dream house: the little black door.

dream house: the little black door / sfgirlbybay

bo bedre.

i can’t remember when it started becoming a very recent ‘thing’ for me, but i’m really wanting black doors to my rooms off the hallway. it may very well have been after seeing what a bright idea it was on manhattan nest — daniel’s got a killer eye, and i loved how his black doors looked. now that i actually own my dream house, turns out it has awful doors — those kind of particle wood plain old doors from the 1950’s, so i want to install new doors, with lovely molding, paint them a glossy black and add white porcelain knobs. copy cat? yes!

dream house: the little black door / sfgirlbybay

manhattan nest.

i love the ways this looks — it’s just makes for such a much more interesting hallway, no? i may even paint the walls a very, very pale shade of gray, too. but we shall see. doors are not that expensive, i found, and it’s such an easy and long-lasting way to brighten up your house. i really love old salvaged wood doors, too (check out CA home + design’s top ten architectural Salvage Yards For Hunting Down Decor Gems) so if you can find the right size, or ones that are close enough, you can plane them down, as well (or have a professional do it) to get the fit just right. i may take a hunt for some of those, too — i thought a door with glass panes would be pretty to my office. let the new + old home makeover games begin!

dream house: the little black door / sfgirlbybay

manhattan nest.

dream house: the little black door / sfgirlbybay

bo bedre.

dream house: the little black door / sfgirlbybay

i’d like to paint the glass door (like this one) from my kitchen to the patio, black, too — via, house tweaking.

dream house: the little black door / sfgirlbybay

yana puacas’ home, via the every girl.

dream house: the little black door / sfgirlbybay

peppermint bliss.

dream house: the little black door / sfgirlbybay

wit & delight.

dream house: the little black door / sfgirlbybay

how about just half way? via design*sponge.

15 Responses to “dream house: the little black door.”
  1. kate says:

    I really love the black doors too! We painted all of interior doors black in our last home and I loved the effect against the crisp white walls.

  2. 2moiselles says:

    I love black color in interior decoration. Espacially for ceiling!

  3. vicki dvorak says:

    What a unique house! Love the black door theme. You seriously find the most interesting and inspiring homes, Victoria. :)

    ~ Vicki

  4. Clara says:

    Just beautiful! The door and window black make me think of the house of Coco Chanel))) Have a beautiful afternoon!

  5. Lucie says:

    I am in love with them too! You could think they would look aggressive at first and in fact it stays soft and creates a beautiful contrast! In our new flat we actually have alcoves without doors between the hallway and the living and area and the kitchen, do you have any posts related to decor with alcoves by any chance? x

  6. Chiming in with support for the black doors! After much hemming and hawing, I painted the doors in an extra bedroom black. It was glorious! Walls were BM Revere Pewter, bright white trim, glossy black doors, original glass door knobs. If I hadn’t been on the verge of selling my house, I would have gone crazy and painted every door black.

    A practical word: if you decide to go black, choose a really good paint. I used the same black exterior paint (whatever Home Depot sells by the gallon in pre-mixed black) I used on the outside of my house, thinking ‘of course this will work! It is made to stand up to the elements!’ It did not work. Apparently I have demon fingernails, because I left numerous scratches in the paint around the door knob, and this on the little-used closet door of an empty bedroom. So I definitely recommend doing lots of prep (primer?) and an extra coat of black (you’ll need 2 or 3 to get a good solid finish). Still, a fairly quick project with beautiful results.

  7. Charlotte says:

    It’s a very Scandinavian style, with the black and white. I dont have a black door but many black furniture.


  8. Kara Layne says:

    I have loved the interior black door look for awhile now – perhaps I need to make the jump? ;)

  9. Denise Rawls says:

    We have black doors. Ours were flat 1960’s numbers, awful. We had a carpenter add the moulding and we painted the lot Furance black and added vintage brass handles via eBay. Using the existing doors meant they fit and it only took a day for the carpenter to make over. Once we painted them black you can’t tell they are not orginal. Do it, it’s fabulous.

  10. Chan says:

    Oh, I totally agree. I love the stark contrast of the black against white! just beautiful!

  11. Amie says:

    Anyone know where I can find that beautiful rug in the first photo? The name of it or where it was purchased? Thanks!!

  12. Jl says:

    Do paint them black on both sides?

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