blogshop online | a reader discount.

blogshop online | a reader discount / sfgirlbybay

as some of you may know, i’m kind of a BLOGSHOP addict — but there could be worst addictions, right? i’ve taken BLOGSHOP a few times, and always gather some new knowledge that i may have missed the first time. besides, instructors bri emery and angela kohler make it super fun to learn, so it’s more like being at camp for the weekend. but i can’t go following them around the world taking classes as much as i’d like to, so i was pretty psyched when they brilliantly started online BLOGSHOP. online BLOGSHOP features a similar set of lessons they teach in their in-person workshop, streaming live for 48 hours. bri and angela have painstakingly filmed and narrated all of their lessons, so now you can watch and learn Photoshop from the comfort of your own home. and they are very kindly offering sfgirlbybay readers a $50 discount for their online BLOGSHOP AUGUST 23 – 24th. simply enter SFGIRLBYBAY50 at checkout (expires first thing on august 22 at 12am).

blogshop online | a reader discount / sfgirlbybay

having taken both the live workshop and the the online course i can honestly say you will get as much if not sometimes more from the online BLOGSHOP. sometimes iv’e gotten distracted in class having too much fun socializing, and missed a few things. but online, the beauty of it is, you can take the course in your jammies if you want at your desktop, or your laptop, take notes, sip coffee — Attendees are given a single-access link to stream the full BLOGSHOP course over a 2-day period at your leisure with capabilities to rewind and re-watch as much as you’d like — and, they also have tech support available.

blogshop online | a reader discount / sfgirlbybay

Just like their in-person BLOGSHOP, people who have no experience with photoshop will finish the course with confidence to create layout, prep images for mood boards and collages, retouch skin and color correct images, animate gifs, add textures, borders, type and drawing to their images to make each of their blog posts or other visual materials special. before taking their class i was just flying by the seat of my pants with photoshop, and i know BLOGSHOP definitely stepped up my game and made my blog a much prettier place to be. if you want to see some inspiring instagrams from fellow students, check out the hashtag for online class #blogshopathome — you’ll get a sense of what the class is like, and what students are learning. their website also shares a bunch of videos with interviews from former students sharing their experiences, and some fun videos explaining what BLOGSHOP is all about. wanna get your class sponsored by your boss? they’ve created a cool pdf you can download for your boss to sign you up here. cuz, what’s good for you, is good for business. happy learning, guys! i think you’re going to love BLOGSHOP! remember, the online course takes place AUGUST 23 – 24th.

blogshop online | a reader discount / sfgirlbybay

blogshop online | a reader discount / sfgirlbybay

11 Responses to “blogshop online | a reader discount.”
  1. Sounds great! As a college student, as much as I desire to do the in-person blogshop, the at home fits my budget! This discount helps too ;)

    Question! How many hours is the streaming as a whole?

  2. bri says:

    hi blake!

    the class itself is about 4 hours of watching. i would double that if you want to practice with it. you have a total of 48 hours to watch the video.

    hope to have you in class!

  3. Laura says:

    hi! I absolutely love your photos in this post. Did you make those notes with the tape and everything yourself? Ha so cute!
    I really enjoyed taking the Blogshop online as well, all the way in my home in Amsterdam! So genius!
    Love from Amsterdam,

  4. Niki says:

    This is fantastic! I have been a big fan of Bri and what she does with Blogshop. Having started a new blog (again) I think I may need to take this up.

  5. Cristina says:

    A friend of mine just suggested that I start using Photoshop to edit pictures and to develop my blog, so this is probably the perfect time to try. Is there a particular PS package that you could recommend for a novice?

  6. Chy says:

    Just nabbed this discount! Thanks!

  7. Catherine says:

    This is so exciting! I’ve been dying to take one of Bri’s classes, this discount would so help this poor college girl out! Quick question though: I’ll be moving that weekend, could I still buy the online blogshop but do it a little after those dates (like during the week)? Or is it only available for the 23rd and 24th? Thanks!

  8. Birgit says:

    Taking the online class tomorrow! Can’t wait!
    Xoxo, b

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