the little black cabinet.

classic black wood cabinet with white dishware / sfgirlbybay

michelle patee.

much like the little black dress, the black cabinet can be a lifesaver. it’s a multi-functional piece of furniture that you can dress up, or dress down. prefect for storage, but it looks good too! you can use a black cabinet in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen and dining areas — essentially any place in the home you need to stash some unsightly stuff — or, show off something great. white dishware, for instance, look so smashing displayed in a black cabinet. it really is one of the hardest working pieces of furniture out there, and whether you find one brand new (like those just below from IKEA); <DIY one with a coat of black paint, or find a vintage one that’s well-loved and worn, the black cabinet will never let you down.

a collection of chic black cabinets / sfgirlbybay

the essence of the good life; woontrendz; brabourne farm; and so soft sunday.

elegant black cabinet with tall legs and glass doors / sfgirlbybay

nina takesh.

matching IKEA black Fabrikor cabinets / sfgirlbybay

IKEA’s FABRIKÖR black cabinets.

black buffet cabinet with glass doors / sfgirlbybay

style essentials.

vintage black wood cabinet / sfgirlbybay


stylish black dining room cabinet / sfgirlbybay

stadshem (above + below).

black dining room cabinet with glass doors / sfgirlbybay

tall black cabinet with glass doors / sfgirlbybay

daniella witte.

black wood cabinet in modern entry way / sfgirlbybay

splendid willow.

print your own home decor collection.

vintage sofa bed with customized pillows from shutterfly / sfgirlbybay

have you ever wished you could design and create your own line of home accessories? one of a kind, personal pieces all your very own? well, Shutterfly has a new home collection that allows you to create your own unique and personal homewares. you can print photographs on pillows, plates, blankets, serving trays – a wide range of products that you can personalize any way you like. Shutterfly invited me to try it out, so i thought it might be fun to make some vintage-inspired, cozy homewares to warm up my home for the winter season.

custom made floral throw pillows by shutterfly / sfgirlbybay

floral flea market fabric finds / sfgirlbybay

i picked up some vintage fabrics at the flea market for just a few dollars, brought them home and photographed them with my iphone. then i uploaded the photographs in hi-res to Shutterfly’s really easy online design studio. i made an assortment of pretty throw pillows for my daybed in different sizes and shapes using both prints. then, i made some amazing melamine plates — they turned out so cute and make for such a lovely place setting. i’m pretty impressed! you can create all kinds of personal holiday gifts, and homewares for yourself with Shutterfly’s new collection. it’s fun, creative and super simple to create personalized accents and décor that will warm up your space throughout the colder months.

custom melamine plates on floral table cloth / sfgirlbybay

personalized melamine plates by shutterfly / sfgirlbybay

personalized homewares made using shutterfly / sfgirlbybay

pink melamine plates made using shuterfly / sfgirlbybay

vintage-inspired floral throw pillows / sfgirlbybay

vintage inspired floral melamine plates / sfgirlbybay

• photography by lily glass for sfgirlbybay.

This post is sponsored by Shutterfly. Awaken your space with your vision. Shop Shutterfly Home Décor for personalized home accents that are uniquely you.

the mexico collection.

black aldama chair and end table by the citizenry / sfgirlbybay

i’m such a big fan of the citizenry. not only are their furniture and homeware collections beautiful, but they have partnered with makers all over the world — from uganda, and peru, to argentina, and now this collection from mexico, to bring you the best designs, using only local materials by establishing sustainable relationships with their master artisans. the mexico collection is so stunning — the aldama chair is my favorite, and we got two in natural with copper bases for our new studio space. styled after the laid-back, resort-style Acapulco chair — it represents the best of modern Mexican design, and the citizenry worked with talented young designers in the Coyoacan neighborhood of Mexico City to give this classic an update. there’s also gorgeous textiles like pillows and rugs in the collection, and great end tables, coasters, candleholders and baskets — for a peek at the full collection visit the citizenry.

black and natural aldama chairs by the citizenry / sfgirlbybay

wood and black end tables as plant stands by the citizenry / sfgirlbybay

woven blanket from the citizenry mexico collection / sfgirlbybay

the citizenry mexico collection chair, pillow, blanket and woven basket / sfgirlbybay

wood and copper tables from the citizenry with potted succulants / sfgirlbybay

the citizenry mexico collection of handmade home furnishings / sfgirlbybay

handmade woven goods from the citizenry / sfgirlbybay

handmade accessories and housewares from the citizenry / sfgirlbybay

unexpected guests: lisa coris.

san francisco apartment with eclectic home furnishings / sfgirlbybay

today’s unexpected guests hails from san francisco — russian hill, to be exact. lisa coris is a long-time friend of mine and she and her son live in an amazing, light-filled apartment along russian hill’s cable car line. lisa is a ‘jill of all trades’ — a recruiter of ad agency talent; a jewelry maker (beads, specifically — which she teaches over on creative bug); and one of the best vintage scouts i know — she has discovered some killer find just laying along the streets of san francisco. also, you’re also going to want to pay close attention to her recommendations around the city by the bay, because lisa is my go-to girl when it comes to finding out the best new cafes, restaurants and shopping resources around — let’s just say she has a great nose for the best of the best. let’s see what she’s found recently, shall we?

modern san francisco living room with vintage chandelier / sfgirlbybay

How did you come to be living in San Francisco?
Was freezing in Chicago back in the early 90’s (a post college give-it-a-shot city) and decided one day that I had had enough of the negative sixties and packed my bags up and moved to San Francisco. I did not have any friends or family our here but got a job at an ad agency, found a few friends, the apartment I still live in, and it all worked out!

modern art prints, woven rope baskets and vintage green cabinet / sfgirlbybay

What do you show friends and family when they come to visit?
Ahhh — the million dollar question. It’s always evolving. Lately especially if kids are in the mix I like to bring folks to Urban Putt in the Outter Mission. I love taking a walk on the Lands End trail as it’s crazy pretty. I try to suss out a great coffee joint depending on the audience: Trouble café is quirky; the Mill because it’s SO San Francisco or Saint Frank because it’s close to home and so pretty and they make a great latte. I like finding a unique show (like, I am seeing a master mentalist / magician / illusionist in a parlor setting in a few weeks with some guests). If possible a really good restaurant like State Bird Provisions or Al’s Place. Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous or Swenson’s on Hyde for ice cream. RELOVE on Polk street for amazing second hand clothing. And my go-to activity when the weather permits is taking a sailboat ride from dog patch via RUBY SAILING. For $40 per person, you get a real-deal sailboat ride with a salty sailor, killer views, and a full Costco lunch. Love Ruby sailing.

modern dining room with vintage decor mixed in / sfgirlbybay

Which bars, restaurants and cafes can we find you at?
These days you can find me most every Friday night at ZA PIZZA on Hyde Street, my son’s favorite joint (I am pretty sure he thinks he owns the place at this point). But outside of that routine, I love coffee and I love cafes. My great friend owns NOOK on Hyde Street and it’s like an extension of my home because it’s so friendly and close. I also like Saint Frank on Polk; and I enjoy JANE on Fillmore. I also really like BASIK on Polk when I need a Hawaiian Acai bowl (just try it!). I am still a sucker for a burrito at NICK’S CRISPY TACO’S on Polk. I had a great meal at LORD STANLEY on Polk Street when I needed to take it up a notch – refreshing to not have to tip, too! And the next place I need to conquer is MARLA BAKERY on Balboa Street. Looks amazing!

pink lounge chair with potted fiddle-leaf fig plant on stool / sfgirlbybay

What’s souvenir did you bring back from your last trip?
Beads! Light. Easy to pack. And they make me happy. I still loving going to flea markets and second hand stores for old beads and necklaces I can take apart and re-invent. Been making beaded baubles for 20 years and still going strong.

What is your idea of living hell?
For me, it would be not being able to see as I am so visual. I love making things, rotating styles, checking out what folks are doing on the design front. Makes me so happy. Also, a coffee-free week. That would be very tough. Or not seeing my son for over 24 hours. He makes me tick.

black metal and glass cabinet with woven baskets / sfgirlbybay

Do you have any favorite Pinners on Pinterest?
With extremely limited free time I really just follow one pinner: Katja Ollendorff. An old friend, crazy talented textile designer, and a woman with an extraordinary eye. I basically love everything she posts.

modern framed art prints and potted succulants / sfgirlbybay

Who’s your go-to taste maker?
That’s easy. Besides Victoria, my go-to gal is Amy Morris, friend of 35 years; co-owner of The MP Shift (a New York based concept, design and branding studio); resident of Brooklyn; and hands down has THE best taste. Very forward thinking. Smart. So often her ideas are truly off the beaten path but they always work, with a vengeance!

shag floor pouf with and vintage cabinet with framed art / sfgirlbybay

assorted accessories on vintage white dresser / sfgirlbybay

What’s your favorite feature in your home?
Overall, I love that it’s flooded with light and I’ve moved things around to create a lot of open uncluttered space between the adjoining living and dining room (my version of an Eduardian “great room”) but lately one of my favorite features is a very, very old set of large coffee tables from ikea that I pushed together to create a huge coffee table (that also stores about 44 million beads). But that’s not why I love those old tables. They also serve as an indestructible extra large stage for my son and his friend to perform on every Friday night after ZA PIZZA. They crank up the hip hop or pop music, throw on suits and sunglasses, and create amazing dance routines that truly turn the apartment into a home.

clean white bedroom styling with pops of color / sfgirlbybay

handmade jewelery on display / sfgirlbybay

Do you have a guilty pleasure or indulgence?
Lately it’s a twice daily habit of 2 huge spoonfulls of natural salted almond butter (stick with me here…) COVERED in maple syrup that I pour onto the spoon straight from the jug. It’s messy (the spoon is never seems to be big enough) and I am totally addicted to the salty / sweet combo.

light and airy kitchen nook in san francisco apartment / sfgirlbybay

What do you currently have playing on your turntable or ipod?
Honestly, a ton of hip hop and pop music because my 8-year-old has totally taken over all digital devices when it comes to music (pick your battles). But typically I am a fan of folk / pop like The Weepies, The Eels, Dar Williams, Brett Dennen, Matt Costa, Gillian Welch, and the Wailin Jennys. You will never find JAZZ on the ipod. No jazz for me.

small kitchen styled with vintage accessories & homewares / sfgirlbybay

vintage home furnishings and modern art print / sfgirlbybay

What do you think is most valuable: drive, talent, or luck?
Drive. I feel like with drive you can set your mind to do most anything and if you still cannot nail it with drive, then move onto the next thing! Life’s too short!

blue dresser and kids desk / sfgirlbybay

• photography by leslie santarina for sfgirlbybay.

one big giveaway: design your dream room.

win $2000 worth of home decor and design services / sfgirlbybay

if you’ve been hoping to do a little decor makeover, but just haven’t the budget or the time — then this giveaway is for you. sponsored by some wonderful decor brands, including Barn & Willow who created my lovely draperies; Havenly; 20×200; simply framed; and Interior define, these are the kind of odds i enjoy in a giveaway. one lucky winner will win:

• $500 gift certificate from Barn & Willow. Barn & Willow offers premium custom-made window treatments and home decor basics at an accessible price.

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• $551 gift certificate from simply framed. Simply Framed is the easiest and most affordable online destination to buy custom frames for your art, photography, posters and more!

• $500 gift certificate from Interior define. Edited, thoughtfully designed and well-crafted sofas that are fairly priced and made-to-order.

enter to win $2000 worth of home decor and design services / sfgirlbybay
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