pinworthy: fatelondon.

pin-worthy fatelondon

the hardest part of compiling this pinworthy post is choosing just one to highlight every other week. fate, an online store carrying nothing but the most beautiful and timeless home accessories, is definitely one of my favorites. in my own life i have tried to cut back on filling space and concentrate on surrounding myself with things i simply love, things that are designed... 
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serendipitous pins.


arro home, via the design files; aust amelung lighting via yellow trace; and plant hunting. do you ever notice that you’ve got quite a rather common color theme going on in your pinterest pins? all of a sudden you realize you may have absentmindedly pinned a very clear color scheme. that happened for me today when i looked up and noticed it looked like a slice of summery... 
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pin-worthy: blueberry modern

pin-worthy blueberry modern

hello all, it’s me, mrs. french. i have a blog called bliss. i am thinking many of you have bumped into me from time to time on pinterest. i have been a loyal fan since the beginning and have managed to build quite a following. back in the olden days of pinterest i found myself surrounded by many of my favorite bloggers, artists…folks i had been thrilled to know... 
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when martha stewart emails…


i recently did one of those little dances around the living room that you hope no one’s watching. there wasn’t even any music on. i had just gotten an email from the team at martha stewart inviting me to share some of my FAVORITE BOHEMIAN DÉCOR IDEAS FROM MARTHA on their website (above), and to be their guest pinner on pinterest. need they ask at all? ummmm, no.... 
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a pinboard in particular: window shopping.


i thought i’d start something new around here — i call it a pinboard in particular. every other week, i’m going to challenge myself to create new pinterest boards that i hope inspire you, as well as myself. i find so many great ideas for pinboards on pinterest and i think it might be fun to share some ideas here. this week i’m sharing one i started... 
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