Friday Finds


Top to bottom, left to right: A wonderfully woodsy spot for all your r&r needs Black and nude, a timeless pairing you can count on Salivating over the colors in this snapshot This peaceful indoor/outdoor seating area mix Soft pink makes for a serene sleeping space Happy Friday, Annie  
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new in the neighborhood: epicurean trader.


i adore these kinds of love stories. or, perhaps you’d just call it a success story, but either way it’s a good one. holly mcdell and her partner mat pond moved to san francisco seven years ago, rather spontaneously. they were sitting in a bar one Sunday night in Sydney, and Mat said he felt like a change. holly replied “Here’s a cocktail napkin. Write... 
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munchery: making the evening meal easy.


since i eat probably as badly as any of us that are way too busy and/or tired to cook after a long day working, when Munchery invited me to try a week of their fresh, seasonal, chef-made meals, i jumped at the idea. the Munchery App has just launched in San Francisco and has quickly become one of the most popular meal delivery services in the city. and, i had heard great... 
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anderson valley road trip round up.


i’ve been away for the last five days, doing a lot of resting, eating, and wine tasting. i was invited along on a last minute trip with good friends to the anderson valley, about two and hours north of san francisco, to the sheepdung estates — a weird and not that attractive name for an extraordinarily beautiful place. but i’ll get to that shortly. we stopped... 
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the romance of stow lake.


as i prepare myself for the possibility of leaving san francisco, i can’t help but feel a bittersweet sense of nostalgia. san francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and one with so many hidden gems. i thought i’d start sharing a few of my favorite spots before i depart — i’ll always be back, but i’ll miss the spontaneity of... 
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