pin-worthy: alecia @ likes of us.

pinworthy alecia

hello all, i find that many times pinners overlap…which isn’t such a bad thing. in the case of many of the pinners i follow, i truly believe it’s because i follow a group of folks with nothing short of lovely taste and lucky for me, happen to gel with my aesthetic. i also love when i happen upon a pinner that finds beautiful things i have yet to bump into.... 
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Friday Finds.

Friday Finds

Top to bottom, left to right: 1. I can’t get over stylist Jessica De Ruiter’s Silver Lake home, especially her backyard pool. 2. Slanted windows and wooden beams complete this serene, white bedroom. 3. Maven Collective in Portland is a treasure trove of vintage and handmade homewares. 4. Vintage details (and a cat!) adorn this Berlin apartment beautifully. 5.... 
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pin-worthy: greg sczebel.

greg sczebel

all the cool kids follow greg sczebel. is this true? i have no idea but it seems that way…greg scezebel’s boards are incredibly beautiful, perfectly masculine and yes, cool. i can’t think of a better guy to profile as my first male pin-worthy pinner. i do consider many of my favorite pinners similar to myself…we pin the same things or they pin items... 
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pin-worthy: megan gilroy

megan gilroy

we all have them. the friends that are just the right amount of cool. the friends that are put together. the friends with the just right home. i imagine megan gilroy to be this type of friend. her pinboards are pretty much just the right amount of everything. often times i look to pinterest for inspiration of all types: home interiors, fashion, art, photography…etc.... 
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pin-worthy: gina demm

pin-worthy gina

hello folks, it’s me, mrs. french from bliss. i love a good mystery don’t you? this week’s pin-worthy pick is a bit of a mystery to me. “gina demm” is all i know. i am assuming “gina” is her name and it’s obvious she has amazing taste. the contrast between stark white and jewel tones completely draw me in…i swear i could... 
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