pretty power!

pretty power! |sfgirlbybay

well, if this isn’t the prettiest power outlet i’ve ever seen, right? OKUM’s oon power outlet makes me want to plug things in, right out there in the open (which, i can attest to, is not my usual M.O.). i despise power cords, and until the day comes that everything is wireless, this little power outlet may be the answers to my decor prayers. the oon is designed by OKUM, an industrial design brand based in Los Angeles, California creating objects for everyday living that embody the ideals of long lasting – great design. well, thank goodness for that.

pretty power! |sfgirlbybay

pretty power! |sfgirlbybay

pretty power! |sfgirlbybay

12 Responses to “pretty power!”
  1. This is a dream come true – too cute!

  2. absolutely adorable!
    what a brilliant concept.

  3. fiona duke says:

    i think this is very cute but my only comment would be (sorry to be totally boring and practical) is that it looks like a ‘toy’ and I think i could attract little ones to playing with it ?

    maybe it’s totally safe etc so no problem but it was my first reaction…… !!!!

  4. FINALLY!!!!! Power cords are THE WORST. :)

  5. billie shane says:

    sweet solution to usual eyesore. loving the cord too.

  6. A says:

    It’s darling, but is it also a surge protector? ‘Cuz I have bad luck with that. : )

  7. i’m in love!! i loathe my clunky old power bar! great find!

  8. These are SO cool!!! I’d love one – might have to wait till my chomping toddler stops shoving blocks in his mouth though. ;)

  9. These are SOOO pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Maddy says:

    This is so cute! I love when design and functionality intersect in this playful way – you can still have a sophisticated look with these “playful” touches here and there! Maybe if my room didn’t so closely resemble an episode of Hoarders right now, I could splurge! Ha.

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