Friday Finds

Friday Finds from Annie Teng / sfgirlbybay

Top to bottom, left to right: 1. Soak away your worries in this wooden bath with a view. 2. Clear the clutter to clear your mind for sleep. 3. Bedhead be gone with an effortlessly elegant low chignon. 4. Step into the simple entryway of a simply beautiful home. 5. Complete the corner with a bird of paradise. Happy Friday, Annie  
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great danish.


last year BOLIG Magasinet featured the lovely Danish Home of a Fashion Designer Heidi Hoffman — an eclectic, open space with a vintage modern aesthetic. i love the color palette here — dark wood floors, pale aqua blues paired with lots of danish modern wood and classic mid century modern pieces, like that gorgeous 1958 vintage saarinen tulip dining table. for the... 
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power chair.


revistaad. sometimes all it takes is one power chair to make a room come to life. picture something bold, colorful, with a unique shape and you’re on the right track. if you’ve got an odd nook and you’re not sure how to fill it, a great chair almost becomes a piece of art. a dramatic chair draws your eye in and that ‘problem space’ becomes a conversation... 
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dream house: the kitchen window.

home life. when you think about your dream house, have you ever had that vision where you’re standing at your kitchen sink and it’s flooded with light and you’re gazing at your lovely, green garden and your little herb garden on the kitchen sill is thriving and all is right with the world? no? well you should try it because it’s really a satisfying... 
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bohemian bedtime.


Jantien de Bood. i’m here in new york, williamsburg to be exact, hunkered down in a comfy airbnb waiting on this crazy ‘stormaggedon‘ to pass — apparently there is one big blizzard coming tonight. so i guess i’ve got cozy bohemian on my mind because our place is pretty eclectic and funky, and the bedrooms just the kind of place you’d imagine... 
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