| calling all makers to join us.


I wanted to share with you a new endeavor I’m collaborating in — an amazing new online market place i’m hoping some of you might have an interest in joining. It’s perfect idea for creative people who make beautiful things, and those who love to share beautiful things — bloggers like me. GREAT.LY is where tastemakers curate their own shops and do all... 
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studio spaces: maya gohill.


A guest post by kait kucy / @yuppielove, with photography by @theoriginal10cent. Perched in her home studio, Maya Gohill is at work, painting the day away. A bright and open space, the studio is where Maya spends most of her time when she is not instructing at the Alberta College of Art & Design or fueling the creative juices with colleagues at her creative team building... 
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studio spaces: jenny sharaf.


i was instantly smitten with the bold, colorful work of artist jenny sharaf at tappan collective. but then, it was the portraits of jenny herself, taken by Hans Kwiotek that made me want to learn more about her. she just looks so cool and confident, right? his captures of jenny in her studio space are rad! tappan has a wonderful interview and studio visit with the artist,... 
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Three Potato Four: Portrait Studies.


Collectors by birth, Janet Morales & Stu Eli started Three Potato Four to share their findings with the world. Their newest product, based on early twentieth century portrait study oil paintings, is a carefully curated collection of early twentieth century portraits. If you’ve followed along, you know we’ve always been a fan of decorating with vintage portraits,... 
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mammoth & co. | an art giveaway.


you know how you see some great piece of art you love, you make the leap and splurge on that little masterpiece? and then — there it just sits collecting dust, waiting to be placed into a pretty frame to finally hang gracefully on your wall? i know exactly how this feels and it’s one of those things that eats away at my to do list, stares up from me on the page... 
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