anywhere but here.

pink vintage patio chairs. / sfgirlbybay

ugh. am i ever in a mood today. i don’t usually share too much here when i’m in a funk or down, but honestly, i just don’t have it in me this sunday to write another inspiring post for monday. i’ve tried and tried and sometimes i just get stuck creatively and today is one of those days. i’m feeling a little depressed so when that happens it can be tough to rally and bring you guys what you deserve — some interesting and pretty content. i am just in a state and probably not for any particular reason other than it’s been kind of a lonesome weekend — that kind where you want to be anywhere but here, so let’s go elsewhere together, shall we? let’s go somewhere pretty in pink.

pink patio retaining walls. / sfgirlbybayinspiring outdoor patio decor. / sfgirlbybaypink and green patio inspiration. / sfgirlbybayinspiring patio decor. / sfgirlbybaysandy beach with pink and orange furniture. / sfgirlbybay

• image credits in order of appearance: architectural digest espana; domino; architectural digest espana; carlay page; nastja kovacec; story of a memory; domino; aspyn ovard.

24 Responses to “anywhere but here.”
  1. valerie strait says:

    We all have those days…appreciate your honesty and that you pushed through with another beautiful post! Thanks!

  2. Pixie says:

    Great post anyway! I hope you feel better. We all get that.

  3. Sheryl says:

    Thank you for sharing. You and I are twinning emotionally and it really doesn’t feel good. I am depressed on top of some anger after ending a 17 year relationship; and lonesome. I was daydreaming about the Camino pilgrimage in Spain and living in Portugal yesterday and instead of being inspired, it got worse. I’m blaming the moon & the retrograde (as I always do) and hoping for better times. Hang in there <3 I hope you feel less lonely today. Sheryl

    • victoria says:

      i’m so sorry to hear you’re feeling down as well, but it sounds as though you have good reason. the good news is you have a whole new adventure ahead of you. i hope your healing comes quickly. you hang in there, too!

  4. Sharron says:

    That last pic! Oh my. Sometimes looking at all the beauty somewhere else makes a blah day worse! Sometimes I have to make a list of things that are beautiful in front of me and things I’m thankful for. Usually helps. That or a good cry and chocolate! LOL

    • victoria says:

      that’s actually quite true. when you’re down in the dumps, sometimes beauty is just too much to take in. i like the idea of making a list of what’s beautiful right in front of you, and what we’re grateful for. thanks, sharron!

  5. colleen says:

    oh girl you are not alone! i woke up in the foulest mood. tried to shake myself out of it with a walk around echo park lake but this case of the mondays has been persistent. thanks for this little splash of color to get me through the day.

  6. Ohnomyboots says:

    Me too. I’ve been Bitchy McBitcherson all day. My favorite thing above are those pretty stretchers. I bet being carried around on one a la Cleopatra, fanned by hotties and a drink in my hand, would probably make me feel better.

  7. Annie Green says:

    If one of us could just summon the strength to call the waiter, we could have a little cocktail on those lovely pink beach loungers. At least, in my head we could.

  8. Stacey says:

    Hi Victoria ! I think feeling funky is in the air at the moment You were the fourth person I heard the same story from yesterday I think walking with your Lucy is the best medicine

  9. Tracey says:

    Sending you love xo
    In order for there to be up, there has to be down….

  10. Hannah says:

    I’m really sorry you’re feeling down. I so appreciate your posts (always interesting and pretty!) and I’m sad that you aren’t feeling so great. I am sending you all the good vibes I can muster from sunny south London xxx

  11. Gigi says:

    We must be on the same wavelength because I’ve been feeling the exact same way for the past day or so. Your posts are always refreshing and inspiring to me. I still had to check your blog even in my funk. The melancholy feelings will dissipate, I’m sure of it.

    • victoria says:

      thank you, gigi. today is better – just need to stop listening to the news, i think! i’m so grateful to hear you still check in and get inspired, even when i’m down! thank you!

  12. lions says:

    mid summer blues … the eclipse is almost here – hang tight sfgirl

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