new prints from block shop!

block shop textiles. / sfgirlbybay

as a huge fan of all things block shop, i have been awaiting the arrival of their new woodblock print collection with excited anticipation! i saw a hint of them a while back styled in their instagram feed and got a little giddy at the thought that they would make these very special prints for all of us! sisters lily and hope stockman and their team of family-run printers and paper makers around Jaipur have created these new prints with natural black die on handmade cotton rag paper made from production waste in Jaipur, then floated in museum-quality frames made here in the U.S. block shop’s new prints are Inspired by architectural motifs of art deco movie palaces of downtown Los Angeles and India — their two far-flung homes. and i for one, am completely in love.

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• photography courtesy of block shop.


4 Responses to “new prints from block shop!”
  1. Kate Freeman says:

    Love love love these prints. So fresh and modern.

  2. Hilary Hahn says:

    Such beautiful wood block prints! I am finally going to be taking their October block printing workshop and I am very excited about it!

  3. Kay Nguyen says:

    These prints are beautiful! Thanks for sharing <3

  4. I would ❤️ to win this!!!!!!!
    Following on instagram!

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