wear this there: 20th century cafe.


aci contractors. Quickly charming us into its deliciously-stacked bagels, and thinly layered honey cakes, 20th Century Cafe is a quick San Francisco favorite. It isn’t just the food that gets us, the special-ordered European espresso machine, and marble cafe tables transports us to another time and place. Slip in for breakfast and a cappuccino doning your most ladylike... 
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spotted: miette.

miette in san francisco / sfgirlbybay

today i’m taking you inside the sweetest and cheeriest place in all of san francisco. perhaps you’ve visited yourself or maybe you got a glimpse of it in victoria’s new book. with jars full of colorful confections and ribboned bags of sweets, how can you resist? this is miette and it is one of the most charming and beloved spots in the city. miette... 
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farewell san francisco, but not goodbye.


well, kids, today’s the day. i’m moving to los angeles this weekend, and saying farewell to san francisco. i’m not saying goodbye, though — i’ll be back here all the time. for events, to see friends, to just say hello to the city i love. i’m excited for new adventures in L.A. and about finally owning a home and making it my own. and i can’t... 
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joyride with joie de vivre: A Perfect Day in San Francisco.


in celebration of san francisco, and my imminent departure, i’ve partnered with joie de vivre hotels to share one perfect day in san francisco — the ultimate joyride, if you will. there’s so many perfect days in the city — it all really depends on the kind of day you choose to have — one in nature, a shopping spree, a day of gourmet gluttony —... 
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spotted: studiopatró.

spotted: studio patro / sfgirlbybay

leslie from spotted sf here and i’m delighted to share the beautiful work and design space of san francisco-based studiopatró, makers of these fine, individually handprinted, and naturally sustainable linen tea towels, napkins, aprons, and market bags. proprietress christina weber began her career as a fine art teacher, a graphic designer, as well as art... 
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