a few thoughts.


normally, i don’t address the tragedies that happen in life around us. partly, because you come here, i assume, as an escape from that kind of thing. to be inspired, to feel a little lighter. but i feel the collective sadness all around me after the devastating news of robin williams’ suicide and i’m finding it hard to set it aside. i think if you’ve... 
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blogshop online | a reader discount.


as some of you may know, i’m kind of a BLOGSHOP addict — but there could be worst addictions, right? i’ve taken BLOGSHOP a few times, and always gather some new knowledge that i may have missed the first time. besides, instructors bri emery and angela kohler make it super fun to learn, so it’s more like being at camp for the weekend. but i can’t... 
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reset your life: recap + downloadable PDF.


clockwise, left to right: jen gotch; miranda jones; and maia mcdonald. for the past couple of weeks, i’ve been running an interview series in partnership with Smartwater that shares the secrets of successful women and how their paths to greatness might inspire your own. we’ve chatted with miranda jones of galanter & jones, jen gotch of ban.do and rue... 
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how maia mcdonald smith reset her life.


maia mcdonald smith, art director at rue magazine. next up in my series on women who have successfully abandoned somewhat traditional jobs in favor of careers that are much more creatively challenging: maia mcdonald smith, freelance graphic designer, art director at rue magazine and blogger extraordinaire at design conundrum. i’ve been invited by Smartwater to share... 
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how jen gotch reset her life.


jen gotch, creative director ban.do. Smartwater has enlisted me to share the secrets of some of the most successful women i know and how their paths to success might inspire your own. today, we’re chatting with jen gotch – one of my own personal heroines – the creative director and founder of that sassy online style boutique ban.do, a los angeles-based design... 
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