beach hut sophisticate.

homestead seattle. sometimes when i think about beach house style, i like to think in terms of a more sophisticated color palette. instead of say nautical blue, i think neutrals, black, white — the colors of sand, black coral, thatched huts, and the color of the ocean under the moonlight. ever since my trip to tulum i’ve been obsessed, and strongly impacted by... 
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Friday Finds: Fog Linen Work.

I’ve (finally!) made some progress sifting through the photos I took in Japan, so I thought I’d do a miniseries on my time there, starting with this gem in Tokyo. Fog Linen Work is a linen shop based in Shimokitazawa, a charming neighborhood dense with independent retailers, cafés, and music venues. Yumiko Sekine began making own line of linen products... 
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plant life.


the shiny squirrel. i’m big into plants these days — now that i have a large outdoor space. just ask sunset nursery — they’re starting to tease me if i don’t show up every day to add a few plants to my growing oasis. such nice people, by the way — if you’re in the area, check ’em out. but i digress, i also love indoor plants... 
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a bachelor in brooklyn.


i just love this apartment beautifully photographed by brian w. ferry and featured on lonny this week. so manly-man, but not in the neon brewsky sign, plaid sofa, nothing by beer and bean dip in the fridge kinda way. it’s sophisticated and stylish because it was decorated by talented Designer Dan Mazzarini of BHDM Design for his friend Joe Mazias’ apartment in... 
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get the vibe: an artist’s home.


this is the effortless cool, eclectic home of italian artist Antonino Sciortino. an artist whose medium is welded metal objects, antonio shares the light-filled atruim — a former factory in the outskirts of Milan — with his architect partner. Part studio for his work, part living space, it’s the perfect location for showcasing his metal works of art —... 
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