give lockers a new life.

give lockers a new life / sfgirlbybay

a new, but vintage-inspired locker from quip co.

industrial-looking lockers present such wonderful opportunities for storage solutions. the vintage locker faced with mirrors just below caught my eye and i started thinking about how great an old locker given new life can be. when you’re short on storage closets and need to stash some of your stuff away, re-purposed lockers can be a fun alternative to simple shelving, or boring old cabinets. there’s lots of vintage-inspired new lockers out there, but an old locker has a past, a story from its previous incarnation at a bowling alley, the gymnasium, or high school hallway. memories flood in — waiting for that glimpse of your favorite crush, or a quick stolen kiss before class. maybe it’s where you and your best girlfriends met up before lunch period. anyway, they do that for me, and i like the way lockers store away all that is unsightly, but look cool doing so. you can find them easily on eBay, etsy, flea markets and craigslist, too.

give lockers a new life / sfgirlbybay

love this mirror-faced vintage locker from olsson & jensen.

give lockers a new life / sfgirlbybay

this is quite a smart diy idea — a bar cart created from a vintage locker.

give lockers a new life / sfgirlbybay

megan morton’s great-looking lockers, via the design files.

give lockers a new life / sfgirlbybay

a perfect place to stash wardrobe accessories like gloves, socks and stockings, via vtwonen.

give lockers a new life / sfgirlbybay

perfect little cubby holes for storing the small stuff, via the selby.

give lockers a new life / sfgirlbybay

vintage-inspired, but new locker storage from urban outfitters.

give lockers a new life / sfgirlbybay

these industrial looking vintage lockers look gorgeous, via vosgesparis.

give lockers a new life / sfgirlbybay

lockers make wonderful home office storage, via rue magazine.

give lockers a new life / sfgirlbybay

these bright white, clean looking lockers are gorgeous storage, via veda house.

9 Responses to “give lockers a new life.”
  1. I love the wheels and the mirrors on the Olsson & Jensen one!

  2. Maria says:

    I love this!! Who knew there were so many options for lockers! I may have to take on a project like this. :)

  3. Brittany says:

    Love this! I just used lockers I found in my grandpa’s garage to make a changing table for my baby! I blogged about it here:

  4. When I was in elementary/middle school, I thought that lockers were the COOLEST things ever! Once I actually started high school, I realized they were always placed in inconvenient locations (in relation to my classes) so I hardly ever used mine. Who knew that they could make a comeback as home decor! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  5. Blenda says:

    They are all just wonderful!…and such personality…Have to agree with bronwyn/cracklingpine the set of lockers with the mirrors and rollers is my favorite. There is something pretty cool about those wheels!

  6. Anett says:

    These are all gorgeous and fit so well in with the decor of the rooms! I love everything in the first photograph…and the big white armchair further down. Darn that my flat is so small!

  7. I love the lockers !!!
    Create a special atmosphere and are very useful.

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