got whiskey cocktails? giveaway for your best recipe!


okay, who’s up for mixing up some delicious whiskey cocktails? the women & whiskies ladies and i have been sharing some pretty great cocktail recipes with you guys, and your enthusiasm for whiskey has blown me away! it’s fun to know there’s so many of us out there that enjoy a good whiskey cocktail. so now i’m going to turn the tables, and entice... 
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crazy for credenzas.


bolig magazine. as i think about what stays in san francisco (i.e. goes to a new home here) and what i take to L.A. when i move, i’m trying really hard to eliminate what i don’t need, and just keep the pieces in my furniture collection that really mean something to me, and are functional. i’m also considering what i might need in my new home, and credenzas... 
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