playful pastels.


tyche apartment in barcelona via cargo collective (above + below). i would never call these pastels bashful. instead, they’re bright, perky and pretty darn playful. they’ve actually got an almost ‘playhouse’ vibe to them, and a distinctly Scandinavian slant. and the cool thing is, that achieving these looks can be as simple (and inexpensive) as a couple... 
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freunde von freunden. i like the idea of repurposing vintage finds into something completely brand new. not just for the environmental sake of one less thing ending up in a landfill – which is awesome, but also for the creativity reinventing something brings about. giving an old object a whole new purpose is fun and often unexpected, which is my favorite way to decorate.... 
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architectural digest. i have this pinboard called aqualand and it’s one of my favorites. it has no real theme, other than everything i pin to it must be shades of aqua, which when grouped together i find incredibly soothing to look at. these interiors with cool aqua and pale turquoise blues are quite magical, too. rarely do i decorate using blue — do you? and i’m... 
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Friday Finds


Top to bottom, left to right: This Stockholm loft‘s harmonious furniture arrangement Dreaming of an interior courtyard of my own, someday… LA-based Building Block crafts leather into simple shapes Drinking glass turned minimalist planter — DIY potential! Norwegian interior designer Elisabeth Heier’s airy kitchen Happy Friday, Annie  
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nobody puts baby in a corner.


soledad alzaga. nobody puts baby in a corner. well, except these babies. i love a good reading nook, one with a really great accent chair like these. a signature chair, if you will, that draws your interest into a boring old corner and makes it a cozy and comfy spot to hang out with a favorite book. a fantastic vintage chair is my favorite way to get a good-looking corner... 
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