spotted: commissary.

commissary in l.a. / sfgirlbybay

hello from leslie at spotted sf! in honor of victoria’s upcoming move to sunny l.a., i wanted to share this gorgeous gem that i recently visited during my trip south. you’ve most likely seen plenty of pics of commissary all over instagram and i was thrilled to finally see it myself. i’m absolutely green with envy and delighted that victoria will have this... 
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tulum: a few favorites.


ahhhh, tulum. i have to say that it’s as magical a place as i had imagined, and even surpassed my expectations. i was there last week teaching ace camp with rena tom of makeshift society and i felt like one happy camper to be able to teach in such an idyllic spot. tulum is on the caribbean sea, just two hours drive from the cancun airport and once you arrive you feel... 
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wear this there: bar luce.


Ever wonder what it would be like to muse over a cocktail with Wes Anderson? To feel like a femme in one of his flicks? Well our director of choice when it comes to wanderlust films made our dreams come true when he took on the project of designing the new Bar Luce. The Milanese bar is located within the Fondazione Prada campus, and is through and through as Wes as it gets.... 
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coqui coqui.


┬íHola! i have returned! and oh what a wonderful trip to tulum it was. i can’t wait to share all of it with you, but suffice it to say, i will be returning and often, and i was utterly inspired by tulum in a way i couldn’t have imagined. i’ve been to mexico before, but no city has inspired me like tulum. there’s something quite magical about the light... 
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greetings from tulum.


hola!! my apologies for being so offline! the wifi in tulum is near to nothing, which i hadn’t anticipated — i had planned to blog from here all week. but i’ve been running on empty for a few weeks now, from preparing to teach this workshop, to packing to move, dealing with escrow, and the book launch, so perhaps the universe is telling me it’s time... 
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