Still life No. 3.


meet still life no. 3 — the brand new online shop from prop stylist alessandra mortola. still life no. 3 is a wish come true for alessandra — dedicated to her love for the aesthetic of still life artist Giorgio Morandi. through many years as a prop stylist, alessandra has found her joy in collecting and curating one of a kind, very personal vintage treasures. her... 
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one fine stay.


one fine stay has sure got some mighty charming spots to stay whilst on holiday. this quaint space is in shoreditch, london — one of my favorite areas in the city and very near the columbia road flower market which not only sells garden plants and flowers, but bustles with a bunch of wonderful vintage shops as well. time has only enhanced this Shoreditch home’s charm... 
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getting bent.


daniel collopy photography for domaine home. one of the really great things about thonet bentwood chairs is how well they adapt themselves to a lot of different looks. they can go classically traditional, or you can mismatch them and get a little funky. pair them with a very modern table, and they create an interesting juxtaposition of old + new. paint them a bold color (or... 
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how to say thonet.


i’ve loved Thonet chairs forever, but i’ve been mispronouncing the name of this beautiful chair for just as long. mon dieu — i hate when i do that. thonet chairs are actually pronounced like this with a hard “t” like tawn. ack, who knew? probably some of you. and for sure vintage aficionado laurie furber of elsie green knew when she came across... 
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my new happy place.


this is just a temporary fix until i find a real home for this beauty, but i couldn’t help share my new vintage daybed. isn’t she pretty? i found her at elsie green’s flea market booth at alameda a few months back and fell instantly in love with the unique bamboo frame — and so i had to make her mine. laurie found it in Lyon, france and it is from the... 
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