tiny atlas quarterly | a giveaway.

tiny atlas quarterly giveaway | sfgirlbybay

have you seen Tiny Atlas Quarterly yet? a visually breathtaking digital travel + lifestyle magazine, tiny atlas quarterly will be launching their first printed annual issue this April. Founded and edited by photographer Emily Nathan and editor in chief and design director Liz Mullally in 2012, Tiny Atlas Quarterly is the culmination of what happens when art directors, designers, photographers, stylists, writers, and other friends and contributors — a growing group of professional creatives share beautiful photo stories that are engaging and energetic. It’s how they see the world and what they want to share with it — the little black book of where to go and what to do if you find yourself there one day, too, and always with the hope that readers will be inspired to create their own personal adventures.

to celebrate the launch of the tiny atlas spring printed annual, we’re giving away a beautiful, large format 20×24 print from this issue — this stunning image of Byron, Australia.

tiny atlas quarterly giveaway | sfgirlbybay

Byron, Australia print, by Emily Nathan.

to enter to win this print from tiny atlas quarterly, simply:

• follow tiny atlas quarterly on instagram and ‘like’ their Facebook page.

• be sure to comment below letting us know you’ve followed on instagram and liked their Facebook page.

• please comment by friday, april 4th, 12pm PST.

• as always, be sure to leave a way to reach you via twitter, facebook, email or your website.

• yay! this giveaway is worldwide!

• we’ll announce a winner on my twitter account the week of april 7th, so be sure and follow along.

tiny atlas quarterly giveaway | sfgirlbybay

tiny atlas quarterly giveaway | sfgirlbybay

tiny atlas quarterly giveaway | sfgirlbybay

tiny atlas quarterly giveaway | sfgirlbybay

• all photos courtesy of Tiny Atlas Quarterly.

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    ugh! love it! such a beautiful magazine, i love the print!

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    somehow came across their insta account and tell myself to limit my likes to them since everything they shoot is amazing.

    would be happy to have a print of theirs!


  34. Jordana says:

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  35. Ana says:

    Tiny Altlas Quarterly is amazing. Great stories, beautiful pictures. I have been following along since few months. And besides the hashtah #sfgirlguide their hashtah #mytinyatlas on instagram is my favorite when it comes to travel.

  36. Followed on IG and liked on Facebook! I have been in search of a gorgeous ocean print for my home. This is perfect! Can’t wait to check out the magazine. Thanks for sharing.

  37. Natasha says:

    I’ve done both. My Instagram and twitter name is bamboo_blossom

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    Checkity check. What a gorgeous print.

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    Done + done! Love that this is worldwide. Yay x
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  45. Done! This print is literally exactly what I need for above my new bed!

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  47. Danielle says:

    You know, I really thought I’d tire of travel and lifestyle publications (kind of like I thought I’d get ‘wanderlust’ out of my system)… but no :) so excited for the printed launch of tiny atlas quarterly! They’ve been followed and liked. Fingers crossed. @danielleabroad

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  57. Done and done.

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    Done! I loved Emily’s Kickstarter campaign to get her mag funded!

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    Done and done. What a cool site, I’m on way to Australia, even more inspiration.

  84. love tiny atlas (kickstarter backer) + this is such a gorgeous print!
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    Done! Done! My husband’s now defunct band, Grandaddy, went on tour in Australia and afterwards spend a week surfing in Byron Bay. He’s been obsessed with Australia ever since! I would love to surprise him with this beautiful photograph.

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    done and done! beautiful photo!
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    Liked & followed! What a beautiful publication & photo! A dreamy beach scape would surely cheer up my new pad. I’m a Floridian artist who relocated to the chilly Midwest. This print reminds me of warm surf days back home.

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