public bikes: a giveaway


public bikes launched a line of $399 bikes in some brand new colors this week, and in honor the very affordable bikes, public is giving away your choice of: one of their public works prints and a choice of two t-shirts from their colorful line of graphic collectibles to one happy sfgirlbybay reader. the public bike prints have been created by designers like jason munn, jennifer... 
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bottle made with ocean plastic.


this post in partnership with method. if you know anything about me, you know i wake up almost every single saturday and sunday and head straight for the beach. the ocean is my calming place and it always has been, i grew up going there every weekend of my life, and now i head there with lucy for a hike to start the day off right. but, it’s estimated that several million... 
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Prêt à Voyager.


“Home is a Room with a View. When I tell people I live in Paris, people generally have an idea of what it’s like, but it’s not always quite as glamorous as one would think. I spent the past two years living in a 12m2 (129sf) shoebox. While I’ve been living the life in France – and ironically working from home a lot – many of my friends in the... 
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Anh-Minh Le.


“Ultimately, my home is a representation of my past, present, and future. From one of my favorite spots in the house—the daybed in the living room—I can see an abstract painting acquired from a gallery in Vietnam (where I was born); an overflowing container of matchbooks (picked up during various trips); stacks of research material for the articles I’m currently... 
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rena tom.


“Home is…a lot different after this little guy came along. I have a small apartment in San Francisco. We’re lucky to have it at all, so when I found out I was pregnant, I knew we’d be staying in place for a few years, and stretching to make room for an another person. Life with a kid means a lot of change, and a lot of surprises. For example, who knew... 
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