let there be lights!


one of the things i miss most about living in san francisco, are the bridges and the way they make the city truly unique — connecting san francisco to the ‘mainland’, i can attest that driving across them never gets old. the bay bridge has been refurbished and with that industrious restoration, it’s been reborn. it’s also being re-lit —... 
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we’re off today.


the design files. today is a national day of remembrance, honoring the legacy of minister, activist, humanitarian, and leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement, martin luther king, jr. so we’re taking a personal day here, clearing the cobwebs and reflecting on moving forward and how best to do that in our own lives. we’ll see you back here tomorrow.... 
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here’s to you and yours.


dreamy whites. despite all the chaos in the world (i don’t think any of us can be immune to all the turmoil out there right now) it’s personally been a very good year for me. for growth, for change and generally just feeling really happy and fortunate. i never thought i’d want to move back to los angeles after loving my life in san francisco for so long,... 
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my personal jawbone “coach”.


one of the things that happened quite surprisingly after moving to los angeles is that without really thinking about it i lost ten pounds! i think it had a lot to do with the fact i moved two blocks from elysian park and started to hike there every day with my pup lucy, and it was so darn hot out i just wasn’t as hungry as i normally would be — so i ate a lot less.... 
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that thing when you move and there’s no wifi.


i’m a little worried my wifi won’t kick in for a couple of days based on the number of often insanely ridiculous phone conversations i’ve had with ‘said’ cable company this week. i’m afraid to even mention them by name because then i could really, really screw myself, and i think they may be pretty much the only game in town. but let’s... 
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