pin-worthy: gina demm

pin-worthy gina

hello folks, it’s me, mrs. french from bliss. i love a good mystery don’t you? this week’s pin-worthy pick is a bit of a mystery to me. “gina demm” is all i know. i am assuming “gina” is her name and it’s obvious she has amazing taste. the contrast between stark white and jewel tones completely draw me in…i swear i could... 
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cosy quarters.


klikk. so you know my style idol, diane keaton is on pinterest, right? yep, and she’s got some of the most inspiring decor boards. i came across this one today, entitled sleep tight and oh boy, does she have some super cozy sleeping nooks pinned. from cabin-like bunk beds to quaint and comfy guest bedrooms all of these spaces entice me to curl up with a good book, and... 
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pin-worthy: bridget park

pw bridget park

i do believe that i would like to pack up all my belongings and move straight into bridget park’s pinterest boards. i love the feeling of ease throughout her entire feed. i also absolutely adore the happy coincidences; a delicate hand reaching through the frame, the use of warm woods to create a feel of warmth time and time again…i could redecorate my home using... 
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pinworthy: fatelondon.

pin-worthy fatelondon

the hardest part of compiling this pinworthy post is choosing just one to highlight every other week. fate, an online store carrying nothing but the most beautiful and timeless home accessories, is definitely one of my favorites. in my own life i have tried to cut back on filling space and concentrate on surrounding myself with things i simply love, things that are designed... 
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serendipitous pins.


arro home, via the design files; aust amelung lighting via yellow trace; and plant hunting. do you ever notice that you’ve got quite a rather common color theme going on in your pinterest pins? all of a sudden you realize you may have absentmindedly pinned a very clear color scheme. that happened for me today when i looked up and noticed it looked like a slice of summery... 
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