spotted: jessie black.

spotted: jessie black / sfgirlbybay

it’s leslie from spotted sf and today i’m taking you inside the softest and most sumptuous shop in all of san francisco. and by that, i mean plenty of cashmere and other lovely, luxurious textures. this is jessie black—the boutique name and the proprietress—and you’ll find this gem in the city’s presidio heights neighborhood along sacramento street. the... 
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it’s the big huge summer giveaway!


okay you guys, we’ve been working on this for a while now, but i’m super excited to invite you to join our BIG HUGE SUMMER GIVEAWAY! we’ve compiled a bunch of really great products to keep you cool this summer, and one happy winner is going to win them all! woohoo!! or should i say, cowabunga!?! we are very fortunate to have had all of these very fine folks... 
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make mine mismatched.


a love is blind. i don’t really care for anything very ‘cookie cutter’. i like decor that is unexpected — a mix of well-loved, cherished, hand-me-down, found pieces that have sentimental value. furniture that you get a little thrill from every time you recall that flea market score, or a flashback for the city you found it. especially dining chairs... 
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looks like this chair’s on vacation.


from modernhaus design, The Memory of a Circle chair is based on their idea that we are innately drawn to the circle; that we seek out roundness and need it in our environment. Its comforting and uncomplicated shape provides relief from linear life and looks good everywhere. like pancakes? like a beautiful full moon? perhaps! its Remarkably comfortable, minimalist silhouette... 
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Friday Finds


Top to bottom, left to right: Delft tiles bring a charming counterbalance to the industrial kitchen Ceramist Lucile Sciallano sheds light on her creative process Stylist Nathalie Schwer’s Danish-inspired living quarters A peaceful space in Stockholm from the oh so Fantastic Frank The lived-in feel of a Parisian interior designer pair’s home/office Happy... 
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