Studio Tour: Artist Emily Snyder.

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today we’re dropping in on talented L.A.-based multi-media artist emily Snyder. i was introduced to emily a few weeks ago at our neighborhood coffee spot, fix, by jihan (who essentially knows everyone) and was excited to get home and check out emily’s website. and to be quite honest, it blew me away — this artist is so prolific it’s hard to know what to be more in awe of. emily’s diverse body of work includes everything from portrait paintings to illustration, calligraphy, and some incredible beadwork the likes of which i’ve never seen before. so i knew instantly i’d like to share her artwork with you and asked lily to have a visit and get up close and personal at emily’s studio and share a little bit more about emily, her tips for independent artists and her beautiful work.

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red decor inside artist Emily Snyder's studio / sfgirlbybay

were you working elsewhere before leaving to start your business?
Yes, I was working as the Studio Manager at Mr. Boddington’s Studio in New York City. Mr. Boddington’s is a custom stationery house and at that time was specializing in wedding invitations. The owner of the studio, Rebecca Schmidt-Ruebensaal sponsored my first calligraphy class which I took through the School of Visual Arts in conjunction with The Society of Scribes. With Rebecca’s support and encouragement, my business began.

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calligraphy by artist Emily Snyder / sfgirlbybay

sketches by artist Emily Snyder. / sfgirlbybay

was your new path motivated by a particular creative need or personal goal?
My new path was motivated by my obsession with the calligraphy done by the calligraphers that we worked with at Mr. Boddington’s Studio. I would trace their letter forms with my finger and finally realized that with my background in drawing and painting and love for letterforms I could easily learn calligraphy.

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did you receive any particular advice that stood out when starting your own business?
I don’t remember any particular advice, but I do remember the unusual timing of my business’s beginning. I started my business in the days before the financial crisis peaked in September 2008 and I remember thinking that the timing was advantageous because I didn’t have anything to lose, only to grow. I was still working full time at Mr. Boddington’s so the slow build of my client roster gave me time to learn what to do without being overwhelmed in the beginning.

portrait by Artist Emily Snyder. / sfgirlbybay

Studio Tour: Artist Emily Snyder. / sfgirlbybay

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where do you gain fuel that inspires your creative endeavors?
I gain creative fuel from the interactions and relationships I have with the inspiring people around me. I also gain creative fuel from nature. Because Los Angeles is full of creative people and surrounded by profusely differing gorgeous landscapes, I find it a great place to be creatively inspired.

beaded necklace / sfgirlbybaycalligraphy invitations designed by Artist Emily Snyder. / sfgirlbybayStudio Tour: Artist Emily Snyder. / sfgirlbybaypaint inside Artist Emily Snyder's studio / sfgirlbybayartwork by artist Emily Snyder. / sfgirlbybay

what was the most unexpected aspect of putting together your business?
At one point, I found it surprising that having a business felt like what I imagine having a child feels like. It needs constant attention, and the more you tend to it the more it will flourish. I also still find it surprising how planting a seed eight years ago has blossomed into a garden of interesting projects and clients.

Studio Tour with Artist Emily Snyder. / sfgirlbybay

artwork displayed inside Artist Emily Snyder's studio / sfgirlbybay

what’s your favorite thing about your studio space?
My favorite thing about my studio is that it’s allowed me to return to making larger scale paintings and drawing with oil mediums. I also love that i’m surrounded by other creative people that rent studios in the same building. I wanted to have a community around me because my work is solitary, and my studio provides me with social relief and great feedback from others.

Artist Emily Snyder in her studio / sfgirlbybay

portraits done by Artist Emily Snyder. / sfgirlbybay

artwork displayed inside Artist Emily Snyder's studio. / sfgirlbybay

what are some of your work tools that you can’t live without?
my calligraphy quill with a fresh supply of hunt 101 nibs at the ready. also,
Neocolor Aquarelle Crayons.

artwork created by Artist Emily Snyder. / sfgirlbybay

what are the top three things someone should consider before changing careers or starting their own business?
1. the amount of time that it can take to become established; 2. the incredible amount of freedom it can give you; and 3. all the decision making that you will make during your career — it’s all up to you! a blessing and a curse.

colorful portraits by Artist Emily Snyder. / sfgirlbybay

Artist Emily Snyder working in her studio. / sfgirlbybay

what are three books that changed your life?
harold and the purple crayon. i really don’t have three, so, instead i’m writing down three artists that i love: alice neel, friedensreich hundertwasser, and ralph steadman.

striped linen apron hung in Artist Emily Snyder's studio / sfgirlbybay

what do you currently have playing on the studio’s turntable?
future islands, scout niblett and planningtorock.

colorful paintings inside artist Emily Snyder's studio / sfgirlbybay

• photography by lily glass for sfgirlbybay.

statement making art.

oversized colorblocked art print / sfgirlbybay

BRIAN W. FERRY photography for a piece apart.

i really love ‘big impact’ artwork. i used to be more of a ‘gallery kinda girl’ but lately, i just love the simplicity of one great big piece of art that makes a bold statement. i have a large print over my sofa from kiki & polly, and another large photograph by laure joliet in my dining area. there are so many wonderful sources for art these days — we’re really fortunate to have places like etsy and chairish for vintage art, and emerging artists’ work from online galleries like tappan collective, deb carlos, 20×200, mammoth & co. and minted art where art is affordable and very accessible. there’s also parabo press and artifact uprising where you can easily upload and print your very own instagram and smart phone photos. the art world is your oyster these days — and if you’d like still more helpful sources for art, check out my gallery pinboard.

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marc jacobs home via architectural digest.

oversized black and white art / sfgirlbybay

derek swalwell photography.

oversized black and white art prints / sfgirlbybay

style at home.

large photograph of pink buildings over bench with fur throw / sfgirlbybay

Kimberley Dhollander Dreamy Houses Art Print, at urban outfitters.

framed colorful art prints / sfgirlbybay

laure joliet print shop.

colorful abstract art leaning on mantel / sfgirlbybay

the posters and simply framed, via old brand new.

oversized black and white drawing / sfgirlbybay

Heidi Lerkenfeldt photography.

black and white oversized painting over desk / sfgirlbybay

dave wheeler photography for homes to love.

framed photograph of home exteriors / sfgirlbybay

the paris print shop.

large black and white line painting / sfgirlbybay


large painting over gray tufted sectional sofa / sfgirlbybay

ashe + leandro.

at home in copenhagen.

modern loft featured in harper's bazaar / sfgirlbybay

this is the lovely home of pernille teisbaek, writer, stylist, and editor of Look de Pernille featured in harper’s bazaar. she’s recently purchased this gorgeous loft space in copenhagen and decorated it minimally, but with a warm, welcoming vibe. when she moved from her former home, she brought with her just the things that really meant something to her — sentimental vintage treasures and cozy textiles to create a space that felt light, calm and reenergizing. to see the full fabulous home tour, visit harper’s bazaar — also click here to see some of pernille’s styling projects and follow along on instagram.

vintage home furnishings in in modern loft / sfgirlbybay

copenhagen loft featured in harper's bazaar. / sfgirlbybay

copenhagen home featured in harper's bazaar / sfgirlbybay

gold shelves with vintage barware. / sfgirlbybay

leather daybed with linen throw pillows / sfgirlbybay

modern dining space in copenhagen loft / sfgirlbybay

black kitchen cabinets in modern copenhagen loft / sfgirlbybay

vintage mirrored vanity with pink chair / sfgirlbybay

blue bed linens with gray knit throw blanket / sfgirlbybay

copenhagen bathroom with white subway tile / sfgirlbybay

• photography by Ditte Isager for harper’s bazaar.

the stash masters.

black and glass cabinet with glassware stashed inside / sfgirlbybay

lean and meadow.

i love a great looking cabinet — especially when they’ve got those see-thru doors. glass cabinets make for such conversation-starting pieces based on what you’ve got stashed inside. you could go monochromatic, as i once did, keeping nothing but white dishes and pottery inside on display, or share your eccentric and eclectic treasures. i love walking into someone’s space and seeing what they’ve got stashed but still in plain sight, for all to see. here are some great looking cabinets for inspiration — and i found a few more modern gems online, at west elm — like this Antique Finish Cabinet and this Blackened Metal Display Cabinet. there’s also the HEMNES and FABRIKÖR cabinets from ikea and this metal display case from world market is fab! oh, and check etsy for some great vintage versions, too.

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clockwise, l to r: greige design; pinch design’s joyce cabinet; and ferm living’s new haze vitrine glass cabinet.

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tine k home.

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stacked white, glass-front cabinets with collectibles inside / sfgirlbybay

achados de decoracao.

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avenue lifestyle (above + below).

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sköna hem.

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lodder keukens.

glass and black metal cabinet decorated with books and plants / sfgirlbybay

sköna hem.

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emerald city.

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abigail ahern.

welcome to the emerald city, population us — and of course, now you. it’s high time we all adapted these rich emerald jewel tones into the everyday room, as it makes for quite the conversation starter, and a very pinterest-worthy moment. we can’t stop seeing green with all these beautiful forest-toned sofas, cabinets, and appropriate pops of foliage.

emerald green wall paper / sfgirlbybay

eclectic trends.

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clockwise, l to r: zephyr cafe; gubi via skt pertri hotel magazine; flos light; renoguide; india mahdavi; our food stories; ostrich farm via the jungalow.

emerald green kitchen cabinets and wall color / sfgirlbybay

devol kitchens.

inspirational emerald green images / sfgirlbybay

clockwise, l to r: vogue, january 1968; sommario; archway via justina blakeney; Olivier Seignette; vogue japan, march 2016; peter bertrams for marie-stella-maris; my little fabric; emerald sectional sofa by sven grass.

emerald green crocheted blanket / sfgirlbybay

bedding via toast.

emerald green wall paint and rattan bench / sfgirlbybay

photography kristiina kurronen, styling susanna vento.

green mid-century modern sectional / sfgirlbybay

interiors by charles zana.

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clockwise, l to r: details oriented; grass sock by thierry boutemi for opening ceremony; artichokes via canelle vanille; elle decoration; the green room via anthropologie; emerald cabinet by stylist cleo scheulderman.

emerald green duvet / sfgirlbybay

Jonas Ingerstedt photography.