tuesday’s girl: gorman.

tuesday's girl: gorman / sfgirlbybay

among my friends, one of my personal style icons, jordan ferney of ohhappyday! showed up at a party at my house last week (more on that, soon!) and she was wearing this sassy jumpsuit. i had to track one down and order one up for myself (yes, you can say copycat). it’s the kind of outfit you could style a lot of different ways, so i’ll try and put my own unique spin on it. i fell into a bit of a rabbit hole though, over there on australia’s gorman and ordered a few things. i couldn’t help myself — they’re just not the kind of clothes you see everywhere, and when i see something unique i know i’m gonna love for a long, long time, i splurge.

tuesday's girl: gorman / sfgirlbybay

gorman is currently collaborating with brooklyn-based designer kate kosek, and it was several pieces from her line that i ordered. like the amazing jumpsuit and then i had to have the golden past time dress. gorman is actually hosting a kate kosek $1000 giveaway on their site right now, so i entered that just in the high hopes that i might be able to win a few more pieces. fingers crossed!

tuesday's girl: gorman / sfgirlbybay

tuesday's girl: gorman / sfgirlbybay

tuesday's girl: gorman / sfgirlbybay

tuesday's girl: gorman / sfgirlbybay

9 Responses to “tuesday’s girl: gorman.”
  1. Ellie says:

    Oh yes, love Gorman. Makes me proud to be Aussie, ha! Their winter harvest print from last season was a dream

  2. wow these are absolutely stunning pieces!
    thank you for sharing…definitely going to spend some time today perusing gorman’s site :)

  3. LOVE these pieces. Colors are amazing and the patterns! :)

  4. Courtney says:

    I love almost all of these! Everyone who sees this is undoubtedly going to fall in love and enter the giveaway, too! (I know I am!) maybe you should have kept that a secret to increase your chances! Haha

  5. Sandy says:

    I have been seeing Gorman all over the blogosphere recently and while I love it– I have to put a little pressure on the brand to expand their sizing! AUS size 14 is only a 100cm bust which is less than 40 inches :( I’m hoping that with all the extra press that they broaden their range so I can buy these lovely pieces as well :) Keeping my fingers crossed and thanks for sharing the Giveaway!

  6. amanda says:

    this is so beautiful! really into these prints in a big way.

  7. STEL STYLE says:

    I love this bland! the designs are so nice and colourful


  8. Casey says:

    Ugh that jumpsuit! NEED!! Having lived in Mali I’m such a sucker for bold fabrics like that now. Too fun!

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