone! Thanks.

  96. Erin says:

    My favorite is the Colbalt Teal (1). Such a lovely site!

  97. Sarah says:

    By Travis Hetman


  98. Arnisha says:

    I love Coil XIII . Thanks for the chance

  99. renilde says:

    my favorite is the buffalo by Troy Moth :)

  100. Marta says:

    Love the Cobalt Teal (I), by Taryn Coulson! Thanks!

  101. Stephanie says:

    My favorite is the Gems or Pyramid Mirage!

  102. Natalie C says:

    Living in Florida, I’m drawn to the water, so I love this photograph Cyanea Capillata 02
    by Alexander Semenov of some kind of jellyfish,

  103. rachel says:

    “Wedgemount Glacier” would go perfect in our dining room!

  104. tiffany says:

    ahhh! so difficult to narrow down to one single piece – there is such a wonderful and diverse selection to choose from! The natural photos by Nick Worley & TJ Watt are BREATHTAKING! Thank you for a great giveaway!


  105. Jess says:

    Its very hard to pick out just one favorite. I really want a bunch of them! I do love War Pony. Its beautiful.
    jmdezines (at) gmail (dot) com
    or via twitter @thevidalia

  106. Jenny Intravia says:

    Love love love the Brilli – must have!!!

  107. stephanie dietz says:

    absolutely love the flowering egg by jenny brown. it’d look perfect in my new (undecorated) bedroom!

  108. rachel says:

    buffalo or middle class utopia should totally get on my wall

  109. eden says:

    Puako Northwest, with that beautiful lonely little cloud. Lovely!

  110. Maria says:

    Moraine Lake by Grant Harder. I’m in love.

  111. Meghan says:

    So many fun pieces! I really love “A Fragile Mind” by Victoria Ulrikke Iles, and I also love “Bridge” by Jeremy Miranda.

  112. Liz says:

    Ooh, I love that you can search by color.

    My favorite is “Sticks In Round” by Katie Ridley Murphy.

  113. Vanessa Amspacher says:

    I love Bridge by Jeremy Miranda, but I love so many it was hard to pick!

  114. Maya says:

    I love Water by Jaime Hogge

  115. Kim says:

    So hard to decide!! I’m going to pick The Dress by Jessica Treece, but the runner up was
    Charcoal Tree by Kate Laboon

  116. Georgie says:

    I’m from South Dakota and Buffalo by Troy Moth makes this California transplant sooo homesick. I’d love it in my San Francisco apartment.

  117. Leni says:

    I love Sun Medallion by Eric Warner.

  118. I love “Of That Old Time” by Adam Hancher!

  119. Kay says:

    Wormhole, by Andrew McGranahan.

  120. JUDY O'BRIEN says:

    i have a bunch of favorites: REMOTE/andrew mcgranahan
    2 by TROY MOTH: /BUFFALO; GLACIER (we don’t have any buffalos in chicago)
    MACE by julien pacaud
    BRIDGE by jeremy Miranda
    and THE FLIRT/Kevin

  121. Wendy says:

    Really digging Vine Ave by Jaime Hogge. Living in Phoenix, I really miss streets like this with big trees and charm!

    Also, the pixelized kitties! They’re like an ode to my love of cats, and my career as a designer. I think I’d have to pick Temperament 1 by Isobel Wood.

  122. Jen R says:

    I love the Untitled (I) by TJ Watt!

  123. Sonja says:

    Gather by Sarah Burwash

  124. Space by Troy Moth

  125. I like the accordion sea by brooke weeber

  126. Jessica w says:

    I love their Cobalt Teal (I) (Original) the best, but the one of the galaxy is so stunning too

  127. Liz H says:

    I love Snowdon II, Charcoal Trees, and All You Need Is Universe, but I think I have to go with Gemz as my favorite.

  128. Jessica T. says:

    I have to say that A Fragile Mind by Victoria Ulrikke Iles caught my eye on your website. I’d like to own it framed so I hang it in my apartment… but honestly I love it so much that even if I don’t win, I’ll probably purchase a print. It’s stunning…

  129. Holly L says:

    I love the AMAZONITE & MORGANITE by Karina Eibatova

  130. Hannah says:

    WOW it is so hard to choose…but I love “Artemis” by Juan Chavarria Jr. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  131. Kate says:

    The bison! I’m going to miss them so much when I leave SF!

  132. Sarah says:

    Hi! Omg I am a print non-framer also. This has given me motivation to dig out those prints and find some frames soon. I love! “Fjord Horse 02” by Troy Moth :)
    i’m not on any social nets right now so email me if am the lucky one!!! :)

  133. Great give-away and so hard to choose! I really like Jessica Brilli’s stuff and I am going to have to go with “VOSS” .

  134. Cleshawn says:

    Wow, there are so many that I like! However, this one in particular made me stop in my tracks…
    Devin Tepleski


  135. Tania says:

    I love Cyanea Capillata 01 by Alexander Semenov. Beautiful! my twitter handle is @taniaweibel

  136. Jessie says:

    ya know, I have to say I love the buffalo.

  137. Anna Morawiecki says:

    I’m in love with A Fragile Mind by Victoria Ulrikke Iles :)

  138. Rachel says:

    I love Alexander Semenov cyanea capillata #1!

  139. Megan Krol says:

    I love Buffalo by Troy Moth, reminds me of home

  140. Hanna says:

    My favorite is Buffalo by Troy Moth.

  141. Dale says:

    Wow, loving so much of this, but especially:

  142. debbie says:

    Love Kodak, Savoy, and Brownie. These would make a nice collection for my office.

  143. JACLYN says:

    I love Good Bones by Jeremy Miranda!

  144. emily says:

    mammoth & co. is awesome, and i love Bruno Borges’s print “Luna”.

  145. Erin says:

    My favorite is Stormy Seas by Luke Brookes.

  146. bn100 says:

    like Daniel by Jason Fiske

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  147. crystal says:

    I’m really liking Night Visitor Jon Macnair.
    sellcrystal2 at gmail dot com

  148. Jennifer Finn says:

    Alexander Semenov Japanese sea

  149. Jennifer Finn says:

    my email is

  150. jen peak says:

    I’m loving the jellyfish prints!

  151. Mary Allen says:

    In a hand basket to hell is my favorite.

  152. Tamara says:

    Key Hole by Grant Harder is so gorgeous and compelling!

  153. K. says:

    My favorite is Ghost Fish 1 by Aimée van Drimmelen.

  154. Juanita A May says:

    Buffalo by Troy Moth, I simply love it!!!

  155. Jillian Rose says:

    Wedgemont Glacier print would look perfect in my bathroom.

  156. Kirsten says:

    Ack! With so many amazing pieces it’s almost impossible to choose only one! If I had to pick a favorite it would probably be “High Land” bu Julien Pacaud.

  157. Tiffani says:

    Great Outdoors Ashley Barron!

  158. michelle says:

    snowdon ii by nick worley is awesome

  159. Lindsay Lawler says:

    What an awesome website! Looking for art for a gallery wall I am trying to do! :) I LOVE this print: Voss by Jessica Brilli

  160. Danie Romrell says:

    I love so many! I would have to say that New New Systems 7 by Russell Leng is my favorite though. It would match my bedroom perfectly!