mexico: the cookbook.


i adore cookbooks and collect them compulsively. to me, when well done they are just as much art, as well — art and design books. such pretty pictures can accompany delicious menus, inspiring and enticing you to take chances and try new recipes. but not many cookbooks recently have screamed from the bookshelf, “hey! you need me in your life!” as much as Margarita... 
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Friday Finds

Friday Finds from Annie Teng / sfgirlbybay

To kick off 2015 and celebrate the first birthday of Friday Finds, I thought I’d write down five things I plan to live by this year (and beyond). Though they may sound like glorified new year’s resolutions (cheesy is how I roll), my intent is for them be a source of encouragement, not enforcement. I’d love to hear yours if you’re inclined to share.... 
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let’s go to: nalata / nalata new york.


i’m heading to NYC at the end of the month, so i’ve definitely got a new york state of mind — gathering must-see new spots to check out while i’m there. one of them is Nalata Nalata. After starting Nalata Nalata as an e-tailer of beautiful home wares, the shop has now embarked on the opening of their very own brick-and-mortar store featuring well-curated... 
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one less stranger.


geronimo balloons. happy new year, you guys! i’m just popping in briefly today to say i hope your year is beginning beautifully. one of my intentions for the new year is to put myself out there in the world a bit more, try new adventures and meet and make new friends. airbnb has a really lovely social media campaign to make #onelessstranger in the world, and they gave... 
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holiday greetings + some news from the city of angels.


as you may have seen from my instagram feed, i’ve been down in los angeles for the past week, and will be here for the remainder of my holiday sabbatical — through january 4th. for the next two weeks i’ll be running some of my “best of” posts — the ones that you’ve really seemed to like over the years. and while i’m away, i’ll... 
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