my hats off to you.

hats on display / sfgirlbybay

kara rosenlund.

hats!! i love wearing hats, but i’m always hesitant to buy them. i ponder endlessly, “will i really wear it?”, “does it draw too much attention to me?”, “is it practical?”. i don’t know why i just don’t embrace it, because i really do feel like a much more fun person with a hat on — a little more mysterious, perhaps. but what to do with all those hats if you do opt in on being a hat-wearing-person? i like these ideas for displaying hats outside the closet. kind of charming, no? just like hats!

hat rack, via the design files / sfgirlbybay

the design files.

hats on display / sfgirlbybay

casa sanchia photographed by robert anton.

hats on display in hallway / sfgirlbybay

tom blachford.

hang your hats / sfgirlbybay

manual yllera for elle espana.

straw hats on display / sfgirlbybay

danielle de lange.

felt hats on display / sfgirlbybay

apartment therapy.

hang your hats on display / sfgirlbybay

danielle de lange; remodelista; apartment therapy; and house beautiful.

hats on display club monaco / sfgirlbybay

club monaco via style beat.

straw hats  / sfgirlbybay

light locations.

hats on display / sfgirlbybay

Jessica Comingore’s Los Angeles Apartment, via the everygirl.

hats on display in office / sfgirlbybay

salvo lópez.

straw hats as art / sfgirlbybay


around l.a. / l & e oyster bar.

Silver Lake's L&E Oyster Bar / sfgirlbybay

A Silver Lake staple, L & E Oyster Bar offers one of the best happy hours around. The restaurant opened in 2012 by a diverse and well-equipped team with a passion for good food and drinks. Executive chef Spencer Bezaire is in daily communication with several oyster farmers up and down the North American coast lines. Once he places his order, it’s a mere 12-18 hours before the oysters arrive at L & E Oyster Bar, available for your order. (It’s not unusual for the restaurant to go through 2,500 oyster in any given weekend.) L & E Oyster Bar restaurant downstairs offers the perfect setting for a special evening dining outside and the breezy upstairs bar is the ideal spot to enjoy happy hour with your friends. Find yourself a little sheepish about the raw seafood? The selective seasonal menu somehow still offers something for everyone with items divided into raw, smoked, grilled, steamed, and fried categories.

L&E Oyster Bar, Silver Lake / sfgirlbybay

Silver Lake's L & E Oyster Bar & Cafe / sfgirlbybay

L & E Oyster Bar Outdoor Cafe / sfgirlbybay

L & E Oyster Bar / sfgirlbybay

Silver Lake's L & E Oyster Bar / sfgirlbybay

Silver Lake's L & E Oyster Bar / sfgirlbybay

Silver Lake's L & E Oyster Bar & Cafe / sfgirlbybay

Silver Lake's L & E Oyster Bar & Cafe / sfgirlbybay

Silver Lake's L & E Oyster Bar Menu / sfgirlbybay

• photography by lily glass for sfgirlbybay.

green team.

san francisco's ampersand by leslie santarina / sfgirlbybay

ampersand, san francisco by leslie santarina.

i went plant shopping last week, which always makes me happy and inspires me to track down more green. i think in another life i’d like to be a gardener. being around plants just makes me so content, and i’m always envious of the folks who work at the nursery. these homes all have nice touches of green, living things in them which looks so refreshing and pretty, especially with all that white. greenery looks great against black, too — and i’m actually considering painting my new house solid black (scandinavian style) with some white trim. but, i digress — here’s a look at loads of green and white. a mighty great green team.

cacti display / sfgirlbybay

first home.

plant life / sfgirlbybay

anna pirkola.

fiddleleaf fig plant / sfgirlbybay

homestead settle.

plant ledge / sfgirlbybay


fiddle leaf fig / sfgirlbybay

covet garden magazine.

plant life / sfgirlbybay

ethanollie; Van het kastje naar de muur; méchant design; design*sponge.

plant stand / sfgirlbybay

culture club.

bedroom bouquet via the design files / sfgirlbybay

the design files.

indoor plant life / sfgirlbybay

milk magazine.

dining room greenery / sfgirlbybay

plant life / sfgirlbybay

emily andrews photography.

cacti / sfgirlbybay

nomad collective via bliss.

what’s up, doc?

denmark's house doctor / sfgirlbybay

every single thing i see from the denmark-based house doctor is just so lovely. so, this is my desperate-sounding plea for them to please find distribution here in the united states! i think they’d do smashingly well here — so how about it, doc? we need a spot to shop house doctor stateside! their collections are vast, and so well-designed — from accessories and homewares to furniture and home office gear, and beautiful lighting, too. i find myself cursing under my breath at my inability to make them mine. have a look. see what i mean?

denmark's house doctor lighting / sfgirlbybay

home furnishings from house doctor / sfgirlbybay

vessels from house doctor / sfgirlbybay

vases from denmark's house doctor / sfgirlbybay

home furnishings denmark's house doctor / sfgirlbybay

accessories from denmark's house doctor / sfgirlbybay

denmark's house doctor / sfgirlbybay

home office house doctor / sfgirlbybay

glass vases from house doctor / sfgirlbybay

accessories from house doctor / sfgirlbybay

• photography via house doctor’s catalogue.

Friday Finds.

friday finds / sfgirlbybay friday finds: home accessories / sfgirlbybay

Top to bottom, left to right:

  1. An interior designer‘s stunning Danish dining room
  2. A natural, textured palette styled by Daniella Witte
  3. The crisp entryway into a monochrome Helsinki apartment
  4. Rustic knits from Ruth Cross bring warmth to the modern home
  5. Ferm Living‘s AW15 collection tells a beautiful story about lines

Happy Friday,