vintage finds for a modern world: brown bottles.

flowers in large brown glass jar / sfgirlbybay

sarah ingram.

brown can get such a bad rap, don’t you think? it’s often labeled as boring and sometimes gets lumped in with beige and bachelor pads — and not in a good way. and yet ‘brown’ is all around us — it’s everywhere we look in nature: beautiful big oak trees, endless prairies and rolling hillsides. and then there’s classic hardwood floors and furniture — wood is brown, darn it, and it’s very beautiful.¬†brown glass is quite lovely, too and very often ignored. you drink your beer and never consider the beauty of the amber bottle. i found some real brown beauties this weekend and thought i’d share. you can find these vintage¬†brown babies at flea markets, and online on ebay and etsy. and loads of new beauty products are being bottled in brown these days too. let’s bring back the beauty that is brown!

tabletop styled with vintage amber glass bottles / sfgirlbybay

emma von bromssen.

vintage brown glass bottle with single flower / sfgirlbybay

my little fabric.

brown glass jar and candle / sfgirlbybay


bown glass jar with flowers / sfgirlbybay

beth kirby.

vintage accessories and brown glass jar / sfgirlbybay

a daily something.

brown glass jars / sfgirlbybay

p.f. candle co.’s soy candle; no chemicals candle from couveture and the garbstore; vintage amber brown bottles from rubbish loves vintage; p.f. candle co.’s soy candle; vintage salt bottle from Bouwman Curiosa; and aesop coriander seed body cleanser.

brown glass jars / sfgirlbybay

no chemicals from couveture and the garbstore.

mixed glass jars / sfgirlbybay

plaza interiors.

indoor plants in assorted jars / sfgirlbybay
inspire and create (above + below).

ceremic and glass jars with plants / sfgirlbybay

13 Responses to “vintage finds for a modern world: brown bottles.”
  1. Meg says:

    Yes! Love this post! My mom has always collected bottles (of all sorts and colors) and I always enjoyed helping her find them. Our house is over 100 years old, and we’ve even dug some up from our backyard. Some of the coolest amber ones we’ve found are large Clorox bottles.

  2. I’m ok with brown just not the excessive use of it in bachelor pads like you mentioned lol. I had an ex who’s EVERYTHING was brown right down to his bedding. He even had plates with a brown “decorative” detail. It was horrible. Thanks for the pretty collection of images :) Make brown proud again!


  3. nohatnogloves says:

    Brown bottles will always have my heart. The quiet and unassuming bottle that makes other things look beautiful.

  4. Kari says:

    Brown glass can definitely be beautiful. It’s so vintage!

  5. I love those brown bottles and I’ve been collecting it for a while. My latest post has some photos. Hope you like it :-)

  6. Dana says:

    I love the bottles but what really has my attention is the octagon mirror. Do you know where I could find one like that?

  7. Julie H. says:

    Brown bottle pro tip: Red stripe beer bottles make the best little vessels. I love that the bottle is kind of short and chubby too. Also, in addition to the greens and blues shown above, I like to use bright oranges along with the brown glass for a 70s modern vibe. <3 <3

  8. eva says:

    white flowers are going good with brown bottle, simplicity has much attraction in it and always welcomed

  9. Ann says:

    Let’s bring back the beauty that is brown…hear hear!

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