nuevo estilo. there’s nothing like some great lighting to make all the difference in a room. not just the lovely ambiance that soft mood lighting can create, but the Pièce de résistance a big bold statement fixture can make. take the sputnik pendant lamp — even the name is fun to say, right? i have a patrick townsend orbit lamp in my bedroom — hanging way... 
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your words here | what would you say?


i very much want all of these. or at least one to shine on me. amazing backlit light boxes with changeable letters, or ‘Bxxlght‘ founded by Daniela Upmark in Stockholm. her Idea was born during a trip to New York — “I felt that I found a product that was no longer on the Swedish design market. Especially at a time when home furnishings are in focus... 
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this room, all grown up.


i’m rather obsessed with christine dovey’s modern baby nursery. except i want it all for grown-up me — SO I’M GONNA MOCK ONE UP. i can’t quite swing the price of an original serge mouille swing arm light fixture let alone a pair, but maybe i could fake it, with a couple of these fixtures. sorry, stuffed animals, you’re going to have to be... 
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shiny objects.


living etc. a few years ago i wouldn’t have been caught dead with anything bronze, copper or gold within a 10 block radius of me. i mean, it was soooo 70′s and i was all about silver. but it’s back and i love the warm glow of it — lately i am finding myself really drawn to these gold tones, especially rose gold — i can’t get enough of these... 
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the new george nelson: a giveaway


Bubble Lamps are perhaps the most recognizable works from George Nelson’s large collection of product designs, but they are not the only lighting fixtures he ever created. Modernica is now bringing back an exceptionally rare, less known George Nelson design – the Net Light. And we’re giving one away this week to one very lucky mid-century modernist! The George... 
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