sprout by HP + a giveaway.


a while back i was invited by HP to test drive their new immersive computer platform — which is a fancy way of saying that Sprout by HP is a new creativity station blending the physical and digital world we live in. one of the things i found it most useful while putting together my book see san francisco, was the ability to play around with the page layouts with just the... 
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aether cone gets connected: a giveaway.


i shared the very cool looking aether cone speaker a while back. the cone is a ‘smart’ speaker that essentially reads your mind once it gets to know you. you can speak to it, tell it what kind of music or radio broadcast you’re in the mood for, and bam! it finds just the music and podcasts you were looking for — and you can play from your rdio playlists... 
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last chance for tulum.


next week is the last week to sign up for our Ace Camp in tulum mexico! have you signed up yet? i posted all about it here, but if you missed the post, i will be teaching a learning adventure, alongside the very fabulous and genius rena tom, founder of makeshift society, market editor at anthology magazine and a consultant to independent makers, brands, and stores. rena and... 
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munchery: making the evening meal easy.


since i eat probably as badly as any of us that are way too busy and/or tired to cook after a long day working, when Munchery invited me to try a week of their fresh, seasonal, chef-made meals, i jumped at the idea. the Munchery App has just launched in San Francisco and has quickly become one of the most popular meal delivery services in the city. and, i had heard great... 
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who wants to learn in tulum, mexico with us?


something high on my life list has always been to collaborate with angela ritchie of ace camps. angela travels the world hosting camps that teach attendees uniquely designed courses around very specific subject matter, in a particularly ideal (and exquisite!) geographic location. angela aims to make you an adventurer and your vacation an inspiring break from your regular routine... 
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