the park avenue across the pond.


this Beautiful Edwardian house is on park avenue south, in a neighborhood called Crouch End, just north of London. part of light locations’ beautiful, inspiring lifestyle locations to the film/TV and photographic industry, started by Sophie Hitchens in 2001, it’s so perfectly stunning in every way possible. have you ever seen a color palette so serene and peaceful?... 
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dream house: the guest room.


morten holtum for scandinavian deco. i’m still hunting for my forever home, but wow does it ever get a tad bit discouraging. seems even in los angeles, the real estate market is expensive (although not as expensive as san francisco!) and it’s very competitive. i’m trying to remain optimistic, but i’m going to take a break this weekend, to clear my head... 
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the shutterbugs: brittany ambridge.


have you ever wondered who the talented eye behind domino magazine is? well, it’s new york-based photography brittany ambridge — the sole photographer for the magazine. that’s pretty impressive — her work is colorfully stunning, and clearly up to the daunting task at hand. working closely with the domino creative team, brittany’s interiors photography... 
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the bohemian life.


Brooklyn home of Nicolette Camille Owen, from the pages of design*sponge book, via garden design. do you ever get the urge to embrace your inner hippie — live that truly bohemian lifestyle? sometimes, when i see these kinds of spaces, i imagine myself living in a small beach shack in san francisco’s outer sunset, or tucked away in L.A.’s lush laurel canyon,... 
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unexpected guests: leigh beisch.


i’m so happy to introduce you to today’s unexpected guest, award-winning san francisco-based photographer leigh beisch. leigh has transformed a Victorian home in San Francisco‚Äôs Sunset district into one of the loveliest and most inviting photography studios i’ve yet to see. the studio was recently given a facelift — the floors redone with grey, and... 
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