tuesday’s girl: old fashioned inspiration.

tuesday's girl: old fashioned inspiration / sfgirlbybay

araks studio, via cool hunting.

even though my main manner of keeping track of what inspires me is pinterest, i still love a good old, scrappy inspiration or mood board. i like tearing out my favorite images from magazines and catalogs placing them in a collage together in an aesthetic way that really pleases my eye. i like pinterest for organization and bookmarking my favorite images online for sure, but for flat out creativity i like the tactile way it feels getting out the washi tape or a glue stick and putting an inspiration board (or book) together. do you still do this? or am i just an old dinosaur who likes cutting and pasting?

tuesday's girl: old fashioned inspiration / sfgirlbybay

woodnote photography via kinfolk.

tuesday's girl: old fashioned inspiration / sfgirlbybay

carine thévenau photography.

tuesday's girl: old fashioned inspiration / sfgirlbybay

garance doré.

tuesday's girl: old fashioned inspiration / sfgirlbybay

gary pepper girl.

tuesday's girl: old fashioned inspiration / sfgirlbybay


tuesday's girl: old fashioned inspiration / sfgirlbybay

burnett’s boards.

7 Responses to “tuesday’s girl: old fashioned inspiration.”
  1. Huub Ricardo says:

    No, you are not the only one. I do love pinterest but there’s nothing like things to feel with your own hands. That why i still keep buying hard copy books. So dinosaurs all the way :)

  2. Gabriela says:


    Nope, there are other “dinosaurs” around {and proud} who still like to cut and paste on inspiration boards as you do. I am actually re-organizing and re-decorating my studio these days.
    My board is the key piece where I look for inspiration. It’s like a puzzle of ideas combined together that change with every project I work on. Have tons of images in binders I collect year round from books and magazines {yeas, I still read print}.
    A board adds beauty to a studio/working area. Yours looks fantastic!


  3. I’m a dinosaur too. :) I love using Pinterest, but I also have a huge inspiration/vision/mood board that hangs over my desk (and has spread out to nearby walls). I also cut out images and paste them into my sketchbook with notes.

  4. Say it, pin it, show it ! Beautiful moodwalls !
    Thanks… from Corsica !

  5. I wish I was a dinosaur, but I’ve gotten too lazy with Pinterest. In high school I had wall-size collages of everything I found inspiring, but then in college I found Pinterest and never really picked it back up again…but every once in a while when I go into another artist’s place and see their amazing mood boards, I feel a little jealous. Kind of wish I still had mine :)

    Love, Gigi
    Dolce and Gabriella

  6. Ella says:

    Definitely not a dinosaur, I love them too! I really should make these types of boards more often, because I find that they’re great for helping get my creativity going.

  7. Zachary says:

    I wish I was brave enough to cut and paste my favourite inspirations, but I think it would bring tears to cut homes in my special magazines.

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