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poppytalk party collection | sfgirlbybay

i’ve long been a fan of jan’s beautiful poppytalk blog, and this week her party collection Poppytalk for Target launches in stores and online! it’s pretty darn adorable, and who doesn’t love cute picnic accoutrement? poppytalk’s new collection includes items you can take to the beach, park, or even ‘glamping’ — like a wicker Picnic Basket, floral print Thermos, plaid fold-up Picnic Blanket and even Extendible Skewers for making s’mores. genius!

poppytalk party collection | sfgirlbybay

there’s lots more from the collection including a portable cooking stove, camping stools, lanterns, as well as pieces for entertaining (think floral paper plates, matching collapsible cake stands, dessert cups, straws, food caddy’s, etc.) for a casual summer picnic or backyard party. you can find the whole charming poppytalk collection online or visit target stores. everything you need for an outdoor picnic — except the ants, but nobody ever invites the ants!

poppytalk party collection | sfgirlbybay

poppytalk party collection | sfgirlbybay

poppytalk party collection | sfgirlbybay

8 Responses to “new from poppytalk.”
  1. maggie says:

    Oh my god, what an adorable collection! I love all of these collaborations Target is doing.

  2. wow! exciting! congratulations jan! (it’s all so so sweet – love the vintage florals)

  3. jan and earl says:

    Wow, what great photo’s Victoria! Thank you so much! We’re thrilled to be on sfgirlbybay!

    Jan and Earl

  4. love the photos, victoria!!

    i adore this collection so much!! so happy for poppytalk, the designs are brilliant and totally usable (i’ve already used the cake stands twice, the ice cream cups, cutlery and picnic throw!) makes being outdoors so much more fun! (can’t wait to make s’mores with those floral forks!)

  5. oh my word I have been watching for this! The floral print thermos looks like a must.

  6. Okay but wait… this is the CUTEST picnic combo of my life! Target kills it again. Thanks for bundling this together so adorably!

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