one cart + three ways.

one cart + three ways / sfgirlbybay

i love anything on wheels (you may already know that about me). give me a rolling utility cart and i’m over the moon — they’re so functional and have so many uses. so when Target invited me to choose a piece from their room essentials line and style it up three ways, i knew it had to be what they call their chrome microwave kitchen cart — oh, but it’s so much more. it can be utilized as an extra chopping island and kitchen supply caddy; you could totally use it in a studio to store art and craft supplies; a sewing room — well you get my drift. i decided a few things i’d like to use it for was a bar cart — they always look sophisticated and fabulous; a bath cart — i’m always looking for spots to stash guest towels and stylish bath accessories; and lastly, an herb cart — roll this cart in front of a sunny spot and you can grow indoor herb plants to your heart’s desire. allow me to show you what i mean.


one cart + three ways / sfgirlbybay

one cart + three ways / sfgirlbybay


one cart + three ways / sfgirlbybay

one cart + three ways / sfgirlbybay

one cart + three ways / sfgirlbybay


one cart + three ways / sfgirlbybay

one cart + three ways / sfgirlbybay

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45 Responses to “one cart + three ways.”
  1. Cindy says:

    Love how you styled all three versions of the cart.

  2. Maria says:

    I was leaning towards a beverage cart for our small living room, but your herb cart idea just sealed the deal. Now, I just need some of those fab terracotta pots! <3

  3. Sara says:

    Love this cart but it’s not available online or in stores, at least that is what the Target site is telling me. Dang!

  4. Anitra says:

    Great job! Love the plant stand the best! :)

  5. Rose says:

    Digging the simplicity & versatility of this cart!!

  6. Amanda B. says:

    Are those towels on the bath cart? If so, where did they come from? I love them!

  7. maggie says:

    Ooooh, the herb cart. I need it.

  8. Martha says:

    Where did you find the frame for the Santa Barbara print? I just bought the beauty but haven’t found a frame/mat that works yet. Love your taste!

  9. Katie says:

    I love all three carts! I’m also loving the bottle opener you have on top of the bar cart. Can you share where you got that?

  10. Flick says:

    Great cart styling! Quick question, what is the tree like herb with white flower on the right hand side of the herb trolley? And is it tasty??

    • victoria says:

      thank you! yes, that’s Thyme – and i use it in cooking all the time (no pun intended).

      • Flick says:

        Really thyme? I’ve never seen it with a thick stem like that. It looks like a mini tree. Is it a particular type/how do you get the stem like that?

        Sorry too many questions!!

  11. bri says:


  12. Ohhhh, be still my c(he)art! Love your styling tips with that bad boy. I have had this cart since college and it has been a total lifesaver… but considering it’s getting a bit vintage, it’s in need of some restyling – I see some herbs in it’s future!
    Thanks girl,

  13. P&F says:

    I love how you were able to transform this cart for three very different uses!
    So awesome!

  14. malori says:

    I adore the herb cart!!

  15. Ashley says:

    Ohhh! I love all three! Now I want one for my craft room! I need a bar cart in there!

  16. amanda says:

    oh how fun! you did a great job, obvi as expected. target is really stepping up their game these days, and i’m enjoying the bloggers they’re partnering with (you, design spongeā€¦). way fun!

    • victoria says:

      thanks amanda! it’s fun to partner up when the challenge is something i think readers will like, and i’ll enjoy styling. this was a blast to shoot, and i thought you guys would find useful. so glad you liked it. :)

  17. Meg says:

    Hi Victoria!! My name is Meg and I’ve been a fan of your blog for such a long time, and I adore this post. :) You are actually one of my inspirations to start my own blog! So far it’s not all that fantastic, but I was wondering how you managed to style your blog. I really like how it’s simple, but elegant. Would you mind giving me some tips on how to achieve a look like yours or tell me how you made your blog? I would really appreciate it.
    If not, I hope you’re having a wonderful summer :)

  18. JennH says:

    Ah! I love that gold metal bottle opener on the bar cart! Where is that from?

  19. Brooke says:

    What a cool blog! I loved browsing around :) A new favourite… Xx

  20. karen says:

    I have that exact cart. I use it in my kitchen to hold my microwave and some other assorted kitchen tools.

  21. Danielle says:

    Herb cart! I want.

  22. sarah says:

    have you been to iceland? or did you buy the reyka vodka in the states? love these carts – the herb cart especially.

  23. Erin says:

    Crazy cute Victoria! Someday I hope to have a bathroom big enough for an actual bathroom cart!

  24. Katherine says:

    The bar cart, please!

  25. anahata says:

    I love this form of sponsorship! Such a fun way for us to engage in what you do. Just wanted to tell you it’s a breath of fresh air in blog land. Nice.

  26. Cait says:

    I was wondering where the bottle and what the plant is on the bath cart?! Its lovely.

    • victoria says:

      hi cait, the bottle is a french handblown glass bottle from the fle market, and the plant was a foraged find from the flower market. i’m not sure what it is, sorry!

      • Cait says:

        After a little searching around, I think I figured out what the bottle is. It’s a Demi John handblown wine bottle. Did you find it at a flea market in the SF area?

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