origami inspired wallpaper from sidonie.

origami inspired wallpaper from sidonie / sfgirlbybay

i was recently introduced to innovative designer sidonie Loiseleux while visiting my good friend kim schoen in los angeles. sidonie told me about a wallpaper line she was creating based on the idea of origami shapes when undone, reveal the inherent fragility, texture and sculptural qualities of the paper. i couldn’t wait to see, and now sidonie’s new wallpaper line is live, and entitled Unfolded — her first stunning collection contains four unique designs: Whale, Fox, Snake, and Elephant.

origami inspired wallpaper from sidonie / sfgirlbybay

Each Unfolded design is made from the many bends, pleats and folds found in complex origami shapes and while they look quite dimensional, the wallpaper lays flat giving the interesting illusion of unfolded origami paper. The wallpapers speak to the delicate nature of paper itself, the graphic shapes in the design telling the story of its own undoing. a Los Angeles based studio, SIDONIE’s line of wallpaper is made to order and can be customized for any home or business, as well as for special projects. The studio’s most recently commissioned design is on display at the innovative Gelateria Uli tucked inside the revitalized Spring Arcade in downtown Los Angeles. visual artist and designer Sidonie Loiseleux grew up in France and moved to LA where she received her MFA from Cal Arts. She lives and works in Echo Park — you can visit sidonie to learn more.

origami inspired wallpaper from sidonie / sfgirlbybay

origami inspired wallpaper from sidonie / sfgirlbybay

origami inspired wallpaper from sidonie / sfgirlbybay

origami inspired wallpaper from sidonie / sfgirlbybay

10 Responses to “origami inspired wallpaper from sidonie.”
  1. Loving this wallpaper, never seen anything like this before !

    I’ve just moved into my new London flat and I’m thinking something like this behind my bed would be perfect

    Thanks for sharing,

    With love, Hayley x


  2. MALWEST says:

    Love this!!! Will be sharing and hopefully using one day soon!

  3. How gorgeous – the paper feels so 3D and alive! Super intriguing patterns.

  4. Kari says:

    This wallpaper is so creative!

  5. I’m on it! This is exactly what I was looking for.
    Thanks for sharing :) xx.

  6. Erin says:

    Love hearing about talented LA-based designers! Such a creative concept, never seen anything like it!

  7. this is incredible! what a creative and artistic idea…i love origami and paper folding, and this is a unique way to display that beauty.

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