dream house: the little black door.


bo bedre. i can’t remember when it started becoming a very recent ‘thing’ for me, but i’m really wanting black doors to my rooms off the hallway. it may very well have been after seeing what a bright idea it was on manhattan nest — daniel’s got a killer eye, and i loved how his black doors looked. now that i actually own my dream house,... 
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the stylists: new work from laura seppanen.


i always love when helsinki-based interior designer and stylist laura seppanen checks in with me to share one of her latest design projects. This distinctive Helsinki apartment is laura’s latest home editorial project for Deko magazine, published in April’s issue and photographed by Pauliina Salonen. it’s the home of Finnish graphic designer Jirka Väätäinen... 
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house hunting with fantastic frank.


i always like the staging from fantastic frank, an international real estate brokerage which began in stockholm and has opened in berlin, as well. their staging is simple for certain, but i think it allows you to see the possibilities for their properties, without over styling it. i also love that they give you the floor plan of the homes for sale — i do wish more real... 
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the shutterbugs: heidi lerkenfeldt.


these rooms!!! i cannot get over the exquisitely ornate look of each and every one. they don’t make homes like this anymore — these high ceilings and stunning crown moldings just make me swoon. and photographer heidi lerkenfeldt has captured them so beautifully. the lighting and pastel palette suits the rooms perfectly. based in cophenhagen heidi lerkenfeldt photographs... 
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good reads: maker spaces.


there’s nothing i like more than a sneak peek into the spaces of creatives. Maker Spaces is a new book out by Emily Quinton, in which she examines how makers and innovators around the world live and work, exploring their inspirational and beautiful homes, studios and workshops. Emily’s Maker Spaces takes an in-depth look inside 13 beautiful homes, studios and workspaces... 
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