in my dreams, i live here: sunset beach cottage.

sunset beach cottage | sfgirlbybay

i spent a good deal of this weekend shooting san francisco’s sunset district for my upcoming book. with the exception of hiking around fort funston, i haven’t spent a lot of time in this neighborhood, because it can be a tad foggy and chilly but i couldn’t help but wonder what it might be like to have a cozy little beach cottage out here. so this week, in my dreams, i live here: in an ocean beach modern cottage. if i did have a beach cottage, i’d want to keep everything light and airy to reflect any sun that did make its way through the windows. i’d have a fun mix of flea market finds — lots of mid-century modern pieces paired with vintage treasures, but i’d also like to leave it uncluttered and peaceful. here’s what’s currently swimming around in my imagination.

sunset beach cottage | sfgirlbybay

i love the idead of these casually staked books below this low bench and great beach print; and the white cabinet with all the book spines reversed is really pretty, along with all those plants; and a super cool mid-century modern leather chair.

sunset beach cottage | sfgirlbybay

i’d love a comfortable corner to curl up by the fireplace, read a good book and listen to those crazy waves crashing on the beach. i’m thinking this room (below) will make for a pretty dining room with those tall, welcoming white doors making it extra cozy.

sunset beach cottage | sfgirlbybay

sunset beach cottage | sfgirlbybay

i love a vintage-inspired kitchen filled with natural woods and white, and a little eat-in dining nook for guests to hang out and have a glass of wine while i cook.

sunset beach cottage | sfgirlbybay

sunset beach cottage | sfgirlbybay

the bedroom will naturally be all white and fluffy, too — a very peaceful place to retreat to at the end of a long day at the beach. a nice warm bath and then crawl under those comfy covers for a nice long nap. this is indeed, my dream space.

sunset beach cottage | sfgirlbybay

• photos credits in order of appearance: louise desrosiers photography; poppytalk; nicole franzen photography; freunde von freunden; dominic loneragan photography for hello citizens; anna truelsen interior styling; kinfolk; domino magazine; modern hepburn; nicety; ikea; karen akers interior design; avenue lifestyle

16 Responses to “in my dreams, i live here: sunset beach cottage.”
  1. In my dreams I am now living here too – it’s beautiful!! /Niki

  2. StartCloseIn says:

    Oh, wow! No kidding, let’s all live here! I want to paint everything white now.

  3. maggie says:

    I like how you think – this is my imaginary happy place.

  4. Nina says:

    In my dreams, I live there too. In my dreams, right?

  5. Vicky says:

    I love these spaces! bright, clear, nature, beautiful!

  6. 2moiselles says:

    Wow, gorgeous place!! I wish I lived there

  7. Ursula says:

    Beyond beautiful! What light…

  8. Tara Bradford says:

    I lived in the Sunset for two years – a really great area, with cool temps, fog and mysterious beauty (except walking uphill isn’t so great) That top photo is of Karine Kong’s house in London (I photographed Karine’s house in 2011 for a magazine).

    • victoria says:

      oh thank you for the correction tara! i thought it was louise’s photo, so i’ll fix that right away. and living in the sunset looked pretty great this weekend – just like a small, friendly beach town.

      • Tara Bradford says:

        Hi Victoria – No, that’s not my photo of Karine’s house – it must be Louise’s! I was just saying that the photo is of Karine’s house, as I recognized it from photographing the house in 2011.

      • victoria says:

        lol! oh dear. okay – i was clearly confused. :)

  9. Jessica M says:

    In my dreams, I live here too. I can almost hear the fog horns already. What a gorgeous collection of images!

  10. Hello Victoria!
    I could live in any of these spaces. Love them all. I recently shot a beautiful little cabin, on Pender Island, that could fit in with your post as well. I want a bloody cabin! I did notice that my print “Went Fishing” snuck it’s way into your post – it’s Jan’s (poppytalk) living room.

  11. Lindsey says:

    Should have photographed the exterior of an Outer Sunset home…amazing row houses from Lincoln to Sloat!!

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