real art for a fictitious world.

oh boy, it’s been way too long since i’ve popped into victoria’s beautiful world. well, i’m back… and i’ve brought a few cute boys with me:

real art for a fictitious world | sfgirlbybay

oh. jake ryan of sixteen candles… the only hunk that can totally rock a sweater vest. i think he would love these paintings by mark hall-patch, i mean, just look at the way he’s eyeing up that jean jacket! yes jake, it would go perfectly with your plaid shirt. i love you.

and now, for a slightly different kind of heart throb:

real art for a fictitious world | sfgirlbybay

lloyd dobler. you really can “say anything” – you’re so romantic! ok, how many of you hoped and prayed that a guy would stand under your window with a gigantic boombox above his head? yep, me too. i thought these mixed tape illustrations by kate bingaman-burt would be perfect for a brooding, angsty lloyd. oh, and speaking of music:

real art for a fictitious world | sfgirlbybay

let’s dance!!!! ah, ren mccormack from footloose. oh sure, jake is dreamy and lloyd is a bit mysterious, but ren is a bad boy from out of town that knows how to dance! sign me up! i absolutely love these paintings by dave muller – record spines, drum sets, and disco balls. perfection (just like you, ren xo)

well there you have it. i’m sorry for the big gap between posts, but at least i brought these guys with me! ~ danielle (aka the jealous curator)

18 Responses to “real art for a fictitious world.”
  1. Jamie G says:

    I have such a crush on John Cusack! What girl didn’t want a moment like that with the boombox?! Also, I absolutely love the graphics on your site, they are truly unique <3

  2. jake ryan all the way.
    these are perfect.

  3. ok, that’s one vote for lloyd and one vote for jake… any ren lovers out there? ;)

  4. Get your hands off my 80’s boyfriends! Especially Jake Ryan – that boy is all mine! (Wonder whatever happened to Michael Schoeffling. Sigh…) Love this post so much! Thanks for the wonderful trip to Awesome 80’s past!

  5. My vote is definitely for Ren (though I heart them all). Boy can DANCE. Footloose is the greatest. And so is this post!!

  6. alicia bock says:

    This made me smile so much on a day I needed it the most! Wish Lloyd was around to play his music for me. :)

  7. UGH! Lloyd and his boombox can serenade us FOREVER! And Ren can be there to dance to it!
    80s hunks for sure ;)

  8. House Crush says:

    Jake Ryan…. I mean… everything about him… timeless teen heartthrob perfection… LOVE this post! :-)

  9. VanessaE says:

    Lloyd for me – I still wanted him to make me a mix-tape in 2000 when he’d grown up to be Rob in High Fidelity …

  10. Kiri says:

    I liked a boy in high school who looked just like Jake Ryan so I had an unhealthy obsession with 16 candles. Having a major flashback moment over here!

  11. Ileana says:

    Matt Dillon in Rumble Fish, Eric Roberts in King of the Gypsies, James Spader in Pretty in Pink, Mickey Rourke in 9 1/2 Weeks – 80’S Bad Boys.

  12. Michelle says:

    Aidan Quinn in Reckless! When he and Daryll Hannah dance to Romeo Void’s Never Say Never. Watched that a hundred times…

  13. perfect pairings! love the disco ball.

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