go bold or go home.

bold and colorful interior inspiration / sfgirlbybay

Julien Fernandez/Gap Interiors for inside out magazine.

the new issue of inside out magazine features this jaw droppingly bold and beautiful bedroom, and it got my colorful side in overdrive. i always want to decorate with color, but then there’s this part of me that wants things a little more on the subdued side. but i admire the guts it takes to paint a wall turquoise and be all, ‘yeah, so?’ — it takes nerves of steel and a brave heart to make these kinds of statements. but then there’s rooms with loads of fresh white and just a few pops of bravado, and i like those too — i think that’s as far as my nerve goes. let’s all sit back and admire some of these spaces vicariously, shall we?

bold and colorful interior inspiration / sfgirlbybay

lina ostling.


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11 Responses to “go bold or go home.”
  1. Patricia says:

    what a colorful home.
    looks very cozy and alive!

  2. Libbynan says:

    All lovely spaces but the second is my fave. First, all the plants give the room such a feeling of life; and second, the large black hanging fixture just grounds all the color and light in the room. Congrats on your new house which will soon be a home for you and Lucy. Greetings to your mom.

  3. mlleparadis says:

    gorgeous post love all the cranberry reds and pinks!

  4. shelly says:

    i want a shelf with ROYGBIV glasses on it asap

  5. Kristi Craig says:

    So many beautiful colours! I love it! I feel like it would be impossible to be unhappy in a home that looks like that.


  6. Megan says:

    Beautiful colors and interior!


  7. I love that turquoise! And after all, it’s paint. You can always paint it back to white if you get sick of it ;)


  8. Hana says:

    Yesss! I’m all about bold interiors! I love all the warm reds and pinks in these rooms!

  9. Pat says:

    LOVE! Bold colors are just my style ~ and these reds and pinks are beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Hey, try a color ~ like the turquoise ~ I think you’d love it!


  10. Wow, it’s lovely to see such a colourful home… I always like the almost all-white scandinavian homes (although I live in a rather colourful apartment), but this one is so well-balanced and happy, I just love it!

  11. Nowadays, you should be very brave to decorate your home like that. It’s a little bit different, but it looks amazing. I am in love with that bedroom. I will try to redecorate mine. It looks just amazing and neat. Then it will be a whole pleasure to spend my day at home!

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