coffee talk.

coffee talk | sfgirlbybay

i never thought i’d be one of these people. these people who get all into how they make their coffee and tea, but it’s happening. okay, it’s happened. i now have like four or five contraptions for making coffee, and tea, too. i’ve got the Bodum Chambord French Press, the Bialetti Espresso Maker, the one-cup drip filter, a Chemex, not to mention the two or three tea pots and the freud tea ball. excessive? perhaps. but i like the way they look on my kitchen counter — although it’s getting a tad bit crowded, so i’m thinking i actually need a coffee cart — a cart dedicated to my current coffee and tea fixation. here’s some cute little coffee stations that have inspired me, especially this one up top from a beautiful mess. so great, right? i was so inspired i ordered a DeLonghi Kmix Espresso Maker in white, but their orange one is pretty darling, too.

coffee talk | sfgirlbybay

only deco love keeps a darling little scandinavian-inspired station, too!

coffee talk | sfgirlbybay

i blame much of my problem on sfgirlbybay photographer extraordinaire, cindy loughridge, who demonstrated to me how to properly use my Chemex. enabler! her tumblr, 365 days of coffee is a great one.

coffee talk | sfgirlbybay
the little italian Espresso Maker will never let you down, via marju randmer (above); and below from elle decoration (below).

coffee talk | sfgirlbybay

coffee talk | sfgirlbybay

love the idea of a vintage cart like this one from vosgesparis’ home; and this chrome cart is pretty awesome, too — via gregor hoefbauer photography.

coffee talk | sfgirlbybay

coffee talk | sfgirlbybay

i’ve long admired this eclectic tea tin collection and espresso, from camilla tang.

coffee talk | sfgirlbybay

i love this pretty collection of cups and saucers from frida’s fine.

coffee talk | sfgirlbybay

i love this combination measuring spoon and bag clip via sees by sanni in gold, and i found this Stainless Steel scoop + clip, too.

9 Responses to “coffee talk.”
  1. brenda-dianne says:

    How wonderful this late morning post companion with my cup of Java. I well understand the coffee/tea fixation especially for creative types whose studios profit from such stations. What inspiration here!! And what style variations!! Thanks for sharing and congrats on your own collection. Sugar, honey or agave? Straight up or a scoop of gelato in that expresso?

  2. Erin says:

    It all looks so beautiful! Hehe! My family has always just had a basic coffee maker but when I get my own place I would love to have something fancy.

  3. Denise Rawls says:

    This is my favourite blog post ever!

  4. Nothing has made me quite so happy as reading this post with my piping hot latte. I also now know that I will never be truly satisfied in my life until I have a beautiful coffee station of my own. Thank you for opening up my eyes to the possibilities.

    xx Katie

  5. Sophie-Marie says:

    That’s a beautiful idea! I don’t have so much coffee at home, but a whole cupboard is dedicated to boxes of various loose tea leaves, infusers, bagged teas… And my collection of vintage tea cups and teapots has overflown. A tea cart/bar sounds like a great/urgent idea!

  6. monica loos says:

    I’m right there with you on the various coffee-making contraptions, but given my Colombian heritage, perhaps not as surprising. Love the dark wall in that first photo. Fun post!

  7. Mike says:

    This is awesome, I think simplicity is key to making a good coffee, as long as you have a good bean then it doesnt matter about the machine. But thats my opinion.

  8. Trisha says:

    Welcome to the ‘Brew Club’, Victoria! Now all you need is a vintage coffee bean grinder (or two)! :)

  9. Sami says:

    Girl, I hear ya! I’m a tea lover. I’ve got over 20 kinds of tea, 3 tea balls (why?!), 4 teapots, and more mugs than glasses!

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