that’s a wrap.


Tiny thanks banner stamp from besotted brand. good tidings my dear readers. it’s that time of year when i shut it all down for just a little while. it’s rough, i can’t deny it. i feel guilty for leaving you all for the holidays, but i also know it’s important for me to refuel — and important for us all to stay off our computers perhaps a little... 
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well packaged.


fujiyama sekken soap. i am very often drawn to amazing package design. i think it may happen to the best of us. we go to buy a bottle of wine to bring as a hostess gift, we ask the wine aficionado what they recommend, they show us, and we’re like ‘uh-uh. i like this pretty label instead’. does this happen to you? it could be the very best wine, cheese or... 
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making my holidays personal.


wow. where did our year go? as thanksgiving approaches i’m trying to do my best this holiday season to get things done early, instead of my usual operation panic mode. i’m making my lists and i’m checking them twice. a couple of things at the top of my list this year are to give unique presents and to get personal holiday cards out to close friends and family... 
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bloggers love pets.


Love dogs? Love Cats? Love your favorite blogs? last month kelly beall of design crush had a brilliant idea — to bring together bloggers, and their beloved pets to benefit the humane society. kelly had the very thoughtful and generous idea of putting together a downloadable calendar to be purchased on etsy with All proceeds going directly to The Humane Society of the... 
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poppin: work happy giveaway.


this pretty much rocks! it’s time to get yourself organized! i’ve been in a major organizing mood — creating calendars, adding stickie notes, and using colorful markers to make task lists just a little bit less task-like and much more fun. so, i wondered if you know about poppin? poppin was created to fill the design gap between the products we use for work... 
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