it’s a colorful life.

it's a colorful life / sfgirlbybay

AD España.

i’m staying in a lovely airbnb, in a very eclectic and colorful neighborhood for the holidays — way up in the hills of silver lake, which is just stunning. and, i think it’s rubbing off on me a bit. is it possible to have an almost schizophrenic decorating disorder? i go from wanting a very clean, almost japanese-inspired, modern home to something more colorful and a little bit exotic. the homes up here can go from being very mid-century modern, to 1920’s-built spanish bungalow style and it’s those i’m feeling today. envision colorful tapestries and boucherouite rugs, bold tiles and a very bohemian vibe and that’s what’s rambling through my imagination today. here’s what i mean.

it's a colorful life / sfgirlbybay

archi expo.

it's a colorful life / sfgirlbybay

nicole franzen photography.

it's a colorful life / sfgirlbybay

AD España.

it's a colorful life / sfgirlbybay

Nuevo Estilo.

it's a colorful life / sfgirlbybay

AD España.

it's a colorful life / sfgirlbybay

the citizenry.

it's a colorful life / sfgirlbybay

minna jones styling.

it's a colorful life / sfgirlbybay

emma’s design blogg.

12 Responses to “it’s a colorful life.”
  1. Yvonne C. says:

    Oh crap! Great postings Victoria. You’re feeding all my own SDDs (schizophrenic decorating disorders.) Enjoy your mini-getaway, but don’t forget that SF misses you too much already :)

  2. honeydonthink says:

    I love absolutely every one of these images Victoria! The headboard and pillows in the top image, the contrast of the bright green folding chair against the wood table, the leather butterfly chair – Swedish meets Spanish works for me:)

    Happiest of holidays & hello to Silver Lake!

  3. shawn says:

    i’m right there with ya sista….going from loving bohemian, too much stuff going on looks to the Scandinavian minimalist look….and currently the abode is neither…sigh

  4. The tiles on the floor in the second picture are so much fun! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  5. Haafner says:

    Wooden floors, white floors, beautiful textiles and textures, gorgeous colours, lovely tiles – and an amazing cupboard in the second photo… Check, check, check!

    Thanks for sharing and have a happy holiday!

  6. olive says:

    that kitchen is to die for! and i love the white washed floors and pops of dense color in the rugs in the last bedroom. such beauty! p.s/ i totally have design mania as well, so can relate!

  7. Ella says:

    I adore the idea of adding color through the tiles in the floor! The textiles in this post are divine.

  8. Sandra says:

    It will be very nice to credit the photos right. For example, picture 5 says “domaine home”, and if you go there you can see the picture was published originally by Nuevo Estilo, a Spanish magazine.
    Pictures 1 and 4 appear at “Love is speed”, a blog that doesn’t bother even to credit the pictures they publish. The original history was published by AD España, another Spanish Magazine.

  9. This is hands down a really cool pad at airbnb. Love how welcoming, warm and stylish it looks. I would love to recreate something similar at home.

    Don’t forget my new bohemian and eclectic finds on Etsy here


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