last chance for tulum.


next week is the last week to sign up for our Ace Camp in tulum mexico! have you signed up yet? i posted all about it here, but if you missed the post, i will be teaching a learning adventure, alongside the very fabulous and genius rena tom, founder of makeshift society, market editor at anthology magazine and a consultant to independent makers, brands, and stores. rena and... 
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anderson valley road trip round up.


i’ve been away for the last five days, doing a lot of resting, eating, and wine tasting. i was invited along on a last minute trip with good friends to the anderson valley, about two and hours north of san francisco, to the sheepdung estates — a weird and not that attractive name for an extraordinarily beautiful place. but i’ll get to that shortly. we stopped... 
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who wants to learn in tulum, mexico with us?


something high on my life list has always been to collaborate with angela ritchie of ace camps. angela travels the world hosting camps that teach attendees uniquely designed courses around very specific subject matter, in a particularly ideal (and exquisite!) geographic location. angela aims to make you an adventurer and your vacation an inspiring break from your regular routine... 
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eat drink eat / new york.


bedford baking studio. besides the great energy that overcomes you when you arrive in new york, there’s the food. san francisco’s got great restaurants too, but new york — well it has a LOT of really quaint restaurants. tiny places that just define coziness — like the bedford baking studio, above. i’ve been in new york working with bri and team... 
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at home in brooklyn.


as you may have seen on instagram, i’m on a working holiday in new york this week, and staying in Williamsburg, brooklyn in a wonderful airbnb. it’s a historic townhouse, built perhaps in the late 1880’s complete with all the charms that come with that — a walk-up with some seriously well-worn hardwood floors, cozy fireplace, a beautiful old bannister... 
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