hairpin turns.

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stella harasek.

the first time hairpin legs were used on furniture was in 1941 as part of a Russel Wright American-Way collection. invented by Henry P. Glass, Hairpin legs were a war-time invention — their design limited the amount of material needed while keeping the strength of traditional legs — truly a form meets function story. almost 75 years later, i’m still a big fan of the hairpin leg. there’s something sort of whimsical about them, while still remaining sleek and modern looking — like something we might find in the jetson’s home. these days you can even order hairpin legs individually in online shops and even etsy, and swap out boring legs on your furniture, or DIY something of your very own — add hairpin legs to a pretty slab of wood, and boom! a table is born.

hairpin turns / sfgirlbybay
mid-century inspired hairpin tables from wirely home.

hairpin turns / sfgirlbybay

hairpin dining table, via milk magazine.

hairpin turns / sfgirlbybay

one big hairpin leg max wood bookshelf from urban outfitters.

hairpin turns / sfgirlbybay

carroll garden’s handmade DIY coffee table, via design*sponge.

hairpin turns / sfgirlbybay

courtney klein’s DIY dining table with a modern hairpin, via ann street studio.

hairpin turns / sfgirlbybay

hairpin side table, via kimberly rhodes roberts.

hairpin turns / sfgirlbybay

woven chatra chair with hairpin legs from urban outfitters.

hairpin turns / sfgirlbybay

small hairpin side table, via voxt.

hairpin turns / sfgirlbybay

hairpin stool, via kimberly rhodes roberts.

hairpin turns / sfgirlbybay

you can find all kinds of makers on etsy who are creating reproduction vintage furniture with hairpin legs, like this tv stand from biggs and quail.

hairpin turns / sfgirlbybay

urban outfitter’s reproduction hairpin coffee table with ‘gallery’ top.

7 Responses to “hairpin turns.”
  1. Lisa says:

    I love a good hairpin leg too, but be careful what furniture they are on. Chairs and couches can really damage the flooring because of the concentrated weight on those tiny points and how often those pieces might shuffle around when you sit. Bookshelves and plant stands are great and say relatively static to limit damage.

    Classic and timeless, the pros of having a great looking piece with hairpin legs still outweigh the cons. Love them!!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I love hairpin legs and have ordered from (great service!). I made a little diy bench a few years ago using old barn board:

    I’ll have to see what else I can do with them!

  3. Gray says:

    I always love the images you pick but would ask that you consider not promoting Urban Outfitters. Yes, they have some pretty things but they also have some pretty ugly and mean spirited items. (ie blood stained Kent State sweatshirts and holocaust mimicking PJ’s for queers?!) People need to stop supporting and promoting this company. If you are not familiar with their long history of downright offensive items you can read about them here:

  4. Rae says:

    Hairpin legs are just so beautiful – i love the way they feel both industrial and almost anatomical.

    Rae | love from berlin

  5. Stacy says:

    Love the Hairpin Legs they are such a timeless Style!!!! Modern yet vintage!

  6. Love the hairpin tables. They’re my favourite piece!

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