me makeover.


i’ve been practicing some pretty big changes lately, and the payoff is beginning to show. nothing happens overnight, but slow and steady? perhaps it does win the race. i’m working on a ‘me makeover’ but trying to be realistic about it. Today, I’m partnering with Jawbone to bring you a bit of a personal story and some new goals i’m working... 
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day tripping: the piece collective.


hi there — ana from fluxi on tour, doing a little day tripping with you again today. Wandering into the space of The Piece Collective on Abbott Kinney in Venice, feels like wandering into the perfect tiny, airy & bright beach cottage full of carefully curated gifts, clothes, jewelry, home decor & books. Opened just recently, The Piece Collective (website coming... 
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tuesday’s girl: fall fashion.


via w magazine. well, i’m settling back from my trip to L.A. and into reality. summer’s winding down and all the shop windows are no longer sharing resort wear and fall fashions are all is see. so i guess i might as well accept that autumn is on its way. i’m fond of fall clothing, though, and i like layering up unexpected outfits. an oversized statement sweater... 
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tuesday’s girl: blue q socks.

have you ever seen blue q socks? it’s one of those things i’d never seen before, and then in the span a few short days these hilariously adorable and sometimes a little snarky socks were popping up before my eyes in the most unusual spots — my local art supply shop, and then the beauty supply store. i saw it as a sign, and bought several pairs that words... 
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wake up! it’s a giveaway.


“wake up, fall outta bed, drag a comb across your head!” it’s monday, people, but i’m gonna make waking up just a little bit easier! i’m teaming up with the fun-tabulous to start your week off right with a great little giveaway. but first coffee, let’s start there! then, i want you to crank some tunes on the giant gem speaker. see,... 
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