the shutterbugs: kara rosenlund.


australian kara rosenlund is the ultimate triple threat in the world of design — photographer, stylist, adventurer and traveling wares retailer all wrapped up in one very talented package. kara shares her life with us through her blog, Facebook and Instagram and while she currently sells her photo prints online, kara will soon offer a new range of essential wares for... 
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dream house: the artwork.


lily. when i finally move into my dream house (is it soon? please tell me it’s soon!), i’m probably going to be a bit more ‘adult’ about my artwork. and by that i mean i’d like to be more selective, a bit more thoughtful about what goes up on my walls, and probably a whole lot more minimal. but it’s hard for me to simply discard or give... 
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Friday Finds

Friday Finds from Annie Teng / sfgirlbybay

Top to bottom, left to right: 1. Interior designer, Susanna Vento, has outdone herself yet again. 2. Accentuate your houseplants with geometric pleats. 3. Fawning over this spectacularly-styled space in Stockholm. 4. This kitchen nook is complete with a pretty pendant. 5. Achieve everyday chic with the perfect black-and-white uniform. Happy Friday, Annie  
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studio tour: jenny sharaf.


i’ve been a fan of san francisco-based artist jenny sharaf ever since i saw her work featured on tappan collective and blogged about it last march. so when jenny very kindly invited me to visit her studio in san franciso’s western edition last week, i was thrilled to take a spin over and have a look. walking into jenny’s small studio you are overwhelmed in... 
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new and noteworthy.


1. habitables’ black lacquered iron and oak, mid-century modern bedside table. here’s a look at what i’m finding new and noteworthy this week. we begin with a bit of a mid-century modern vibe, as well as a kind of interesting geometric element i see in all of these pieces. from a black triangular toilet paper holder (hey, everything deserves good design!)... 
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