Friday Finds

Friday Finds

1. A photo series capturing the dreamlike Santorini
2. Macramé DIYs to try one crafternoon!
3. Mae Engelgeer‘s folk-inspired textiles
4. This charming cheese plate from a lavender farm wedding
5. The softness and warmth of these bed linens
6. An irresistibly simple flower arrangement
7. This stark yet stunning Swedish kitchen
8. Porcelain dishes and great styling (as usual) from Herriott Grace
9. A California family house tour tour full of practical inspiration

Happy Friday,

2 Responses to “Friday Finds”
  1. Vicky says:

    Santorini! amazing, all of Cereal magazine is amazing! and I love the textils of mae !

  2. The macramé DIY is amazing!
    Michelle & Melissa

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