modern country.

i love the work of photographer salvo lópez, and this home he shot for monocle magazine is a great example of just why i admire his work so much. he seems to capture the warmth and spirit of a home and make you feel as you’re right there visiting alongside him. this beautiful home belongs to creative couple Jeannette Altherr and Andrés Bluth — a home they built... 
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the shutterbugs: kara rosenlund.


australian kara rosenlund is the ultimate triple threat in the world of design — photographer, stylist, adventurer and traveling wares retailer all wrapped up in one very talented package. kara shares her life with us through her blog, Facebook and Instagram and while she currently sells her photo prints online, kara will soon offer a new range of essential wares for... 
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dream house: the artwork.


lily. when i finally move into my dream house (is it soon? please tell me it’s soon!), i’m probably going to be a bit more ‘adult’ about my artwork. and by that i mean i’d like to be more selective, a bit more thoughtful about what goes up on my walls, and probably a whole lot more minimal. but it’s hard for me to simply discard or give... 
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muted elegance.


remodelista. sometimes i just want to banish all color and live in a calming and perfectly elegant space (but not a fussy one) that’s just muted and lovely all on its own. i like the idea of lots of white, gray and black, and allowing the tiny little details to shine through — either through architectural elements, treasured collections, or subtle textures. an... 
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unexpected guests: nathiya prathnadi.


today’s unexpected guest, nathiya prathnadi is a San Francisco Bay Area designer who creates jewelry and ceramics for everyday life. she and her husband soraj live just across the bay bridge in the northern california neighborhood of Northgate in Fremont. a maker at heart, nathiya has quite a few artistic endeavors and businesses in the works — pineapple seed jewelry;... 
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