for your home: amelie mancini.


Living and working in Brooklyn, New York, Amelie Mancini is a French artist and designer making all of these beautiful works and more by hand in her studio. In addition to these gorgeous linen tea towels, screenprinted by hand, she also offers goods via woodworking, prints and letterpress on paper, and painting.

The styling of her online shop caught my eye, and I became fond of the natural themes of cacti and seashells and beauty of her handmade spoons of walnut, cherry or maple wood. Amelie describes that “She privileges playfulness and creativity in her work and enjoys exploring a variety of mediums”.









7 Responses to “for your home: amelie mancini.”
  1. honeydonthink says:

    Just beautiful – the cactus tea towel and pouch are fabulous. Gorgeous styling – sad that all the wood items featured are completely sold out:(

  2. Very beautiful work ! Nice style and great colors. Love it !

  3. Megan says:

    Would also recommend following her on Instagram:

  4. Jaclyn says:

    She’s studio mates with Ariele Alasko, an AMAZING woodworker. (she was featured in Kinfolk magazine awhile back). Her instagram is also awesome. (@arielealasko)

  5. Amy B says:

    Beautiful work Amelie!!

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