serendipitous pins.

serendipitous pins / sfgirlbybay

Jantien de Bood for Inside Out Magazine, via french by design.

i’m having that weird (but, good weird) thing happening again — it’s this odd occurrence where all of a sudden i’ve got serendipitous pins going on. this time around, the common color theme appears to be hues of greens and copper. i’ve noticed a lot of these shades popping up in my pinterest feed this week. maybe it’s a hot new trend, or maybe just my mood — they feel a little bit like autumn on its way. these were the pretty pins staring back at me from the pinterest page today.

serendipitous pins / sfgirlbybay

the joy of plants; but it does float; bon appetit; and susanna vento photography.

serendipitous pins / sfgirlbybay

avenue lifestyle.

serendipitous pins / sfgirlbybay

green, white & copper calendar from kristina krogh studio.

serendipitous pins / sfgirlbybay

Julia Kostreva’s mini copper planters.

serendipitous pins / sfgirlbybay

suzanne shade’s handmade wallpaper, paired with copper candle.

serendipitous pins / sfgirlbybay

some things take time print from congo studios.

serendipitous pins / sfgirlbybay

no home without you.

serendipitous pins / sfgirlbybay

hilda grahnat photography.

9 Responses to “serendipitous pins.”
  1. Annabode. says:

    Love the wall color in that last photo! It contrasts so beautifully with the wood.

  2. Love the pics! Especially the mini copper planters! Nice color combo!

  3. Anett says:

    Love the “Some things take time” print! Very appropriate for my life at the moment… Think I will work that into a DIY with one of my own photographs. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. alex says:

    You have such a good eye for editing, Victoria! Beautiful selection!

  5. Judith says:

    Beautiful! Your selection is totally Urban Jungle Bloggers proof, Victoria! ♥

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