dream house: those dreamy brass fixtures.

dreamy brass kitchen fixtures / sfgirlbybay

sem johnson.

the hunt for my dream house continues, and i was down in los angeles last week to prove it — going to about five open houses, thankfully with my very good friend bri along for moral support. it’s so nice to have a second set of eyes when you’re house hunting, and i so appreciate her coming along for her great business savvy, design eye and general good house mojo. i’m telling you, bring a trusted friend or family when house shopping or at least share your hunt with them online. we saw a house this weekend that i would love to own and one of the things i loved about it, were its brass kitchen fixtures. they’ve been around for a little bit, yes — but i really, really love the look. i mean, we’ve been hanging with the plain old stainless steel for a while now, so if we hang on to this trend for some time to come, i’m quite alright with that. they’re elegant, but at the same time kinda funky and a little unexpected. how many times have you washed dishes over some dull, stainless steel faucets — too many nights to remember, right? anyway, i’ve been saving them to my pinboards and i thought i’d share what i think is a lovely new trend that has some classic ‘staying power’ as well. have a look.

dreamy brass kitchen fixtures / sfgirlbybay

smitten studio (above + below).

dreamy brass kitchen fixtures / sfgirlbybay

dreamy brass kitchen fixtures / sfgirlbybay

one fine stay (above + below).

dreamy brass kitchen fixtures / sfgirlbybay

dreamy brass kitchen fixtures / sfgirlbybay

dreamy brass kitchen fixtures / sfgirlbybay

beth kirby’s amazing kitchen makeover, including a oven from Lacanche Sully from France, via remodelista (above + below).

dreamy brass kitchen fixtures / sfgirlbybay

dreamy brass kitchen fixtures / sfgirlbybay


dreamy brass kitchen fixtures / sfgirlbybay

martha stewart.

11 Responses to “dream house: those dreamy brass fixtures.”
  1. Latrina says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I am crazy about the white / brass / wood combo — reminds me so much of the many coffee jobs we have here in the SF/Sac area!

  2. I love the combination of the brass and grey cabinets!

  3. Love the brass hardware, I’m seeing it more and more and instantly fell in love with the look! Gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful kitchens ! i love the the brass details !

  5. Kari says:

    I would love to do over my kitchen with some of those fixtures!

  6. Always Me says:

    Brass fixtures are such a nice accent to a home! We’re obsessed! Thanks for the dreamy inspo!

    Always Me

  7. Shireen says:

    Such gorgeous photos!
    Love dream house hunting x

  8. Sabrina says:

    In my opinion the kitchen is the most difficult room in a house.
    Since most of the time it is the center of the first floor and the “heart of the house” it should look great.

    I would love my kitchen to be some kind of rough industrial with open cabinets, visible brickwalls, a gas stove and lots of natural materials like real wood and stone.
    But on the other hand it needs to be practical, easy to clean and safe for kids.

    Don’t get me wrong. I love the photos in your blog post. They are beautful. And I would love to have a kitchen like that. But when it comes to (my) reality, an easy going stainless steel kitchen is what I need to go for.

  9. Judy says:

    I have loved brass handles in white kitchen for a while now! So pretty! But does the faucet have to be brass, do you think? In some of the photos there is a mix of stainless steel appliances along with the brass, and that looks fine. What do you think about the faucet and sink?

  10. Tammi says:

    I love these brass fixtures too! I’m currently on a big bronze kick but the brass seems like a timeless look. Brass is very trendy this year in jewelry and fashion too. I think you’re onto something!

  11. Jessica says:

    Does anyone know what color the kitchen cabinets are painted (blue/black and the bone color) in the picture of Day Kornbluth’s house (at least I think that is her kitchen from other sites).

    Thanks for any help!!

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