Friday Finds


Top to bottom, left to right: Classic Scandinavian styling from the ever-inspiring Fantastic Frank A DIY Plywood Floor Mirror for your dressing and home decor needs The rudimentary form and soft angles of RAMA chair from OX DENMARQ Everyday cotton pieces from A Merry Mishap’s impeccable closet This DIY triangle mirror makes a clean and simple addition to any... 
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caring for your green thumb.


as i mentioned yesterday, gardening is my new jam. i’ve been hitting the nursery so much they know me by name, but that’s okay — i like being a familiar face there. it will be a little while before i can really break ground on the pile of dirt on my hillside, so i’ve been planting lots of potted succulents, and herbs to cook with. my hands were getting... 
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rolling greens’ arrangement bar.


i am very into gardening lately — having a nice yard to take care of has been on my bucket list for as long as i can remember, so i’m feeling really fortunate these days to have an outdoor area to call my own. i can’t go nuts planting a lot of flowers and plants requiring a lot of water because of california’s drought, but i do love succulents so i’m... 
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i spy: bougainvillea.


hansel from basel. ever since moving to los angeles, i’ve got lush bougainvillea on the brain. this vine grows wild everywhere here — from freeway onramps to rambling over rooftops. it’s hardy, grabs hold and just takes over. but in such a lovely way no one seems to mind, and certainly not me. it changes color like a chameleon, sometimes fuschia to pale pink,... 
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Friday Finds.


Top to bottom, left to right: Modernist garment designer Shana Mote’s Los-Angeles studio A stylist and restaurateur duo’s ranch-style house in Austin One-of-a-kind pieces by the Portuguese makers of LUDC Shop Beat the heat with a refreshing Grapefruit Ginger Lemonade The perfect glass vase to complete a calming bedroom palette Happy Friday, Annie  
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