mexico: the cookbook.


i adore cookbooks and collect them compulsively. to me, when well done they are just as much art, as well — art and design books. such pretty pictures can accompany delicious menus, inspiring and enticing you to take chances and try new recipes. but not many cookbooks recently have screamed from the bookshelf, “hey! you need me in your life!” as much as Margarita... 
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homestyle new zealand.


new zealand’s homestyle magazine recently shared the wonderfully colorful home of Erin O’Malley and her partner darran. erin’s the founder of lovely Auckland home decor store Madder & Rouge, and with darran they purchased land and put up what’s called a ‘kitset barnhouse‘ — A unique Kiwi take on the classic American-style barn, the... 
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good reads: covet home.


this month one of canada’s best design resources, Covet Garden magazine spends some quality time touring food stylist Claire’s modern, spare yet very inviting home. a truly minimalist space, but Claire’s house is especially alluring because it says a lot about her personality without getting into “too much Information” territory. It feels familiar... 
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*best of: makeover in melbourne.


*this post originally ran June 14, 2013. the latest issue of elle decoration uk (i view mine on zinio – instant gratification!) features this light and airy mid-century modern home in melbourne, australia. it was not always this bright and sunny — but its dark paneled walls got five coats of white paint from new owner and mid-century modern enthusiast simone haag.... 
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got milk.


or rather i should say ‘milk just gets it.‘ i swear, when i grow up i wanna be an art director for french magazine, milk. no matter the subject, no matter the theme, i don’t think i’ve ever seen a spread in that magazine that didn’t inspire me in some small way. they take a lot of risks, i think — and they do it with panache. these rooms... 
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