secrets of sfgirlbybay.


no, not really. well, kinda. the lovely jess lively invited me to do my very first podcast with her! she interviews me about my wildly veering career path, how i started blogging, my relationships (or lack thereof) and what i think about a myriad of odd topics. do inquiring minds really want to know? i hope you’ll enjoy the jess lively show! • photo by sarah deragon.  
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makeshift society says hello to brooklyn!


hey new yorkers! i’m not sure if you’ve heard yet, but makeshift society has opened their doors in brooklyn! the creative co-working clubhouse is in full swing, and to celebrate they’re hosting an open house launch party on wednesday, June 4th so you can pop in and see what makeshift is all about and meet the members. Explore their beautiful, light-filled... 
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thoughts for a friday.


hello, my trusty readers. happy friday. this post is going to be a bit more personal than i might usually get here, because there’s a topic that keeps coming up among some of my internet pals, fellow bloggers, and real-life friends. i think it warrants discussion, because there’s a trend out there that may, or may not, be really bumming you out. yes, you personally,... 
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disappearing act.


hi guys. i do hope you will forgive me, but i am deeply in need of a day of rest, so no thoughts for a friday today — except the one that says “take care of yourself”. every muscle in my body aches and i have been working seven days a week for far too long without a holiday in — well honestly, i don’t remember my last holiday — a clear sign... 
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sfgirlbybay is hiring.


UPDATE:i am happy to announce i have found my editorial assistant. thank you so much to everyone who submitted a resume. i have written back to each of you by now and so appreciated your thoughtful submissions. Hey there readers! Sfgirlbybay is seeking a rockstar to hire for a Remote/work from home position, with some ocassional office hours — either working from my... 
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